Pope Benedict on Baby Names: A global game of telephone

Jan 11th 2011

Headlines from around the world today:

Pope rails against rise of un-Christian names
The Pope has warned parents against giving children celebrity-inspired names and urged them to turn to the Bible for inspiration instead.
- The Daily Telegraph, U.K.

Look to Bible, not Hollywood: pope
- Montreal Gazette, Canada

Pope blasts star names
- The Age, Australia

From these, you might gather that Pope Benedict XVI made remarks critical of modern naming trends, and placed the blame on parents' imitation of Hollywood celebrities. Strangely, you would be completely wrong.

The headlines were prompted by a Papal homily following a cherished annual rite: the baptism of 21 infants at the Sistine Chapel to mark the close of the Christmas season. The theme of the Pope's address was the gift and responsibility of baptism, with the pontiff encouraging his flock to "rediscover the beauty of being baptized."

You can read the Catholic News Service report on the event. If you do, you'll notice that the word "name" is not even mentioned. Curious, eh? In fact, "name" appears only once in the homily itself, in a discussion of the transformational power of baptism:

"It is not by chance, in fact, that every baptized person acquires the character of the Son, starting from their Christian name, an indisputable sign that the Holy Spirit brings man to be born again from the womb of the Church. Blessed Antonio Rosmini says that 'the baptized person undergoes a secret but most powerful operation by which he is raised up to the supernatural order, he is placed in communication with God.'"

So how the heck do you get from that to "Pope blasts star names"?

As far as I can tell, one enterprising reporter, most likely at the Daily Telegraph, saw a hook to talk about wacky celebrity baby names. Ooh, a chance to bash Becks and Gwyneth! So the reporter took some liberties interpreting the homily. In the Telegraph, statements the Pope made about baptism (an "indelible seal") were said to have been made about names instead. A better story that way, no?

Not to be outdone, reporters at other outlets embellished the story, sometimes adding brand-new papal quotes about names. From Fox News: "The pope added that family life is 'being threatened' with the use of non-Christian names." 

Continuing our global game of telephone, more and more outlets picked up the fascinating story of the Pope's assault on baby names. Reading his actual homily, though, must have been too much work. Instead, they devoted their efforts to thinking up celebrity baby names that were sure to make the Pope's hit list. Amusingly, a number of the "wacky" examples cited, like Falco and Cruz, are actually classic saintly names.

In the end, I think this fake story had legs for the same reasons that urban legend names do. It's something that people want to believe. Bashing celebrity baby names has become a global bloodsport, and enlisting the Pope is a handy way to legitimize it.


By knp
January 16, 2011 5:32 PM

Jane 6: I am under the understanding that Marion is male and Marian is female. (My grandfather was a Marion). Not 100% though.

Chimu: I think Xanthe Worth sounds fine! they are different 'th' sounds (voiced and unvoiced, right linguists in the audience?) Also, that they are at the front end of one syllable and back end of the other helps. Love Xanthe... can't wait to find out the sex!

JenDixie: thanks for the list! In your list, and other places, I see June and June-ish names being used more and more (e.g. Junia, Jun3lyn) I like this-- my mom's middle is June!

By EVie
January 16, 2011 5:51 PM

Jane 6 - I prefer Marian—I think it looks more elegant and romantic, and I like the Robin Hood association. I believe that Marion was the original French spelling of the name (-on is a French diminutive, so Marion = little Marie), and Marian is the English variant. Not sure where Marion as a masculine name came from—maybe a converted surname? I LOVE Marigold, and wish I could get my DH to approve it. Mariel and Maribel are also among my favorites.

Chimu - I think Xanthe Worth is fine. It sounds a bit like a movie star name to me—the repeated "th" creates a kind of slurry-sexy effect, if that makes any sense. Very distinctive.

January 16, 2011 8:54 PM

@Jane6 - I prefer Marian but only because I've known male Marion's.

I'm glad people think Xanthe Worth can work. I'll leave it on the list for now along with Cordelia, Astrid, Clementine and Juliet. HOpefully my DH will talk names with me soon. Although I'll admit to deliberately dragging my feet on any discussions as I don't want any of my favourite names struck off the list :)

January 16, 2011 9:26 PM

I do love Claire, hubby isn't quite as sold on it. He actually likes Mae better than Claire at this point, which would be just fine with me.

I can't quite get my mind wrapped Ramona. I'm not opposed, just can't get Beverly Cleary out of my head. :-)

January 17, 2011 11:32 AM

Jane6-Both spellings are about he same for me. I like the suggestion of Maren or Maris better. Even Maryann/Maryanne works better for me.

Chimu-I am holding my breath waiting to find out what gender this little baby will be. Hurry up! ;) j/k
Anyway, I don't think Xanthe W0rth sounds horrible. It might not be my first choice, but not horrible.

January 17, 2011 5:42 PM

zoerhenne - dont worry I'm hanging out to find out too! You guys will be informed shortly after the scan :) I agree that Xanthe isn't my favourite but I do have a soft spot for it!

Did anyone else here that Keith Urban and Nicole Kidman have a new baby! Faith Margaret, born to a surrogate 3 weeks ago. I find the name charming but a different style to Sunday Rose.

By Seventeen (not verified)
January 17, 2011 6:56 PM

Hi everybody! I have a slight conundrum... I absolutely love the name Amelie, but I've always pronounced it "uh-may-lee" Do you (the collective name gurus) think that this would be too difficult/strange? Thank you!!

January 17, 2011 11:42 PM

Seventeen-My first thought of pronunciation of Amelie is Ah-mah-lee. Then I realize that the 3rd letter being an E instead of an A might warrant a different pronunciation and thus begin to think hmm. Maybe Ay-mee-lee? Uh-may-lee isn't so far out there as to not work but you may have to do some pre-explaining to get people to be used to it and remember.

By clarehelen (not verified)
January 18, 2011 12:07 AM

Seventeen - you could always spell it Amaelie

January 18, 2011 12:16 AM

Here are some names that stood out from work (and these are all women):


This name obsession is beginning to feel like bird watching. "The rare Elvira bird, once thought to be whiped out, manages to exist in small numbers. Meanwhile, it appears that Ocean and Willow have mated and created a whole subspecies!"

By EVie
January 18, 2011 12:20 AM

Seventeen - I've always heard Amelie pronounced AH-meh-lee (similar to the word "homily"), or, in French, ah-meh-LEE. I'm not quite clear on what syllable you're emphasizing in your pronunciation, but the way I'm reading it looks like the first syllable is de-emphasized and the "may" is stressed. That would be a very unintuitive pronunciation for me, and I would expect it to be mispronounced most of the time. Of course, either of the two "correct" pronunciations would also have problems, since people would assume either one or the other... as someone who has a name like this, I can say that it's annoying but not life-ruining. Throwing a novel pronunciation into the mix, though, might elevate it to an entirely new level of annoyance.

By Seventeen (not verified)
January 18, 2011 4:06 AM

Thank you so much everybody! I have always loved that name/pronunciation (I love looking at names!) and I really love the feedback :) I also was considering spelling Amalie, if you think that makes a difference. But I think of that more as "ah-mah-lee" Thanks!!

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 18, 2011 7:11 AM

TOP 25
Hey everyone ! I hope that you all had a great New Years !

I was wondering if anyone would be up for a name game/challenge? If you had to choose 3 name pairings for 3 sisters, what would they be? Basically, choose 3 pairings lol .
The following names are my top 25 , actually 26 ;)
Some of the pairings still need to be perfected, but it’s pretty much my style

I supplied the phonetics due to my accent .
If anyone has the time to do it, thanks !

(I copied and pasted the list - forgive me for the presentation )

1. Eden Ariadne ee-den are-ee-ahd-nee
2. Isla Evangeline eye-luh ee-van-juh-lee
3. Piper Soleil so-lay
4. Phoebe Aurora aw-roo-ruh
5. Penelope Willow peh-neh-lo-pee
6. Anastasia Lily ah-nah-stay-see-uh lih-lee
7. Arielle Winter are-ee-ehl (r-e-l)
8. Arden Sophie are-dehn s
9. Isabella Sage iz-uh-beh-luh
10. Evangeline Fife ee-van-juh-lee fyfe

11. Talulah Rain tuh-loo-luh
12. Blaire Seraphine sair-uh-feen
13. Tatum Violet tay-tim vye-oh-lit
14. Briony Eve bry-oh-nee
15. Maya Persephone my-uh per-sef-oh-nee
16. Laila India
17. Sage Peliah pih-lye-uh
18. Skye Arabella ahr-uh-beh-luh
19. Sasha Clementine suh-shuh kla-mawn-teen
20. Luna Penelope

21. Poppy Marin muh-rin
22. Camille Brin kuh-meel brin
23. Claire Delphine del-feen
24. Aria Noelle are-ee-uh no-elle
25. Shannon Belle
26. Keira Soleil keer-uh so-lay

@ joye
Perfectly said !

I love that name(s) just for the sheer guts of it!

Love Jude William Sawyer

Jude William Rhys is gorgeous

@ Beth the original
‘’Can you get less adventurous?’’ Probably not, but your style does provide consistency & you’re always guaranteed to probably have the majority like your choices ;)

@ Chimu
I truthfully think that Xanthe Worth is an inspired combo. Sincerely love it – not just a ‘’Oh, that’s a pretty good combo for that style,’’ but a ‘’really awesome’’ like

@Jane 6
I prefer Marion. The ‘o’ just looks sleeker to me. By the way, Marian & Marion are said the same for me. Both are mahr-ee-in.

May I please work with you?

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 18, 2011 7:13 AM

whoops, Evanegline is LEEN at the end, not LEE lol

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 18, 2011 7:33 AM

Oh, by the way, that is NOT the order of my favourite names. I just kept on making the list in between work - and so the names were added at random places

January 18, 2011 9:38 AM

Tinaconn, LOVE LOVE your bird analogy! Too funny!

Another 'Mary' name that ends in a consonant is Mariel. You could also go the route of the compound names like Maryellen or Maryjane.

I prefer Marian for girls. I believe Eo has chimed in in defense of Marion. (Eo, where are you? I've missed your posts.)

Seventeen, my son has a girl named Amelie in her kindergarten class. She pronounces her name AH-meh-lee.

By EVie
January 18, 2011 11:45 AM

Larksong - my favorites:

1. Arielle Winter OR Arden Sophie OR Aria Noelle - I love all these combos, but I wouldn't use any of them together—too much Ar-. I don't love Sophie as a middle as much as Winter or Noelle, but I love all the Ar- firsts.

2. Evangeline Fife - I really like Fife as a middle—it's very unexpected (plus the county in Scotland is a very beautiful place, and it's a pleasant and unusual noun-name); its brevity works well with Evangeline and the softness of the repeated Fs counterbalances the sharper -v- in Evangeline in a really lyrical way.

3. Phoebe Aurora - both great names, very classical.

Honorable mentions: Claire Delphine (don't think you can ever go wrong with Claire); Briony Eve (love both names, though I'm not sure of the combo because of the way the -y ending slurs into the E- of Eve).

January 18, 2011 12:34 PM

Larksong-Love your combos. I will have to ananlyze them later and give you a few sets. What fun on a snow day! Thanks ;)

tinaconn-Your bird analogy is hysterical! Those are some interesting names.

January 18, 2011 12:41 PM

tinaconn: Hahaha. You are actually a genius.


1. Piper Soleil and Sage Peliah (I'm not crazy about Peliah, but I am a sucker for reverse intials like that)

2.Claire Delphine and Camille Brin (oh, the French-iness)

3. Anastasia Lily and Evangleine Fife (I like the length and nicknames possibilities together, they seem equal if that makes sense)

January 18, 2011 1:12 PM

Larksong-Here are my combo ideas. The way I read your post there would be 3 girls. However, I see everyone else doing 3 sets of 2 girls. I will offer thoughts on both.

#1 (3 girls)
Camille Brynne (note the sp change on the mn)
Isabella Sage
Anastasia Lily
*this keeps the same feeling with the first names

#2 (3 girls)
Piper Soleil
Arielle Winter
Luna Penelope
*sun, moon, stars theme

#3 (3 girls)
Isabella Sage
Anastasia Lily
Tatum Violet
*all have flower mn's

#5 (2 girls)
Anastasia Lily and Isla Evangeline

#6 (2 girls)
Briony Eve and Camille Brynne

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 18, 2011 1:22 PM

Love all of the replies ! Thank you so much and keep them coming!

Your replies are making me look at the names in a different, in terms of sets & possible combos ets.Basically, you're all giving me new ideas

Good point about Briony Eve. You could also do something like Briony Charlotte etc

@Awkward Turtle
The length and nn's make total sense .

@Zoerhenne (I keep on want to call you Zoe as a nn)
The way you read it was correct. Thanks for doing a couple of sets . I really like your ideas in terms of sets , with the subtle them. I would never have thought of the ''sun, moon, stars theme''

One day, I'll post the boy set or the names that didn't quite make it in the top 25 , ahem 26. THere's quite a few names that I really like, but I haven't found any combos etc that are staying with me

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 18, 2011 1:29 PM

@ Chimu

Ironically, I had the opposite thought . I thought that Faith & Sunday had a subtle religious theme - that was completely unintentional by the couple , if you read about it.

January 18, 2011 3:15 PM

Larksong-By all means you (as well as anyone else) can shorten to Zoe. The double-barreled names are a bit long to type sometimes. However, I think there is another that posts here on occasion with Zoe in her name. My NLI name is Also ZR, so ZR works too :)

By the way, I reread what I had posted. There really is no stars to that theme. I read winter and for some reason my brain tumbled it all around and got stars. So maybe instead of Isabella you could do Estrella(es-tray-yah which is star is Spanish) or Stella and get the stars from that. Just don't do Stella Luna! Still a cool theme.

By Chrispy (not verified)
January 18, 2011 3:50 PM

Jane6 - Are you asking for a name that honors the name Mary or Mary in the Catholic "Our Lady" sense? Here is a list with some of each:

Maire, Maura, Maureen, Molly, Mariana, Regina (Queen of peace/heaven/the angels), Virginia, Virginie, Maia, Miren, Aurora (Mary as the new dawn), Miriam, Rosemary/Rosemarie, May, Manon, Madonna, Mariska, Marietta, Marisol, Altagracia (high grace), Genisia (virgin of Turin), Pilar, Dolores (our lady of sorrows, Lola & Lolita (diminutives of Dolores), Maarit, Maidie, Mairwen, Maisie, Mariah, Marika, Marina, Maris, Marisa, Mercedes (ou lady of mercies, Mimi, Maritza, Mia, Naiara, Rosario (rosary) and place names associated with Mary like Fatima, Lourdes, Guadeloupe, Loretta (Loreto) or Carmen (Carmel).

I also heard the mention on "wait, wait, don't tell me" but paid more attention to the comments that went something along the lines of "this from a guy whose parents named him after a traitor". I might have found it funny if Benedict were his given name (it is Joseph) and he were American.

I am partial to Evangeline Pearl since that is my own well-loved middle name.

I think Lys@nder etc is a little much but my husband would love it.

Love Jude William Rhys as was earlier suggested.

January 18, 2011 4:17 PM

I have to put my vote in for Mariamne. (I put the Oxford Dictionary of First Names on the ebook reader I got for the holidays, and I arrived at the letter M this morning. I very much do recommend it for historical context and origins of names! You can also access what appears to be an abbridged version here: http://www.askoxford.com/dictionaries/name_dict/)

As for Mariamne - I totally like it, but I like lots of -ne names that others might regard as "too much". :)

By hyz nli (not verified)
January 18, 2011 4:23 PM

Larksong, using your name list, here is my first set (my favorite three pairs that I think work well together):

1. Eden Ariadne
2. Isla Evangeline
23. Claire Delphine

Eden, Isla, and Claire sound like a charming set to me, and I think Evangeline and Delphine are both lovely as MNs. I'm not so big on Ariadne--picking from your list, I might change that to Eden Violet or Eden Seraphine (that would make a theme among the MNs here, too--maybe cute, or maybe it's too much).

With honorable mention to...
6. Anastasia Lily (like this a lot, but prefer "ann-uh-stay-zha" to your pronunciation)
8. Arden Sophie (like Arden, so so on Sophie)
22. Camille Brin (like Camille, not big on Brin)

By Jane 6 (not verified)
January 18, 2011 5:00 PM

Chrispy, thanks for your long list. There are several on there that I like. May is my favorite, but I also liked Maidie and Maarit. Anyone know anything about these two?

Can't keep up with all the comments and I'm pressed for time just now, but thanks to all for their Marion/Marian comments.

lucubratrix, how is Mariamne pronounced?

January 18, 2011 5:16 PM

@larksong, I was wondering where you'd been!

I think my first three picks for sisters would be:
Camille Brin
Aria Noelle
Sage Peliah (although I'd probably go a middle like Delphine with this combo)

If you wanted to go for a more androgynous theme I'd pick:
Eden Ariadne
Blaire Seraphine
Piper Soleil

Lots of good combos you could do, I like many of the other suggestions.

Question of the day from me. Caspar/Casper is on my boys shortlist. I am not concerned about the 'friendly ghost' connection but do you think it works on an adult? Also, would you spell it Caspar or Casper? They have different histories and I'm interested in opinions.

January 18, 2011 6:22 PM

Chimu-To me the Caspar spelling looks more distinguished even though neither are qms. Has CaspEr been used in another fashion besides the ghost cartoon? Isn't CaspAr one of the three wise men?

January 18, 2011 6:32 PM

zoerhenne, Yep Caspar is the name of one of the wise men. Casper is the friendly ghost and is also the Dutch and Scandanavian version. The German version is Kaspar but I don't like K names for some unknown reason :)

I originally preferred the Caspar version but given it's religious history it makes me pause as we are not religious.

January 18, 2011 8:27 PM

Chimu-I am not religious either so your hesitancy makes sense to me. One other thing I thought of is that Casper may be heard occasionally as Jasper. Just something to consider since it is a rare name.

January 18, 2011 9:22 PM

I had thought of the Jasper thing too. I actually like Jasper but prefer Casper :) Names like Theodore and Gideon which I otherwise really like I think will get nixed by my DH based on their religious connotations. I might get away with Caspar though.

January 18, 2011 9:32 PM

Chimu-I couldn't resist anymore. I've pulled out your list. You did have Caspar August Vaughn which I still love as a combo. You didn't have Gideon but did have Theodore in some middle name spots. So here are some other combos:
Gideon Caspar Hugo
John Gideon Cormac
John Gideon August
Theodore Silas Cormac
Rupert Gideon Silas
Theodore August Vaughn

By Fish NLI (not verified)
January 19, 2011 12:07 AM

Chimu, if it makes you feel any better the wise men's names are not actually in the bible, but were names given in a later historical text. (Sorry no reference on this but I was reading up on it since my son is Jasper). It was my understanding that these names do all have the same fundamental root, which in my mind makes them equally connected to the potentially religious meaning. In that case I think you should just choose the spelling you most prefer! Personally, I don't think any of the names sound especially religious since they aren't traditional biblical or saints names.

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 19, 2011 2:37 AM


I'e actually come across some Caspe/ar(s) -- and ironically, they were all adults, and rather butch-ish men, so I can easily see it on a an adult. To be honest, it's the actually the first image that I have.

You girls probably won't know him, but if you're looking for a name sake, there's Casper de Vries, a really brilliant comedian .

for other famous Casper:

Regarding the religious aspect, as someone who is quite religious - I wouldn't find it a religious pick in the slightest (and when it comes to some religious name picks, I am still on the fence with SOME ). I think it has to be something more obvious for it to really , really count as a religious choice. It isn't necessarily a well-known fact by the majority
who'd know that.

Speaking of religious names, I came across two that I never ''noticed'' noticed before : Wolf & Raven.They were to men in Judges

Thanks for the feedback on the names, btw

By Larksong NLI (Merry Xmas season) (not verified)
January 19, 2011 2:38 AM

'''two''' men in Judges

Sorry about the gap in the paragraph!

January 19, 2011 5:38 AM

zoerhenne, you make me laugh, I think you are almost as excited as me to name this baby :)

Thanks for those suggestions, I'll add em to the list!

fish, thanks for that I did think that it was a historical naming not actually in the Bible.

Larksong, good to know there are some grown-up Casper's out there! I wouldn't normally class it as a butch name, but it's all about who you've met isn't it!

January 19, 2011 9:02 AM

:) chimu, I am excited to help you decide on a name for this baby. I will have no more. I like names and puzzles. It is like a puzzle to find "just the right name" for you and others. Your choices intrigue me as do larksong's. Combos are my favorite thing, a specialty if you will. I am so glad my Jude William Rhys was so well received. So-bring them on ;)

January 19, 2011 10:59 AM


Whoops@ps! I phrased that incorrectly. I think of ''adult male'' first when I see the name - not butch, the guy's knew were butch ,though

@Zoers (your new nickname whether you like it or not ;) lol

You're what a relative of mine would call a ''ninja'' when it comes to name pairings .
You're fab at it

January 19, 2011 10:08 PM

Mariamne is pronounced different ways in different places... in France it seems to be http://www.forvo.com/word/mariamne/, but in English I think Ma-ree-ahm-nee would be the standard. http://www.behindthename.com/bb/fact/39881

I love Caspar and Casper! I don't have a preference between the two. I tend to default to the former because the -ar is the one I was familiar with growing up (I had goldfish named Balthazar and Melchior, though no Kaspar) and I am now exposed to it on a near-daily basis. The current Caspar in my life is a stack of albums by Caspar Babypants, the kid-music side project of the guy heading the Presidents of the United States of America (a rock group, for those who aren't familiar).

January 20, 2011 12:36 AM

To be fair, I think he would have had a point, were the papers' interpretation true. For example, the name Nevaeh just makes me sad. It doesn't win any prizes in terms of euphony, and for meaning you'd be better off just naming the kid Heaven.

February 23, 2011 1:09 AM

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By mirandadask (not verified)
May 19, 2011 1:13 PM

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فساتين مميزه 2013|
فساتين سواريه 2014|
فساتين حديثه 2013|
الوان احمر الشفاه 2013|
ميك اب للصبايا 2014|
ميك اب رقيق 2013|
مكياج سهره 2013|
مكياج مميز 2013|
مكياج عيون 2014|
مكياج للعروس 2013|


فساتين زفاف حديثه 2014|
فساتين باللون الابيض 2013|
فساتين افراح 2014|
احذيه عروس 2013|
فساتين زفاف 2014|
فساتين زفاف للبدينات 2013|
فساتين زفاف حديثه 2013|
اكسسورات عروس 2013|
فساتين سهره طويله 2013|
فساتين افراح حديثه 2013|

فساتين زفاف ايلى صعب 2013|
طرح للعروس 2013|
مسكات ورد للعروس 2013|
فساتين سهرات حديثه|
ازياء سهرات حديثه 2013|
فساتين سواريه قصيره|
فساتين زفاف حديثه 2013|
تسريحات عروس 2013|
فساتين ملونه 2013|
فساتين سهره قصيره 2013|

مكياج 2013|
فساتين خطوبة 2013|
فساتين زفاف 2013|
عقم الرجال|
بشره الرجل|
الحمايه من النقرس|
نصائح للرجل|
فوائد المعاشره الزوجيه|
دوالى الخصيه|
سرطان الخصيه|

فوائد القهوه للرجل |
اوقات ممارسه العلاقه الحميمه|
اضرارالجينز الضيق على الرجل|
اسباب امراض الجهاز التناسلى|
اسباب الارق والاكتئاب|
دهون البطن عند الرجال|
اسباب الصلع فى الاربعين|
فوائد الفياغرا|
فحوصات هامه للرجال|
نصائح لخصوبه الرجل|

ضعف الانتصاب|
خطوره الوحده على الرجل|
فوائد الجوز لخصوبه الرجل|
تأثير الكرش على الرجل|
خطوره التدخين|
اسباب سرعه القذف|
اسباب التوتر النفسى|
الحمايه من الانفلونزا|
اسباب الغضب عند الرجل|
اسباب المشاكل الجنسيه|


اخطاء وقت التمارين|
لتعزيز القدره الجنسيه|
بناء عضلات قويه للرجل|
فوائد الميرميه|
الزهايمر عند الرجال|
خضروات هامه لمرضى السكر|
لخفض السعرات الحراريه|
خصوبه الرجل|
الجرجير مفيد للرجل|
فوائد الشكولاته للرجل|

فحوصات يحتاجها الرجل|
تحذيرات المنشطات الجنسيه|
المنشطات الجنسيه للرجل|
العقم عند الزوج|
اسباب دوالى الخصيتين عند الرجل|
اسباب صلع الرجال|
نصائح صحيه للرجل|
اهميه اكل البيض للرجل|
اسباب عصبيه الرجل|
العنب وفوائده للقلب|

اسباب الارق عند الرجل|
تقويه العضلات للرجل|
الصداع عند المراهقين|
اكتئاب الاطفال|
فوائد بكاء الطفل|
غضب الطفل|
الكحه عند الاطفال|
اسباب سرقه الاطفال|
الطفل الخديج|
اسباب توتر الاطفال|

اسباب الم التسنين|
فطام الطفل|
مشاكل الطفل السلوكيه|
اسباب تسوس الاسنان|
اخطاء وقت الرضاعه|
اسباب خجل الطفل|
اسباب نقص الحديد عند الاطفال|
اسباب اختناق الطفل|
عناد الاطفال|
اسباب خوف الطفل من الظلام|

الطفل الانطوائى|
المرض النفسى عند الاطفال|
كوابيس الاطفال وقت النوم|
اسباب شخير الاطفال|
مشايات الاطفال|
اسباب الالتهاب الرئوى|
فوائد الماء للرضع|
اسباب اوجاع البطن|
التهاب الحفاض|
اسباب رفض الطفل الذهاب الى المدرسه|


اسباب صراخ الطفل|
اسباب رفض الطفل للطعام|
خطوره اهمال الطفل|
مرحله التسنين|
فرط التعرق عند الاطفال|
خطوره الهواتف على الاطفال|
اسباب التهاب المسالك البوليه|
كسور الاطفال|
اضطرابات الكلام عند الطفل|
اهميه الرياضه للطفل|

اضطرابات الكلام عند الاطفال|
اسباب بكاء الرضيع|
الطفل المدلل|
خطوره البدانه|
علاج الصداع|
اسباب خلافات الابناء|
المغص عند الاطفال|
التبول عند الاطفال|
اسباب فقدان الشهيه|
اهميه الفطور للطفل|

اهميه السباحه للطفل|
العنايه بصحه الطفل|
تعليم المشى للطفل|
التنافس بين الاطفال|
الطفل الحساس|
اهميه اليوغا للاطفال|
زياده الوزن عند الاطفال|
غضب الاطفال|
التعامل مع الطفل المريض|
اهميه الاهتمام بالطفل|

الشجار بين الاطفال|
طرق معاقبه الطفل|
علاج الهالات السوداء عند الاطفال|
اسباب خوف الطفل من الظلام|
اسباب كذب الاطفال|
العنايه بشعر الطفل|
تأثير المشروبات السكريه على الطفل|
تأثير اصابات رأس الطفل|
نصائح العنايه بشعر الطفل|
طرق اختيار ملابس الطفل|

زياده الوزن عند الاطفال|
اختيار الهديه المناسبه للطفل|
الحليب يوميا للطفل|
علاج اكتئاب الطفل|
الانفلونزا عند الاطفال|
اكلات مفيده للاطفال|
اسباب الم الاسنان عند الصغار|
اسباب كثره الحركه|
اسباب انانيه الاطفال|
اهميه العسل للاطفال|


اكلات تضر الطفل|
التعامل مع الالفاظ السيئه عند الاطفال|
اسباب الوسواس القهرى|
صعوبات التعلم عند الطفل|
التطور الجسمانى عند الطفل|
العنايه بالحبل السرى|
اسباب خوف الطفل|
تشجيع الطفل على الخضروات|
وجبه الافطار للاطفال|
اهميه الحليب للطفل|

نصائح لنظافه الطفل|
مشاكل نوم الاطفال|
الحفاظ على جلد الطفل من الحفاض|
اسباب سمنه الاطفال|
تنميه حواس الطفل|
احتياجات هامه للمولود|
خطوره الوجبات السريعه على الاطفال|
خطوره البدانه على الطفل|
اسباب مرض التوحد|
طريقه تنظيف بشره الاطفال|

فوائد الحركه للطفل|
فوائد الرضاعه للطفل|
فوائد الدراسه للاطفال|
اسباب الفشل الدراسى عند الطفل|
حقيبه اسعافات الطفل|
مشاكل النوم عند الاطفال|
اسباب الفضول عند الاطفال|
اهميه الاعتماد على النفس|
تأخر المشى عند الاطفال|
اسباب التهاب الاذن عند الاطفال|

اسباب مرض التوحد عند الاطفال|
فوائد حليب الام للطفل|
تعريف ختان الاطفال|
سرحان الطفل فى المدرسه|
فوائد السمك للطفل|
كيفيه ارضاع المولود|
الاكتئاب فى فتره الحمل|
اسباب الالتهابات عند المرأه|
الكعب العالى والحامل|
ولاده الحمل بتؤام|

خطوره الصداع النصفى|
متاعب الحمل|
السفر والحمل|
الاستعداد قبل الولاده|
تأثير السفر على الحامل|
التلقيح الصناعى|
اسباب الاسهال وقت الحمل|
تأثير الوقوف على الحامل|
اسباب هبوط الرحم|
خطوره صغر حجم الجنين|


نصائح غذائيه للحامل|
الخوف من الولاده|
الحمل واعراضه|
الحمل بعد الاجهاض|
اسباب حساسيه القولون|
اسباب الخوف بعد الولاده|
خطوره القطط على الحامل|
اسباب اكياس المبيض|
فوائد الخس للحامل|
اسباب توسع الرحم|

طرق لمنع الحمل|
اسباب الاجهاض المتكرر|
النزيف عند السيدات|
اسباب تقلب مزاج الحامل|
رشاقه الحامل|
اللولب لمنع الحمل|
تأثير ادويه الصداع|
مشاكل الاسنان وقت الحمل|
الافرازات المهبليه|
طرق تأخير الدوره|

العمل فى فتره الحمل|
ادمان السكريات|
فوائد الانجاب بعد سن الثلاثين|
اسباب الحموضه|
اهميه السحور للحامل|
اسباب الولاده المبكره |
انخفاض ضغط الدم|
سرطان المبيض |
خطر الكافيين على الحامل|
اهميه المكسرات للحامل|

وجع الرأس|
خطوره الاجهاض المتكرر|
امراض بطانه الرحم|
اسباب اوجاع العمود الفقرى|
اسباب مرض السلس البولى|
اسباب سرطان عنق الرحم |
اسباب المغص فى الحمل|
اجهاض الحمل|
مشاكل انقطاع الدوره الشهريه|
الرياضه لتسهيل الولاده |

تمارين لتخفيف الدوره الشهريه |
اسباب جفاف المهبل |
اسباب جفاف العيون |
اسباب شخير الحامل|
احتياجات الجسم وقت الحمل|
اضرار سوء التغذيه للحامل |
مراحل الولاده|
الم اسفل الظهر |
اسباب تأخر الولاده |
علاج حرقان المعده اثناء الحمل|


علاج الدوالى|
خطوره نوم الحامل على الظهر |
الولاده القيصرى|
خطوره الم الصدر |
غثيان الحمل |
انقطاع الطمث|
فوائد حليب الام|
اضرار تدخين الحامل|
علاج وجع الرأس|
رجيم الحوامل|

العنايه بالثدى|
اسباب التهابات المهبل |
اسباب اكتئاب الحامل|
اسباب الم الدوره الشهريه |
نصائح لفتره النفاس|
اسباب هبوط الرحم |
اسباب تأخر نمو الجنين |
اسباب انقطاع الدوره|
زياده وزن الحامل|
ممارسات خاطئه وقت الحمل|

اسباب الارق|
اسباب الولاده المبكره|
اسباب الم الثدى |
اسباب النزيف بعد الولاده |
مشاكل الحمل بتؤام|
شخير الحامل اثناء النوم |
اسباب تأخر الدوره|
اعراض الدوره الشهريه |
العنايه بالاسنان خلال الحمل|
اخطاء اثناء الحمل|

اسباب سرطان الثدى|
علاج غثيان الحمل|
اسباب الاجهاض المتكرر|
فوائد اكل التوت|
اسباب الاجهاض عند السيدات|
نصائح لتربيه الاطفال|
كيفيه العنايه بالثدى |
اسباب قرحه عنق الرحم|
ما هى امراض المبيض عند السيدات|

اسباب الحمل خارج الرحم|
علامات الحمل الاولى|
كيفيه الاعتناء بالحامل فى فتره الحمل|
متاعب الحمل عند السيدات|
اضرار المكملات الغذائيه |
كيفيه التخلص من سموم الجسم|
فوائد الرمان|
تنحيف الارداف|
علاج التهاب المفاصل|
طرق التخلص من الدهون|

التوتر النفسى|
اسباب انتفاخ البطن|
الحليب للرشاقه|
اكلات لتقويه الذاكره|
اسباب مرض السكرى|
عادات تضر الاذن|
سن اليأس|
مشاكل الاذن|
فوائد اللافندر الصحيه|
خطوره قله النوم |


اوجاع الرقبه|
عمليه ربط المعده|
فوائد الرضاعه|
حبوب القهوه للرشاقه|
خطوره المكملات الغذائيه|
الكرش عند السيدات|
دهون البطن|
علاج هشاشه العظام|
فوائد السوشى|
طرق زياده الوزن|

انتفاخ المعده|
الكرفس للتنحيف|
الحليب يقلل الجوع|
الكرش بعد القيصرى|
رياضه الجرى|
البقدونس للكلى |
مشاكل الكعب العالى |
رجيم العسل |
علاج السرطان |
فوائد زيت الزيتون|

لمكافحه البدانه |
لتقويه الجهاز المناعى |
خطوره ادويه التنحيف