Keith Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: KEETH (key)

Origin of the name Keith:

Transferred use of the Scottish surname originating from several place-names which are of uncertain derivation. Keith might be formed from a Gaelic root meaning "the wind" or "wood." The use of Keith as a given name dates to the 19th century.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Keith: | Edit

Sweet and short

A very manly, handsome name.

*Constantly* misspelled 'Kieth', for no reason I can discern.

It's misspelled thanks to pedantic English majors who insist on "i" before "e". They don't realize an early spelling was "Gayth". Which turned into "Keyth". So, the "i" took the place of the "y" like in so many other English words.

For some *bizarre* reason, my name has been misremembered by hundreds of people, in all locations and walks of life, as 'Kevin'. I recently ran into another Keith who has constantly, consistently been misremembered as 'Chris'. Not one single person has been able to explain this.

This is crazy because my husbands name is Keith and he is always misremembered as Kevin as well. Just like the person above. Wow lol. I love my husbands name. Its smart, sexy, strong, handsome, and above all it fits him perfectly.

Breathless like the wind
Spontaneous but requires a friend to share xoxo and listen to his knowledge of the world
Downplays self to allow others to shine.
Cautious but once trusting forever loyal
Green thumb in garden life love kissing and petting always creating a garden of Eden
I look at hazel eyes in Keith and become delusional out of mind and in a land of newbirth kings and castles
Keith is my true North

Personal experiences with the name Keith: | Edit

This is my father's name, so I have a great respect for it. My father truly is a respectable man who loves his family.

This is my husband's name. I always have really liked his name and find it to be very manly, wise, mature and a strong name. I would highly recommend this name.

The first time I met my fiance', I was mesmerized by his name....I LOVE it! It fits him, smart, sexy and strong.

I know a Keith Richards but not the famous one

In respect to the name Keith, I can not reveal personal experiences at this time or anytime,however, the bam Keith reminds me of one of my favorite classic novels .. Wuthering Heights.Heathcliff and Cathy were the twin soul of each other.The glorious laughter and childlike chasing and spontaneous affection placed a smile on my face. The wind was their most energuzing force. The complex stations od the periid can still be se en today.Quashing true friendship coukd be the reason their love affair was so deep so rooted in pureness of heart that they each died and risked everything to breath the last wind felt by either
Keith means friend
I know a Keith Richards too!

new story :
So my friends name is Keith, it’s sad cus he grew up as an orphan and stuff but it’s okay guys, it’s ok. He has a brother named Takashi but we call him Shiro cus we all lazy as shit. Keith never knew where he got his damn name from cus he’s a orphan lmao. Soon his brother was all like LoL cOme tO sPacE sChOoL so Keith was like oK suRe and did so then TakaSHIT fucked off somewhere into space and Keith was alone again. Oh and then he found his future boyfriend, some robot space lions, his alien mum oh and takashi turned up again. Yeah he’s a pretty hot guy. and now he’s married to a dude named Lance

Nicknames for Keith: | Edit

Keithy boy
Watch Voltron Legendary Defender

Meanings and history of the name Keith: | Edit

Celtic/Gaelic "Warrior Descending"
Old Welsh "from the forest"

Famous real-life people named Keith: | Edit

Keith Richards, Rolling Stones guitarist
Keith Moon, Who drummer
Keith Lockhart, conductor of the Boston Pops
Keith Olbermann, American Journalist
Keith Harkin, singer, songwriter, accomplished guitarist, surfer, member of Celtic Thunder
Keith Urban, country singer

Keith in song, story & screen: | Edit

Keith "Two-Bit" Mathews, character from "The Outsiders"

Keith Dick, character played by Chris Lilley in the Netflix Original comedy "Lunatics"

Keith Partridge, David Cassidy's character on "The Partridge Family"

Keith Mars, the father character on" Veronica Mars"

Keith Kogane, Voltron: Legendary Defender

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