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Pronunciation: GAY-bree-əl (key)

Origin of the name Gabriel:

Derived from the Hebrew gavrīēl (God is my strength). The name is borne in the Bible by one of the seven archangels, the herald of Good News who appeared to Mary to announce her pregnancy and the impending birth of the Christ-child. Short: Gabe.

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Gabe, Gavril


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Comments and insights on the name Gabriel: | Edit

The name Gabriel originates from the Hebrew language and falls under the style category of traditional names.

Based on research, most people would imagine a person with the name Gabriel to be: A kind and courageous person. In one word, you might describe Gabriel as a "courageous" person.

As a baby boy name, Gabriel is currently a popular baby name, ranking high in international poll lists.

Personal experiences with the name Gabriel: | Edit

We have had several people over the years, like in doctor's offices, call his name with the female wording! This frustrates him and I very much. Thankfully, it doesn't happen that much!

I may name my baby this if I have a boy! Gabe is such a cute nickname.

My husbands name is Gabriel. He goes by Gabe and dosen't really like when people call him Gabriel. His mom named him after the angel Gabriel and I think that has been meaningful to him.

Unfortunately, I too have been called with feminine wording at offices. My name has also been pronounced the wrong way by phone...but the silliest one was someone assuming I was a female online. Gabriel is not even the feminine version!
Aside from that, I love the name. I wasn't too keen on Gabe at first, but I grew to love it as well.
I should probably mention that I have also been made fun of with my name before, with "Gay Briel". It's not hurtful at all to me, but just thought I'd let you know.

Nicknames for Gabriel: | Edit

Gabe, Gabels, Gabel, Gabey, Gaber,Gabe the babe (from a book series), Briel, Gabers, Gabe-O, Gabo(spanish), G-man, Gay

Popular Variants for the name Gabriel: Gab, Gabbee, Gabbey, Gabbi, Gabbie, Gabby, Gabe (English), Gabee, Gabey, Gabi, Gabie, Gabino, Gable, Gabrian (Hebrew), Gabriele, Gabrielli, Gabriello, Gabrielo, Gabrio, Gaby, Gavriel, Gavril, Gavrilo

Meanings and history of the name Gabriel: | Edit

There are several acknowledged meaning for the name Gabriel:

"God's able-bodied one"
"A hero of God"
"God is my strength"
"Champion of God"
"Man of God"
"God has shown himself mighty"

Biblical: the archangel Gabriel is the only angel besides Michael named in the canonical Scriptures.

In the Old and New Testament, the angel Gabriel makes several appearances; he is the angel who informs Mary that she will give birth to Jesus.

According to Hebrew tradition, Gabriel is one of the seven archangels.

Name day:

15th January - Gabriel of Ferrara (c. 1543; † January 15, 1627 in Vienna) was an Italian monk, a surgeon and founder of hospitals.
29th September (Gabriel Archangel)
27th September (evang. church)

Famous real-life people named Gabriel: | Edit

Gabriel Dante Rossetti, British poet and painter, member of the Pre-Raphaelite movement
Gabriel Fauré, French composer (1845-1924)
Gabriel Macht, actor
Gabriel Kaplan, actor
Gabriel Soto, actor
Gabriel Byrne, actor (Irish)
Gabriel Saporta, lead singer of the band Cobra Starship
Gabriel Garcia Marquez, author
Gabriel Heatter, media personality
Gabriel Baudoin Charles Marie, Prince of Belgium

Gabriel in song, story & screen: | Edit

Gabriel Gray, character in the TV series "Heroes" who is also known as "Sylar."
Heath Ledger plays "Gabriel", the oldest son of "Benjamin Martin", Mel Gibson, in the movie "The Patriot".
The Trickster, character in TV series 'Supernatural', is revealed to be Gabriel the archangel
Gabriel Collins, a murderous character in the TV series "Dark Shadows"

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