Brace Yourself—These are the New "Mom Names"

Jun 20th 2018

Mom names are like mom jeans. We expect them to be built for comfort, not style. While new baby names aim for dramatic flair, mom names provide the steady backdrop. You know, cozy names like Diamond and Tyler.

Not the kind of maternal style you were thinking of? If not, it's time to adjust your thinking to a new generation of mom names.

Diamond and Tyler are just two of the new/old names that define this wave. They were popular a generation ago but have since declined sharply, so you're at least five times as likely to meet a 25-year-old woman than a newborn girl with one of those names.

I've identified 20 of these new mom names that represent their naming era. It was an era of creative spelling and androgyny, styles that are still going strong today. Some of the individual names are still quite popular; Taylor, for instance, ranked #112 in the most recent name stats. But as you can see from this graph, the style heart of the group lies 25 years in the past.

The new mom names have a few "dad" counterparts in names like Dillon, Kody and Devonte. But boys' name trends have historically changed slower than girls, so it's the mom names that are the dominant symbols of '90s style. Below is the full group of 20. Expect to see them in your local PTA soon.

Taylor Swift. Image: Wikimedia Commons

Name 1992 Births      2017 Births
Taylor 14947 2692
Kelsey 11716 780
Kaitlyn 7474 929
Jordan 5365 882
Brittney 5084 72
Briana 4351 676
Ashlee 2010 70
Meagan 1958 47
Ciara 1369 240
Jasmin 1352 235
Diamond           1299 224
Chelsie 1223 28
Tiara 1161 90
Devin 1035 102
Tyler 976 174
Katlyn 944 19
Karissa 898 136
Shayna 661 100
Iesha 580 5
Shelbi 515 14



June 20, 2018 2:59 PM

Posts like this force me to confront my own age, because I'm momentarily shocked to see that 25 years ago was in the 90s. And all of the moms I know with these names are younger than I am.

June 21, 2018 10:05 PM

Ah, yes, how to make me feel truly ancient: point out that the parents of some of my daughter's classmates were toddlers when I graduated from high school...