Jackson: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Jackson


Pronunciation: JAK-sən (key)

Origin of the name Jackson:

Transferred use of the surname which originated in 14th century England as a patronymic meaning "son of Jack." Short: Jack. Pet: Jackie, Jacky.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Jack, Jax, Jaxon, Jaxxon, Jaxson

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Comments and insights on the name Jackson: | Edit

In the 2000 U.S. Census, Jackson was reported as the 13th most common SURNAME in America.

Jackson is also a not-unusual place name.

Jackson Rathbone~ *swoon* ~~~~~

Personal experiences with the name Jackson: | Edit

I love the name but fear it might be getting a little TOO popular! I hope not, it's such a neat name.

I know two girls with this name, one spelled Jaxon. The spelling with "son" seems mismatched for a girl.

Um... the name itself seems mismatched for a girl. Why must parents continue to degender names???? Jackson is a strong, MASCULINE name. I wouldn't name my son Andrea. Parents need to know when to leave names alone. It takes away from boys named Jackson.

Andrea is actually a popular boys' name in Italy.

I love the name, but it's overused right now. My grandfather's name was John Jackson Monroe (then his last name, which I won't use here), and I've got 5 relatives with the name now. And then my son married a girl with the last name.....you guessed it.

I am a boy named Jackson and having girls share my name is totally wrong.

My brother's name is Jackson. He used to have a friend name Michael in Kindergarten. Just imagine how funny it was when the teacher called them "Jackson! Michael!" But he goes by Jack most of the time anyway.

My name is Jackson and is modern but I have a sister named Evangelina! (she was named after an old friend of my mom, poor thing)

I agree with the second person on here - I get really irritated with boy names being used as girl names and vice versa! Let boys be masculine and girls be feminine. Stop making names be neutral. I think Jackson/Jaxon is a good strong boys name and it's strange for a girl's name.

I've never heard Jackson used as a girl's name, thank God!

When something has son on the end PLEASE stop using it for your girls. Why does every name have to be unisex?? I feel so bad for teachers these days... Boys have boy names girls have boy names and a lot of others just have odd little unisex names. So confusing.

I have to agree...girls with boy names annoys the CR*P out of me!!!!

I must say, I love the idea of naming my daughter a boy's name. My name is Andi, but most people don't know my real name is Andrea (which by the way is a boy's name is Europe,) and all my life have told me "That's a boy's name." I take pride in the fact that I can add a little femininity to a male's name. I do believe though, some names just sound weird for females, which in this case would be Jackson. I love names like Logan or Spencer for a girl though, or very feminine names (like Andrea, or my sister's name Alexandra,) with boyish nicknames (Andi and Alex.) But take into consideration too, that parents name their sons girl's names all the time. For instance, Riley/Rileigh, Jesse/Jessie, and Jaylynn (two boys at my school are named Jaylynn/Jalynn, and my best friend who is a girl is also named Jaylynn.)

Nicknames for Jackson: | Edit

Jack, Jax, Stonewall, Jake, J., Sonny

People always tend to call my son Action Jackson : P

My son's father calls him 'Jacksonian', and his uncle calls him 'Stoney' : ) peace and love YEH

My son is little and we either call him Jack Jack, Cracker Jack, or Jumpin Jack! They will work for now, until he gets a little older.

We call my brother Jamie, J-man, Jack, Jacksamillion, and Action Jackson

When is Ramadan

Meanings and history of the name Jackson: | Edit

"wind" (elemental)

Famous real-life people named Jackson: | Edit

Jackson Rathbone, American actor
Jackson Browne, American musician
Jackson Pollock, American painter
The Jackson family of singers: Michael, Janet, Jermaine, etc.

Jackson in song, story & screen: | Edit

Jackson Whittemore - From MTV's Teen Wolf (Played by Colton Haynes.)
Jackson(Jax) Teller - Character on the TV series "Sons of Anarchy" played by Charlie Hunnam
"Jackson," song by Johnny Cash and June Carter Cash (granted, about a place, but could be naming inspiration.)
Jackson is a character on Desperate Housewives.
Jackson is a character on Hannah Montana.
Dr. Jackson Avery, character on TV show "Grey's Anatomy"
I first heard the name Jackson on screen in "Steel Magnolias". It was the name of Dylan McDermott's character.
Jackson Hudson ~ F.B.I. Special Agent/Unit Leader from the TV series 'Sue Thomas F.B.Eye' (goes by 'Jack').

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