The NameVoyager Goes Mobile (and Gets Bigger!)

Nov 21st 2013

Name trends don't stand still, and neither do web technologies. I'm happy to announce that the NameVoyager name popularity grapher has been rebuilt from the ground up in a smooth new format that's widely accepted by phones and tablets.

You'll still have to be patient with it on mobile -- The NameVoyager data is a big load a for phones to crunch through, bless their wee little hearts. But give it time, and it will do its name-graphing magic. That's good news when you're on the move and just have to know the top names beginning with X.

There's good news for full-size computer users, too. The Voyager has been feeling cramped in its little screen box, so a new "Enlarge" link lets you pop up a bigger version for easier clicking, clearer labels, and even more time irresistibly wasted discovering name trends like this one.

The new mobile-compatible technology extends to the Expert Edition NameVoyager as well. BNW Expert subscribers can sort names by combinations of letters anywhere in the name, by popularity level, and more. (And as a bonus, enjoy a faster, ad-free website.)

Happy name surfing!


December 22, 2013 7:26 PM

This is good news! Pretty cool that they made it responsive for the tablet and mobiles.

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