Caleb Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KAY-ləb (key)

Origin of the name Caleb:

Hebrew name meaning "a dog; faithful." It is borne in the Bible by a leader of the Israelites, one of those sent by Moses to scout out the land in the second year after the Exodus. He and Joshua were the only people over the age of twenty to enter the Promised Land.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Kaleb, Cal

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Comments and insights on the name Caleb: | Edit

Can be pronounced as Kay-Lev (closer to the original hebrew) or Cale-eb.

This name is often hard for foreigners to pronounce. i.e. spanish speaker often say Kah-lub, and korean speakers, Kay-Rob.

His wife is bright like a piece of glitter. They bicker like brother and sister, but still kiss each other good night.

I love this name. It's Biblical, but not too commonplace; it's current but not trendy; it's traditional, but not humdrum. It works well for both Christian and Jewish men, but is not heavily associated with either. Also, I feel it ages well. It sounds nice on males of all ages. I would seriously consider giving my son the name Caleb.

Me too.

Personal experiences with the name Caleb: | Edit

We named our son Caleb in May of 2008. It is a strong, masculine name, and we love the story of Caleb in the Bible. We do get asked if it is spelled with a C or a K a lot. Oh, and we did his nursery in puppies. =)

Yes, Caleb means "dog".

Our son Caleb was born in 1994. His nursery theme was Noah's Ark with different colorful animals. We love the name because it's a biblical name & we love the story too. About two years after he was born, my father found the name Caleb from the early 1900's in our family tree album so it was pretty neat it was like naming after a family member. :)

I went to middle and high school with a Caleb. This was in the 00s. The boy was lovely, but I fell in love with the name instantly.

I named my son Caleb in 1991. I had been told the story in the bible, but he was honestly named after James Dean's character in "East of Eden". He loves it! He's yet to meet another!

If I was still young enough to have a son, I would name him Caleb. I really like this name.

I would also. But I'm too old

Nicknames for Caleb: | Edit

Cae, Cal, Ale, Cale, Cabela, Cabe, Cable, Cub, Cubby, Bubba, Bubby

Meanings and history of the name Caleb: | Edit

Upon further research, one finds that Caleb is translated from the original Hebrew as "whole-hearted, devoted." Celeb is more the Hebrew for "dog." We named our youngest son Caleb after the Hebrew definition which accurately fits the character of the Biblical Caleb sent as one of the 12 Israelite spies to survey the Promised Land.

In America, Caleb means bold & loyal. From the Hebrew Ka, meaning "like, as" and Lev, meaning "heart," making the meaning "like the heart." In France, Leo is the french name for Caleb.

After going through lots of different meanings of Caleb I've come to the conclusion that it means faithful or loyal. Some say that valentine day image it means dog and one thing that a lot of dogs are known for is being loyal. Others say Caleb means of the heart and when I think of the heart I think of truth, honesty, and faithfulness.

Famous real-life people named Caleb: | Edit

Caleb McLaughlin, american actor known for portraying Lucas in Stranger Things.
Caleb Followill, American musician
Caleb Deschanel, American film director
Caleb Crushing, American diplomat
Caleb Carr, American novelist
Caleb Strong, American Revolutionary War-era politician
Caleb Reynolds, Big Brother 16 contestant
Caleb Shomo, lead singer of American rock band Beartooth
Caleb LeBlanc, youtuber from family vlog channel Bratayley
Caleb Johnston, youtuber from family vlog channel J House Vlogs

Caleb in song, story & screen: | Edit

Caleb is the youngest child of Jacob Whitting in "Sarah, Plain, and Tall" (both movie & book).
Caleb is the husband in the movie "Fireproof."
Caleb is a young man in the TV soap opera "The Young & The Restless."
Caleb Odell is a character in the TV show Heartland.
Caleb is a brother in "7 Brides for 7 Brothers."
"Searching for Caleb" is an amazing book by Anne Tyler.
Caleb Trask is a character in John Steinbeck's 1952 novel "East of Eden" and the 1955 film of the same name.
Caleb Rivers is a character in the TV series/book series Pretty Little Liars.
Caleb Prior is a character in the book series Divergent.
Caleb is a caracter in W.I.T.C.H (TV Series)

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