The Baby Name Pool: Meet the New Champion

May 20th 2018

Each year, we invite name enthusiasts across the country to guess the year's rising and falling names. It's trickier than it sounds. Sure, we might have been able to guess the rise of Logan after a year that featured both the X-Men "Logan" movie and "Logan Lucky." But not one Baby Name Pool participant tabbed the year's top riser Ensley—despite the fact that it's part of a long string of name dominance by the tv series "Teen Mom."

One valiant name hunter entered this fray and emerged victorious. Congratulations to Amity, a pharmacist from Arizona, who submitted this impressive ballot:

Rising predictions: Dream (F), Arlo (M) and Everly (F)

Falling predictions: Peyton (F), Madison (F), Addison (F)

Amity took an analytical approach to her choices. In her own words:.

"I try not to rely on my own taste for choosing names.  It probably only clouds my judgement--my favorite choice this year, Arlo, might have been the worst performer!  The approach I used was first to examine previous years' data for consistent  rising or falling names that fit in style-wise with what I would expect…Then I identified some names which might have been pushed along their prevailing trends by celebrity baby births or other pop culture events.

"This contest actually gets to the heart of what I find interesting about names: they follow trends.  If you delve into those trends, you can learn things about the country.  For example, I think the marked decrease in the percentage of babies given the most common names says something about how we value individuality.

"Now that the data has been released, we can already start making pretty good predictions for next year's baby names pool!"

Heck yeah. And I hope you'll all join us!