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Pronunciation: SPRING-er (key)

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Comments and insights on the name Springer: | Edit

A hippie name, perhaps.

Distinctive and distinguished, evocative of the English countryside, old-fashioned flair, water connotation lends a cool and crisp feel, reflective of the time of year, perfect surname-as-a-first-name.

Was a bit more common as a first name in the 1800s, as it was customary then to name a child after the mother's maiden name.

Personal experiences with the name Springer: | Edit

"Lively" suits our Springer to a T.

We chose the name Springer because, for us, it's a recurring paternal-family name, going back many generations (but we're the first to use it as a first name). Now I know of several other, unrelated, first-name Springers (three living, all the rest deceased, mostly from over a century ago).

I love my Springer's special name, but people sometimes get confused and want to call my son "Spencer."

My son Springer was born on Groundhog Day, nine days before his due date. So I like to say that "Spring" came early for me that year!

Nicknames for Springer: | Edit

Spring, Springs, Sprig, Springbok

Meanings and history of the name Springer: | Edit

1. English, German, Dutch, and Jewish (Ashkenazic): nickname for a lively
person or a traveling entertainer, from an agent derivative of Middle
English, Middle High German springen, Middle Dutch springhen, Yiddish
shpringen "to jump or leap."
2. English: topographic name for someone who lived by a fountain or the
source of a stream, Middle English spring ("spring" + the habitational
suffix -er). The same word was also used for a plantation of young trees, and
in some cases this may be the source of the surname.
3. Swedish: meaning "running" or "leaping"

Adoption of the surname Springer, from the verb "spring" (to leap -- English, German, Dutch, Yiddish, Swedish). The surname arose in various ways including a nickname for someone lively, an occupational surname for an itinerant entertainer, or a person living near a spring.

“Springer” is the German word for the “knight” in chess.

In architecture, the springer is the lowest stone in an arch, where the curve begins.

English Springer Spaniel and Welsh Springer Spaniel, dog breeds

Springer, New Mexico
Springer, Oklahoma
Springer Mountain, southern terminus of the Appalachian Trail
Springer Opera House, Columbus, Georgia

Famous real-life people named Springer: | Edit

Springer Holland Cate, brother of American actor Field Cate
Axel Springer, German journalist, founder of Axel Springer AG publishing company
Julius Springer, German publisher, founder of Springer-Verlag (global scientific publishing house)
Gerald Norman "Jerry" Springer, British-born TV personality, attorney, and former Cincinnati mayor & news anchor
Aaron Springer, American writer, director, animator, and storyboard artist ("SpongeBob SquarePants")
Col. Robert C. Springer, NASA astronaut
Dennis Springer & Russ Springer, American baseball players
F. J. Springer, founder of the Springer Opera House (c. 1871)
Ashley Springer, American actor

Springer in song, story & screen: | Edit

Springer McDowell is the strong, sexy hero in a 1985 romance novel by Anne Stuart, "Banish Misfortune."
Springer is one of the Transformers characters.
Springer, the orca whale
Springer, model of Harley-Davidson motorcycle (Heritage Springer and Springer Softail)
Ivory Springer, character on TV's "Northern Exposure"

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