How Far Would You Go for an X?

Jul 4th 2018

Ready to go the xxtra mile? The letter x is our millennium's baby name turbocharger, the favorite way to add a burst of energy that sets a name apart from the pack. Names featuring an x are ten times as popular today as in the mid-20th Century. Names starting with x are 70 times as popular. Top choices include classics like Xavier, and fresh respellings like Jaxon. But once you look beyond the top names to the rest of the baby name stats, you start to see how far today's parents are willing to go for the power of the x.

For classics, Xavier is just the starting point. How about Xerxes, Xanthe and Ajax? For respellings, try Xane, Lanxton or Broox. You can double up your x power with names like Knoxx, Nixxon and Xxavier, or pair it with z power to get Xzander or Xzavion. Then there are word names like Lynx, Helix, Galaxy and Matrix. Even silent x's are getting into the act. Rising girls' names include Beaux (pronounced "BOH," meaning male lovers) and Roux ("ROO," a mixture of butter and flour used as a base for sauces.)

The most sought-after x roots are inspiring boundless creativity, especialily for boys. Parents appear to be particularly focused on "axxion" for boys, with an explosion of double-x's and respellings. 31 different boys' names starting with Jax registered on last year's name stats, including Jaxiel, Jaxden and Jaxzon.

For a fuller sense of the modern name x-plosion, look over the list of creative choices below. Every name listed was given to at least 5 American boys or girls last year.

Credit: Getty Images

Beaux Luxley Xayla
Bellatrix             Lyrix Xaylie
Bronx Moxie Xenovia
Galaxy Nixon Xienna
Huxley Nyx Xoe
Jaxie Pax Xola
Kendrix Pixie Xuri
Knoxlee Roux Xya
Lexanie Saxon Yamilex
Loxli Siouxsie             Yexalen
Luxe Xanthe  


Abraxas Hux Onyx
Ajax Huxen Oxford
Alexiel Huxlee Paxon
Axe Huxtyn Phoenixx
Axiel Jaxiel Praxton
Axl Jaxsin Rexton
Axtyn Jaxston Roux
Banx Jaxzon Roxas
Beaux Jex Ruxin
Bexley Joxiel Seanix
Brax Kalix Thaxton
Braxley Kix Traxton
Braxon Knixon Trexton
Brex Knoxton           Truxton
Brexton Knoxx Xadiel
Brix Lanxton Xadrian
Brixen Lexton Xamir
Brixton Linux Xane
Brodix Loxley Xavian
Bronxton           Loxton Xavius
Broox Lux Xayden
Broxton Lynx Xayne
Crixus Lyrix Xen
Daxter Maddax Xeno
Daxxon Madrox Xenon
Drax Mallex Xerxes
Draxler Mannix Xion
Dreux Matix Xxavier
Drex Matrix Xyan
Drexel Mavrix Xylas
Eryx Maxon Xyler
Essex Maxton Xylon
Exavier Maxus Xylus
Exodus Moxley Xzander
Exzavier Moxon Xzavier
Fenix Nix Xzavion
Foxx Nixxon Xzayvion
Galaxy Nox Zaxton
Helix Nyxon  
Hendrixx Onix  




July 4, 2018 10:36 PM

"Rising girls' names include Beaux (pronounced "BOH," meaning male lovers) and Roux ("ROO," a mixture of butter and flour used as a base for sauces." 


This is the most amazing post I've ever read on this blog. 


It also took me a long ime to understand that "Broox" is supposed to be "Brooks", not "Brooooooooooks" or however a linguist would write the long O sound. 

By tp b
July 5, 2018 12:10 AM

@Poang - The oo in boot is written [u] in IPA (same sound as in unicorn, minus the [j] at the onset). The oo in Brooks is written [ʊ]. So you'd could render the two names as [bɹuks] vs [bɹʊks], depending on your accent. 

July 9, 2018 7:02 PM

We named my daughter Alexandra after my husband joked that we got a Z name with Elizabeth and only an X would top it. Apparently we're trendier than we thought. Especially since we call her Xan.

July 11, 2018 11:41 AM

"Roux" also means red-haired in French. It's the masculine version of the adjective: the feminine is "rousse", which unfortunately lacks the X. 

July 17, 2018 7:29 PM

Siouxsie is a terrible way to spell Susie. I realize there's a singer named that, but her legal name is Susan. Also I thought it was maybe pronunced 'sushi' before I looked it up. And I hope Seanix is said 'Shawn-icks'. 

Also, if Loxli (or alternate spelling Loxley) lives in an area with a lot of Jewish people, she will be getting awful bagel jokes her whole life.

I went to school with an Onyx, born maybe 1995, and my friend went to school with a Hendrix, born maybe 1993, who is a girl. And she's related to people with the surname 'Axelson', which sounds like it could be the next hip trendy name. 


July 18, 2018 9:19 PM

BRONX! I guess Brooklyn is played out… (No Xtaten Ixland?)

And KIX, like the cereal?

August 11, 2018 6:17 AM

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