Luxurious Names

Feb 20th 2017

With names like Royal, Messiah and Destiny in the top 500, modern parents appear to be fans of inspirational choices. Why not choose an extraordinary name for an extraordinary child?

These fourteen swanky and sumptuous names embody that sense of wealth and power. Some work for boys, girls, or both, but all offer the promise of success. If you’re looking for an auspicious choice to bring fortune and fame to your little one, look no further!

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Lux. Though the origins of this Latin name relate to “light,” its unique sound is closer to “luxury” or “deluxe.” Lux is prominent in pop culture - from League of Legends to the Virgin Suicides - and would work especially well as a stylish middle choice.

Chanel. The iconic designer’s surname jumped onto the top 1000 after her death in the early 1970’s, as fans paid homage to Coco. While her nickname is also slowly rising for girls, Chanel is a posh pick, both fashionable and formidable.

Prosper. This verb name exudes bountifulness, determination, and success. The name comes from the Latin for “fortune,” but English ears will hear it as a synonym for “achieve.” Prosper has found favor in France, as well as in a few literary sources.

Royce. A kingly choice, Royce has begun to rise again (as part of the Generational Sweet Spot trend, perhaps). Of course, its vintage vibe isn’t the only draw - the Rolls-Royce company has been promoting their luxury image since 1904, inspiring parents to go the brand-name route.

Glimmer. While this shimmering choice has yet to be recorded, The Hunger Games series has ignited the interest of many in Glimmer. It’s not too far off from beachy Summer, and it feels akin to shining Crystal, though more understated.

Dior. Another fashion-forward French surname, Dior is glamorous and glittering. It has an unusual sound - not unlike up-and-coming Noor - but remains recognizable to many. Rapper and entrepreneur Diddy named his son Justin Dior, putting a unisex spin on the name.

Titan. It has both pop culture credibility and an aural connection to current trends - it’s no wonder Titan has begun to rise up the top 1000. This powerful choice could shorten to the friendly nickname Ty, but its mythological and cinematic links keep Titan strong.

Laurent. Of course, there’s designer Yves Saint Laurent, but the name also has fortunate origins. Laurent comes from the same Latin root as “laurel,” a plant and a symbol of victory. If Lawrence is too prominent and Larry too mid-century, Laurent might hit a more dapper note.

Copper. Though it’s best known as the name of a character in The Fox and the Hound, Copper could work as a radiant alternative to Carter or Cooper. It’s likeable and pleasant, but not used too often as a noun - making it a perfect “word name” pick.

Everest. Monumental but not unconquerable, Everest fits in with rising stars McKinley and Denali while preserving a sense of awe. It’s also close in sound to Evan, Everett, and Emmett, all currently in the top 150. Unlike its popular brethren, however, Everest is rare and illustrious.

Armani. Both Italian and Persian in origin, Armani is a sleek, cross-cultural choice for the sophisticated. It’s also a thoroughly modern name, having only been recorded in the United States since 1986. Another related choice is Giorgio, debonair and dashing.

Jewel. It may sound like a twenty-first century name, but Jewel has long been bestowed upon precious baby girls, reaching the top 200 in 1904. Now that Ruby and Pearl have come back into fashion, sparkling Jewel won’t be far behind.

Valor. A worthy successor to Victor and Vincent, Valor maintains a winning spirit and an uncommon but familiar sound. It’s short and chic, but masculine and compelling. Valor is slowly growing for boys, too, making it more accessible.

Mercedes. Once associated with the Virgin Mary, the name Mercedes today is more likely to be associated with the eponymous auto corporation. Both aspects help this name balance between a classic, religious image and a contemporary, secular sound, fantastic for all types of little girls. 


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