Milo Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MIY-lo (key)

Origin of the name Milo:

Of Germanic origin, Milo is of uncertain derivation. It might be derived from the German mild (mild, peaceful, calm), which is from the Old German root milan (to mill, beat, crush, or rub until fine or tender). Alternatively, it might be from the Old Slavonic root milu (merciful).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Milo: | Edit

I love the stylish and handsome name Milo. Unfortunately, I could never use the name because Milo is a popular brand of chocolate malt drink in my country, Australia.

Personal experiences with the name Milo: | Edit

I have a 5 year-old son named Milo and we are always getting compliments on his name - and even though it is so "cool" we have only run into one other Milo at a friend's birthday. We like its balance of familiarity (as in it feels familiar) and uniqueness.

Our 14 month old is named Milo (no middle name). We get compliments everywhere. Once, we met someone whose nephew was called Milo and another time a couple heard us on the playground. She said they were naming their son (she was 8 months pregnant) Milo William and his sibling was named Boston.

My brother's name is Milo Kristin (Mine is Charlotte). He never had a nickname or anything, he's 16 now, turning 17 soon, but as kids we always loved stories and movies with characters named Milo. Our dad even built us a Tollbooth like in Phantom Tollbooth. We also have a collection of Milo drinks and a framed menu from Milo Butterfingers in Dallas. I've only met one other kid named Milo, with two older sisters name Charlie and Alix, which made me laugh, since I have an older brother named Alex and people call me Charly.

My 2 yr old is named Milo Patrick and his 4 yr old brother is Mason.

My dad's name was Milo.

Nicknames for Milo: | Edit
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Meanings and history of the name Milo: | Edit

Germanic and Latin form of "Miles"

Meanings vary from "merciful soldier" to "mild, peaceful, or calm"

Famous real-life people named Milo: | Edit

Titus Annius Milo- Ancient Roman politician and gangster
Milo of Croton - Ancient Greek athlete
Milo Aukerman - American musician & biochemist
Milo Ventimiglia - American actor
Milo Đukanović - Montenegrin Prime Minister & President
Son of Ricki Lake
Son of Liv Tyler
Son of Francisco Lachowski
Milo Thomas Bugliari (b. 2011), son of American actress, activist, producer, and former singer Alyssa Milano

Milo in song, story & screen: | Edit

Milo is a main character in Jack Kerouac's play The Beat Generation
Milo is the central character in the book "The Phantom Tollbooth."
Milo the cat is one of the title characters in the film "Milo and Otis."
Lieutenant Milo Minderbinder is a central character in Joseph Heller's "Catch 22."
Milo Rambaldi is a character in the television series "Alias."
Professor Milo is one of Batman's enemies in the DC Comic universe.
Milo Pressman is a minor character in the television series "24."
Milo Pressman is also the name of the junk man in Stephen King's "The Body", made into a movie called "Stand By Me"
Milo James Thatch is the central character in the Disney movies "Atlantis: The Lost Empire" and "Atlantis: Milo's Return".
Milo Murphy is the title character in the tv series "Milo Murphy's Law".
Milo is the main character in the 2011 film "Mars Needs Moms".
Milo is a character in the BBC's Cbeebies children's television programme, "The Tweenies."
Milo Bloom is a central character in Berkeley Breathed's comic strip "Bloom County."
Milo Kamalani, a character from the '90s cartoon "Pepper Ann"

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