Sebastian: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Sebastian


Pronunciation: seh-BAS-chin (key)

Sebastian is a refined name that was always a little too elegant for comfort in the U.S. Your parents may even call it prissy. You can toss all that away now, because elegance has gone mainstream. This paragon of sophistication is now a global hit, and pals like Adrian and Julian will admire Sebastian's classic style.

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Comments and insights on the name Sebastian: | Edit

I named my first son Sebastian and everyone loves his name. We call him Sebby for short. He is a beautiful blond hair, blue-eyed boy, and everyone is attracted to his radiant energy and lively smile. He fits his name perfectly and we love it!

Personal experiences with the name Sebastian: | Edit

I have two sons and we called our eldest Sebastian. He was known as Sebastian for the first year of his life and now he is Seb. People get it confused with Seth a lot which is irritating!
Some people think that it sounds pretentious but I think it's a lovely, sophisticated name

Older brothers name is Sebastian. I love it and he loves it.

- I named my second son Sebastian. I loved that name throughout my childhood and when I found that he was a boy, it was a perfect opportunity. In personality, he is precocious, deeply thoughtful, confident, and loves to debate. He is unique among his peers and rises above the limitations of his physical disabilities to live a very normal teenage life.

Nicknames for Sebastian: | Edit

Bas, Basti, Bastian, Bastien, Baz, Seb, Sebi/Sebby/Seby, Sabby, Basy, Basi, Basten, Bass, Astin, Ian, Bash, Bazzy, Ashtian, Ash

Meanings and history of the name Sebastian: | Edit

Many baby name books give the meaning of Sebastian as "from Sebastia" which was an area in the ancient Roman empire located today in the West Bank. (,_Nablus) However, it is likely a derivation of the Latin name Sebastianus, itself derived from he Greek word "sebastos" meaning "venerable" and closely related to the Latin "augustus" of the same meaning.

St. Sebastian is said to have been one of the Emperor Diocletian's Praetorian Guards who was secretly a Christian. He was said to have protected many Christians during Diocletian's persecution of them and to have converted many more. When his secret was discovered, Diocletian had him shot through with arrows (a thousand some stories say) which he survived, only to be later be beaten to death and thrown in a privy.
GENDER: Masculine
USAGE: German, English, Swedish, Norwegian, Danish, Polish, Finnish, Romanian
PRONOUNCED: ze-BAHS-tee-ahn (German), sə-BAS-chən (English), se-BAHS-tyahn (Polish) key
Meaning & History
From the Latin name Sebastianus which meant "from Sebaste". Sebaste was the name a town in Asia Minor, its name deriving from Greek σεβαστος (sebastos) "venerable" (a translation of Latin Augustus, the title of the Roman emperors). Saint Sebastian was a 3rd-century Roman soldier martyred by arrows after it was discovered he was a Christian. Due to the saint's popularity, the name came into general use in medieval Europe, especially in Spain and France. It was also borne by a 16th-century king of Portugal who died in a crusade against Morocco.
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DIMINUTIVES: Bastian (German), Sepi, Seppo (Finnish)
OTHER LANGUAGES: Sebastijan (Croatian), Sebastiaan, Bas, Bastiaan (Dutch), Sébastien, Bastien (French), Sebestyén (Hungarian), Sebastiano (Italian), Sebastianus (Late Roman), Sebastião (Portuguese), Sevastian, Sevastyan (Russian), Sebastijan, Sebastjan, Boštjan (Slovene), Sebastián (Spanish)

Famous real-life people named Sebastian: | Edit

Sebastian Larsson - Swedish footballer, midfielder, current club: Sunderland
Sebastian Vollmer - American football player
Sebastian Janikowski - American football player
Sebastian Telfair - American basketball player
Sebastian Vettel - Formula 1 World Champion Driver
Sebastian Sauve - American model
Sebastian Balesteros - Spanish golfer
Sebastian Stan - American actor
Sebastian Bach - Vocalist

Sebastian in song, story & screen: | Edit

Sebastian Valmont (played by Ryan Phillipe) Cruel Intentions (1999)
Bastian Balthazar Bux, protagonist of The Never-Ending Story.
Sebastian Flyte, a prominent character in Evelyn Waugh's Brideshead Revisited.
Scottish indie-rock band Belle and Sebastian
Sebastian and Viola are siblings in Vita Sackville-West's novel "The Edwardians"
Sebastian and Viola are twins in Shakespeare's "Twelfth Night" and the movie "She's a Man"
Sebastian the Crab in Disney's The Little Mermaid
Sebastian in Cassandra Clare's "Mortal Instruments" Series
Sebastian is a character in the FOX show Glee, who attends Dalton Academy.
Sebastian Michaelis is a character in a Japanese anime called Black Butler or Kuroshitsuji.
Sebastian "Bash" is a character in the CW show Reign, who is the half-brother of King Francis.
Sebastian "Bass" Monroe was a character on the NBC show Revolution, who was the leader of the Monroe Republic.
Sebastian Spaniola, Boswell Lomer's rich, handsome, philandering brother-in-law in the internet comic blog, "The Greasers of Hazzick Flats".

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