Oliver Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: AH-li-ver (key)

Origin of the name Oliver:

Derived from the French Olivier, which is generally considered to be from the Old French olivier (olive tree). Some believe it is of Germanic origin, however, and is thus probably from the Middle Low German Alfihar, a compound name composed of the elements alf (elf) and hari (army): hence, "elf army."

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Olivier, Ollie

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Comments and insights on the name Oliver: | Edit

To me, it sounds like a happy name.

Personal experiences with the name Oliver: | Edit

My little brother is named Oliver, and nicknamed Oli.

I chose the name Oliver for my third son (2007) and am very happy with my decision. It's in the 'just right' spot (in North America at least) of familiar and yet not overly trendy. Everyone who meets him seems to think his name is charming, and it always brings a little surprised smile to people's faces.

I named my second son Oliver(2008). It's not too trendy and it's a nice classic name all of my other children have classic names. Great name and it fits my son to a tee.

I also named my second son Oliver (2009). He is a super easy-going, mellow, easy baby! He fits his name perfectly, and I am so happy we chose it!

I know a little Oliver, he never gets called Ollie but his mom and little sister sometimes call him Olive.

My son Oliver (2011) is 3. He has really grown into his name. He is smart as a whip, a little comedian, but strong willed and opinionated! It suits him perfectly!

(10/18/10) My four year old son is named Oliver--he is tall with dark curly hair, glasses, and a happy personality, and he's very bright. As soon as people learn his name, everyone says "He is definitely an Oliver!" It's easy to say and spell, it's recognizable but not TOO common or trendy, and it's cute as a little boy but will easily grow with him into a great man's name.

Someone in my neighborhood has boy/girl twins, their names are Nettie (short for Annette) and Oliver. ADORABLE!

My little brothers called Oliver. A very popular name but is often called Olive, especially by family.

I named my first son Oliver. We didn't know what to name him and Oliver just came to us when we found out he was going to be a boy. Even though we doubted it all the way through, he is definitely an Oliver. We call him Olly or Ol. Not Ollie.

Nicknames for Oliver: | Edit

Ollie, Oli, Levy, Olli, Olly, Olive, Liver, Noll

Meanings and history of the name Oliver: | Edit

Oliver comes from the Norman French name Olivier, but the spelling was altered due to its resemblance to the Latin word "oliva" meaning "olive tree". The original, Olivier, is believed to either come from an old Germanic name (such as Alfher "elf army") or an Old Norse name, Áliefr (modern Olaf), meaning "ancestor's descendant."

The name became wellknown in Western Europe during middle ages due to the popular epic "The Song of Roland." Olivier was the friend and advisor of Roland, the epic's hero.

Oliver was common in England until the 17th century when it fell out of favor due to association with Oliver Cromwell.

Famous real-life people named Oliver: | Edit

Oliver Lanning ~ YouTube Baby on DailyBumps
Oliver Stone - American film director
Oliver Hardy - American comic
Oliver Wendell Holmes - American physician and writer
Oliver Reed - English actor
Oliver Phelps - American Deputy Commissary during the Revolution
Oliver Phelps - English actor
Oliver Platt - American actor
Oliver Chris - English actor
Oliver Sykes - Bring Me the Horizon lead vocalist
Oliver Hudson- actor, son of Bill Hudson and Goldie Hawn/very handsome. Was in the sitcom Rules of Engagement.
Oliver Cowdery - scribe and translator of the Book of Mormon
Oliver Riedel - German metal band Rammstein bassist
Oliver Ekman-Larsson - NHL Phoenix Coyotes defenseman
Oliver Savage (b. 2006), son of American actor, television director, and producer Fred Savage
Oliver Shane Hawkins (b. 2007), son of American musician Taylor Hawkins
Oliver Francis Followill (b. 2018), son of American rock drummer Nathan Followill, brother to Violet Marlowe

Oliver in song, story & screen: | Edit

Oliver Queen, secret identity of Green Arrow in DC Comics and on Smallville
Oliver Twist, title character of Charles Dickens novel that was made into the musical and movie Oliver!
Oliver Barrett IV, male lead in "Love Story"
Cousin Oliver, from "The Brady Bunch"
Oliver, the redeemed villian of Shakespeare's comedy As You Like It
Oliver Hampton, character in American TV series 'How to Get Away with Murder'
Oliver Wood, Harry Potter character
Oliver and Company, Disney Animated movie (Oliver is the little orange tabby cat)
Oliver Oken, character in Disney's series "Hannah Montana"
There's an Oliver in several episodes of season one of The OC, played by Taylor Handley
Oliver "Ollie" Hackers, one of Spiggie Lomer's grade school crushes and listed on her "Men In My Life" list, in the comic blog The Greasers of Hazzick Flats http://www.thegreasersofhazzickflats.blogspot.com
Oliver from Call Me by Your Name

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