Super-Powered Girl Names For Your Future Heroine (or Villainess)

Nov 10th 2016

We all want our children to aim high and achieve their dreams. For some of us, though, high means leaping tall buildings and dreams mean conquering the realm of Asgard. Superhero and supervillain names are no longer pure fantasy. Each year, hundreds of American boys are given names like Kal-El (Superman's birth name) and Loki (Norse trickster, and bane of Marvel's Thor).

Superpowers aren't just for boys. What girls' names can read minds and transform matter — and do it with style?

That super-style requirement rules out anything too familiar. With due respect to classic characters like the Invisible Woman and Poison Ivy, their secret identity names, Sue and Pamela, are just too darned human to qualify. I've zeroed in on three name styles with superhuman punch. They're a mix of heroes and villains, monikers and aliases, but any could be usable for us mere mortals.

Storm comic book cover
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Comics turn to the letters "or" for a sound that's both ominous and elegant. The ominous side often takes the form "mor," the word root that has powered villains from Moriarty to Voldemort. Some top choices:

Marvel's Enchantress bears a name of pure wicked beauty. Poised halfway between "amor" and "amoral," Amora turns the menacing mor into silken allure. Amora has been rising in popularity and is poised to break into the top-1000 names list.

This X-Men heroine is a charismatic mutant who controls the weather, and an African tribal princess/priestess for good measure. Storm's civilian name Ororo doubles up on the "or" power, but the super-name Storm is given to dozens of real-world girls each year while the human name has yet to catch on.

More Super ORs:

Faora/Zaora: A Kryptonian villain in Superman stories

Gamora: A super-fighter featured in Guardians of the Galaxy

Namora/Namorita: Namora, a hero of Atlantis in Golden Age comics, is survived by her clone Namorita

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Many of the hottest super-names are words suggesting wild, mysterious power. Their meanings create instant atmosphere. The richest source of this style is the X-Men universe, as seen above in Storm. Other top choices:

The name of shape-shifting Mystique suggests a potent combination of glamour and mystery, while still sounding name-like on the model of French names such as Monique. Mystique's alter ego name, Raven Darkhölme, is just as shadowy.

Another mutant from the X-Men world, the sound of Rogue flies in the face of fashion but its bold meaning lures dozens of parents each year. Think of it as a female counterpart to the popular boy's name Maverick.

More Super Meanings:

Nova: A fiery, flying hero in the Fantastic Four universe

Phoenix: An alias of X-Men's Jean Grey and her daughter Rachel.

Sage: A super-brained, telepathic X-Men mutant

Valkyrie: The Norse warrior of The Defenders

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Some names show their superhero bonafides with pure verve. A few high-energy options:

Marvel's mesmerizing assassin has a name that's literally electric. This super-spelling, with a k, is now more popular than Electra (which is more linked to the concept of an "Electra complex").

D.C. Comics heroine Zatanna is a stage magician with the power to conjure real illusions. She wears the top hat and tails of an archetypal magician, and the fishnet stockings and thigh-high boots of an archetypal comic book woman. The letter Z helps up the the voltage of a traditional feminine name form.

More Zap:

Jubilee: X-Men's teenage mutant

Maxima: Justice League alien with an impressive range of powers; frequently on the hunt for a male hero to sire a superbaby



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