Daniel: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Daniel


Pronunciation: DAN-yəl (key)

Origin of the name Daniel:

Derived from the Hebrew dāni’ēl (God is my judge). The name is borne in the Bible by a Hebrew prophet whose faith kept him from harm in a den of hungry lions. Short: Dan. Pet: Danny.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Dan, Danny, Danyel, Danial

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Comments and insights on the name Daniel: | Edit

I might name my baby this name if it's a boy :-)

I LOVE this name, I'm gonna name my child this for sure, I really wish it weren't so popular but oh well. :)

Personal experiences with the name Daniel: | Edit

Daniel is a family name and my grandfather, dad, and older brother all have it. I like it a lot because it is Biblical and classic but not as common as other similar names like David or William.

I like the name Daniel, it's classic and masculine. My Uncle is named Daniel, but me and my sister call him Uncle Dan or Uncle Danny.
My father, brother, and fiance are all Daniel's. I think it is the best possible name for a boy/man, but I am a bit biased. It gets a bit confusing at home, but that's okay. My father goes by Dad, my brother by Dan or D and we call my fiance Danny. They are all very smart, interesting, down to earth, and (frustratingly for me) naturally talented people. They have a strong sense of right versus wrong and are quick to forgive. I may name my son Daniel but I feel like there would end up being five Daniel's that way because I'm sure my brother will carry on the name! That may get a bit too excessive.

My father's name is Daniel. His friends call him Danny and my cousins call him Uncle Dan.

My little brother would have been named Daniel, but my mom was afraid that my grandfather would do nothing but sing "Danny Boy" all the time. Why that was the deciding factor, I don't know - that's a lovely song, though depressing - but they named him Mark instead.

My brother's name is Daniel and it's a nice name. I just hate the name "Dan" He's always liked his name though.

A Mugenite named Daniel Gajardo Pulgar is a really funny guy that creates many characters such as himself

My close friend's son's name is Daniel. It is a rather well-known, popular name, I'd say. But it is very fitting for her wonderful little boy, and it is also very, very handsome and attractive. Even if it is wide-spread and common - it is a spectacular, exceptionally attractive title, and I love it for my friend's son! Absolutely, hands-down perfect. Awesome name, love you, Daniel!


My name is Daniel. I'm 35. I've had mixed feelings about my name all my life. I love being called Daniel. It means 'God is my guide' though I'm not very religious. The issue was that I hate being called Danny. That is for children. When you meet people and introduce yourself as Daniel, people respond "Danny!" No, that isn't my name. It was so bad, I started correcting anyone who used it - even strangers. It was a hard fought battle at the office getting people to stop calling me Danny. Even new people immediately began using that nickname.

If you don't like Danny, don't name your child Daniel. If you do name your child Daniel, all throughout school and sometimes as an adult, people will say "Dan Dan he's the man with the master plan". For five years, when I arrived at my office I heard someone sing "OH DANNY BOY!"

Nicknames for Daniel: | Edit

Danny, Dan, Niel/Neil/Neel, Daniel Cocker Spaniel, Ditty

Meanings and history of the name Daniel: | Edit

Is of Hebrew origin and means "God is my judge".

Famous real-life people named Daniel: | Edit

Daniel Sharman - British actor (Plays Isaac Lahey on MTV's Teen Wolf.)
Daniel "Skip" Sahyoune Australian entertainer from the Jansokians
Daniel "Dan" Beard, founder of the Boy Scouts of America
Daniel Boone, American pioneer
Daniel Bruhl, Spanish actor
Daniel Dae Kim, American actor
Daniel Day-Lewis, English actor
Daniel "Danny" DeVito, American actor
Daniel Craig, English actor
Daniel "Dan" DeCarlo, American cartoonist
Daniel "Dan" Howell, British Youtuber
Daniel Defoe, English writer
Daniel "Dan" Marino, former American football player
Daniel Patrick Moynihan, American politician
Daniel Radcliffe, English actor
Daniel "Dan" Stevens, English actor
Daniel Tosh, American comedian
Daniel Gillies, New Zealand actor
Daniel "Danny" O'Donoghue - Irish singer-songwriter. (The Script)

Daniel in song, story & screen: | Edit

Daniel: Bat For Lashes
Elton John: Daniel
Ralph Macchio's character in the Karate Kid movies was named Daniel.

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