The Fastest Rising Girls' Names of the Year

May 6th 2016

Last year, parents looking for stylish new names for girls didn't have to look past the first letter of the alphabet. The three fastest risers all started with A and had more A's within. The hottest girls' names of 2015:

#1: Adaline. Remember when the hit name Madison was slowing down, and then Addison took off? Madeline/Madelyn had already started slimming down the same way to Adeline/Adelyn when the 2015 film The Age of Adaline hit theaters. That sent the movie's spelling soaring by 450%, with Adeline and Addilyn not far behind.

Photo: Age of Adaline Release

#2: Alaïa. Adamari López, host of the Telemundo show Un nuevo día, hosted a first birthday party for her daughter Alaïa live on the air. Weighing in at three syllables with just one lone smooth consonant, Alaïa is the ultimate liquid name.

#3: Aitana. Mexican actors Eugenio Derbez and Alessandra Rosaldo welcomed daughter Aitana Derbez toward the end of 2014. The name comes from the Sierra de Aitana, a Spanish mountain range which exiled Spanish poet Rafael Alberti memorialized in his daughter's name.

#4. Meilani. This Hawaiian-styled name took off when Jersey Shore star Jenni "JWoww" Farley chose it for her daughter.

#5. Aislinn. Aislinn is an Irish name, but it was a Mexican actress, "A la mala" star Aislinn Derbez, who made its popularity spike. If you feel like you just read the name Derbez, Aislinn is the older half-sister of little Aitana Derbez. It was a strong naming year for the whole family.

#6. Taya. Taya Kyle is the widow of Navy Seal and "American Sniper" author Chris Kyle, and the author of her own memoir about their life together and the aftermath of her husband's death. Their story was portrayed in the 2015 film American Sniper.

#7. Alexa. Alexa got its first big boost back in the 1980s when Christie Brinkley and Billy Joel chose the name for their daughter. It rose to be a top-100 staple, but had been declining in recent years. A character on the telenovela "Hasta el fin del mundo" helped turn that trend around in 2015.

#8. Hazel. The popular YA novel and film The Fault in Our Stars brought the names Hazel and Augustus in from the quirky edges to the mainstream in 2015. In a clear homage to the story, 22 girls even received the previously unheard-of name HazelGrace (or Hazel-Grace), after the protagonist's first and middle names.


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