Tyler Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: TIY-ler (key)

Origin of the name Tyler:

Transferred use of the surname derived from the Old French tieuleor, tieulier (tiler, tile maker) and the Middle English tyler, tylere (a brick, a tile). The name originated as an occupational name for a tile or brick maker or layer.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Ty, Tylor

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Comments and insights on the name Tyler: | Edit
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Personal experiences with the name Tyler: | Edit

My parents named me Tyler in 1969 so they were WAY ahead of their time. I remember as a young boy asking my mom what my name would be when I grew up to be a man....I assumed I would have to change it to Bill or Joe or something! I was the only Tyler I knew back in the 70's and 80's and now every other kid seems to be named Tyler. A great name but over-popular these days.

I was born in 1992, and my parents came up with my name (Tyler) thinking it would be unique and unusual. They didn't think many other people were naming their kids my name. However, it just so happens that the popularity of the name Tyler peaked in the early '90's for naming babies, which includes today all of my friends and classmates. Out of a high school of 265 people, I am one out of 8 Tylers, and it is often annoying when people shout or gossip about the name, for I never know which Tyler they are talking to/about.

My son's name is Tyler. He was born in 2002. I hadn't heard of a lot of people with that name at the time, but now I realize that it's pretty common and popular. I still thinks it's a good name and it seems to suit him. We mostly just call him Ty.

Like the previous person above, my son's name is Tyler, but he was born in 2010. While it is really common, I still love his name. He is named after my brother, Joseph Tyler, who died a few months before my son's birth in a car crash. My son's name was originally supposed to be Nicholas, but at the last minute we decided to go with Tyler in honor of my brother. My son's middle name is Andrew, a classic, biblical name that I just love.

My parents named me Tyler in 1999 and it seems to be a very popular name for my birthyear. Just in my grade alone there are about 11 Tylers not including myself!My best friends name is Tyler. We're even on the same baseball team. That's another thing I have noticed, a lot of baseball players names are Tyler including me.

My fiance is named Tyler but a lot of the time I end up calling him Ty. He was born in the late 80's. Something really funny is that the person above me seems to be correct! My Ty is a baseball player and played college baseball! He is an awesome guy super friendly, thoughtful, wise, intuitive, and funny! He's the kind of guy you call on when you need anything at all and he'll be there and he's always up for anything. I love him and I love the name Tyler! If he wasn't named Tyler or if I was okay with having a 'Tyler jr' then I would totally name our kid Tyler! But he is and I'm not so haha no. But anyways I love this name and would recommend it if your considering it for a baby name!

Nicknames for Tyler: | Edit

T Boy
Tyler Joseph
Cat Boy
Mr. T

Meanings and history of the name Tyler: | Edit

Tyler is an English (old English) word which means door keeper of an inn. It is also thought to be a derived occupational name derived from "tiler", one who makes tiles. It is used both as a surname and given name.
Among the earliest recorded use of the surname is from the 14th century.

Famous real-life people named Tyler: | Edit

-Tyler Bozak (born 1986), Canadian ice hockey player
-Tyler Brûlé (born 1968), Canadian journalist and magazine publisher
-Tyler Breeze, pro wrestler
-Tyler Butterfield (born 1983), Bermudian cyclist and triathlete
-Tyler Chatwood (born 1989), American baseball player
-Tyler Clippard (born 1985), American baseball player
-Tyler Colvin (born 1985), American baseball player
-Tyler Connolly (born 1975), Canadian vocalist and guitarist for rock band Theory of a Deadman
-Tyler Cowen (born 1962), American professor
-Tyler Curry (born 1983), American HIV activst
-Tyler Ennis (born 1989), Canadian ice hockey player
-Tyler Ennis (born 1994), Canadian basketball player
-Tyler Denk (born 1976), American male model
-Tyler Farrar (born 1984), American cyclist
-Tyler Florence (born 1971), American chef and television personality
-Tyler Flowers (born 1986), American baseball player
-Tyler Glenn (born 1983), lead singer and keyboardist of Neon Trees
-Tyler Hamilton (born 1971), American cyclist
-Tyler Hansbrough (born 1985), American basketball player
-Tyler Hilton (born 1983), American singer/songwriter/actor
-Tyler Hoechlin (born 1987), American actor (Plays Derek Hale on MTV's Teen Wolf.)
-Tyler Hughes (born 1981), Canadian professional soccer player
-Tyler Hubbard (born 1987), American singer/songwirter
-Tyler James (American musician)
-Tyler James (English musician)
-Tyler Joseph, An American musician in the band Twenty One Pilots
-Tyler Kennedy (born 1986), Canadian professional hockey player
-Tyler Matzek (born 1990), American baseball player
-Tyler Oakley (born 1989), American vlogger and advocate for gay youth
-Tyler Patmon (born 1991), American football player
-Tyler Patrick Jones (born 1994), actor from U.S. TV series Ghost Whisperer
-Tyler Perry (born 1969), American actor, filmmaker, television producer, songwriter, author
-Tyler Posey (born 1991), American actor and musician (Plays Scott McCall on MTV's Teen Wolf.)
-Tyler Seguin (born 1992), Canadian professional hockey player
-Tyler Skaggs, (born 1991), American baseball player
-Tyler Stinson (born 1986), American mixed martial artist
-Tyler Summitt (born 1990), American basketball coach
-Tyler Thomas (born 1990), American football player
-Tyler, The Creator (born 1991), rapper and record producer from Los Angeles
-Tyler Hoechlin, actor. (plays Derek Hale on MTV's Teen Wolf).
-Tyler Joseph, from the band Twenty One Pilots. singer and song writer, an artist
-Tyler Joseph, my God.

Tyler in song, story & screen: | Edit

-Tyler Crowley, from Stephenie Meyer's best-selling book Twilight
-Tyler Durden, from the novel Fight Club and the film adaptation
-Tyler Lockwood, from the TV show "Vampire Diaries"
-Tyler Sparks, from That's So Suite Life of Hannah Montana
-Tyler James, from the Disney TV show Dog with a Blog

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