Jacob Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JAY-kuhb (key)

Origin of the name Jacob:

From the Ecclesiastic Late Latin Iacobus, which is from the Greek Iakōbos, a name derived from the Hebrew Yaakov. The name has its root in ya`aqob (seizing by the heel, supplanting). The name is borne in the Bible by the father of twelve sons who became the progenitors of the twelve tribes of Israel. Pet: Jake.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Jacob: | Edit

Jacob is an extremely common, yet very handsome, masculine name for a baby boy that is always a great pick. Pronounced Jay-cub.

Personal experiences with the name Jacob: | Edit

-My older brother's name is Jacob. He's always been extremely nice to me, and very encouraging, even while we were growing up. So luckily for me, I'm one of those little sisters who was blessed with (well, first off, ONE brother x)) a brother who isn't the mean kind, (though he did do his fair share of teasing, but playfully of course), and who was instead very kind and loving to me. I love my big brother Jacob a lot. (Very great name!) :)

On another note, (I'm the same person who wrote up above about my brother), I have a very close friend, who I've known for years, named Jacob. He's a VERY nice man! Also very hilarious. He always tries to make people feel comfortable and happy -- He's a real optimist. I love him to pieces, he's great. He's also my boyfriend's (who I have a daughter with) brother. :)

Aaaaand on a final note, (I'm the same person who wrote about my brother and my friend up above), I have ANOTHER really great friend named Jacob! Imagine that! He's a really nice guy. He loves animals and has taken many in as pets. He also volunteers at shelters to help the ones he can't take in, like abused, malnourished, abandoned etc. animals that need help. He's very sweet, I've known him for years.

So! Overall, I love this name, it's great! It may be popular and common as hell, but it's handsome and the only ones I've ever known are extremely kind people with awesome personalities. :) <---- It's only popular due to a really bad movie, before that there weren't many Jake's around at all, you must be very young or you'd be aware of this fact.

My cousins name is Jacob and I love his name so much. He's such a sweet kid.
Also to the person who wrote that all Jacob's are jerks, that's a lie because my cousin Jacob is the sweetest kid ever.

Nicknames for Jacob: | Edit

Jake, Jay, Coby, Cub, Jaco, Cubbie, Jakey, Jakey-bake, Jakers, Jakey-Boo, Jake, J., Jack, Jace, JJ, Jay-cub, Jackery, Jacobo

Meanings and history of the name Jacob: | Edit

Meanings of the name "Jacob".

That supplants, undermines, the forehead.

That supplants, undermines, the forehead.

He grasps the forehead. Supplanter.

Famous real-life people named Jacob: | Edit

Jacob Hoggard - Lead Singer from the band Hedley
Jacob "Jake" Gyllenhaal - American actor
Jacob "Cubbie" Fink - Plays Bass in Foster the People
Jacob Vargas - American actor
Jacob Latimore - Singer
Jacob Smith - Actor
Jacob Young - Soap Opera Actor
Jacob Sartorius- social media star
Jacob Epstein - Sculptor
Jacob H. Stewart - Politician
Jacob Sartorius- Social Media Star
Jacob "Jake" Pitts- lead guitarist for Black Veil Brides
Jacob "Jake" Mitchell- YouTube Personality
Jacob L. Devers - War Hero
Jacob Lateiner - Pianist
John Jacob Astor
Jacob Tremblay, Actor
Jacob Emerson Fishman (b. 2008), son of American actress Courtney Thorne-Smith

Jacob in song, story & screen: | Edit

Jacob, father of the 12 tribes of Israel in the Bible
"Jacob 'Jake' Barnes", Hemingway's wry protagonist in "The Sun Also Rises"
Jacob Marley (ghost that haunts Scrooge)
John Jacob Jingleheimer Schmidt (His name is my name, too)
The Two Jakes (Jack Nicholson movie)
Jacob Have I Loved (YA novel)
Joliet Jake Blues (The Blues Brothers)
Jacob Black (Twilight series)
Happy Fathers Day Pictures
Jacob Portman, a character in the Ransom Riggs series "Miss Peregrine's Home For Peculiar Children"
Jake Ryan (Hannah Montana)
Jacob Two-Two, the protagonist of Mordecai Richler's series, by the same name
Jacob Graylick from The Little House series
Jacob sartorius also known as jacob saggytits, no one like him and he needs to back off millie

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