Abigail Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: A-bi-gayl (key)

Origin of the name Abigail:

From the Hebrew Avigayil, which is derived from avigayil (father of exaltation, father is rejoicing). The name was borne in the Bible by one of the wives of King David. Tha name also took on the meaning of "a lady's maid," due in part to its use as the name of a maid in the play The Scornful Lady, by Beaumont and Fletcher, in 1616.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Abigail: | Edit

My name is Abigail, and I go by Abby -- the spelling I prefer, since it is the most traditional. I was born in 1979, and so most of the Abigail/Abbys I know are quite a bit younger than me. I've always liked my name because it was fairly uncommon when I was growing up, yet also familiar, and has a historical connotation in the U.S.

My name is Abigail. I don't really like it, but I'm generally called Abi. This seems like the most sensible spelling to me, because it's just Abigail with four letters taken off.

I love this name!

My name happens to be Abigail but I am known as Abby and I HATE it when people spell Abby "Abbi, Abbie, Abbye, or Abbiy." It's annoying.

My name is Abigail, my nickname is Abbie, and it makes me very unhappy when EVERYONE assumes that I spell it Abby! I guess we just wants our names spelled the way we own them. :)

Abigail is lovely, feminine and perfect across all ages which is rare. People oft try to shorten it and I always correct them and say it's far too beautiful of a name to diminish. If you are an Abigail, your parents did a wonderful job in choosing a beautiful name. You bring much joy to others!

Our daughter's name is Abigail Grace and we get a lot of compliments on her name. We like that it is a biblical name, but does not sound out of date or too old-fashioned.

My little sister is Abigail,but she goes by Abbie. Personally I think the ie gives it a much softer, feminine tone. I think the name is really pretty too.

I think it's a really nice name, especially for a girl with freckles.

As having this name all my life, I think it suits my half girly half tomboyish personality.

My name is Abigail!! My nicknames are Abby, Ab,Abs,and Abba. Most of the time i get called Abigail or Abby and sometimes Ab! I love my name but sometimes people misspell. Example (Abigale)

Personal experiences with the name Abigail: | Edit

My cousin just named her twins Abigail Michele and Max Anthony. Although I don't like michelle with only one "l", I really like the way "Max and Abby" sounds.

Inspired by the previous post, I am good friends with a pair of very nice twins named Abigail and Nathaniel, or Abby and Nate.

My name is Abigail. I really like it but hate being called Abby. When I introduce myself, people ask, "Do you go by Abigail or Abby?" I say, "Abigail," and then they call me Abby forever after! Almost everyone calls me Abby, no matter my preference. If I *must* be called Abby, then I like the truncated spelling Abi, as the full form Abigail has only one 'b' and no 'y's at all. Also, no one seems to be able to spell my name. The most common misspelling and valentines day images I see is Abagail.

One of my good friends is named Abigail, and she goes by Abbey. I love that she put a personal spin on her name.

Nicknames for Abigail: | Edit

Abby Cadabby

Meanings and history of the name Abigail: | Edit

This is the name of two women in the Bible, featured in the book of Samuel and the books of Chronicles. The more famous Abigail was one of the wives of King David, renowned for her wisdom and courage. The name Abigail means "father's joy" in Hebrew. The name more accurately means "The Father is Joyful", referring to the Judeo-Christian God and his joyful nature. Most Hebrew names show respect to the Father in heaven and rarely an attribute of a child. The Father's joy is demonstrated in his creation of a child.

Famous real-life people named Abigail: | Edit

Abigail Adams, First Lady, wife of John Adams and mother of John Quincy Adams
Abigail Breslin, actress
Abigail Rich, International Glamour model, Actress and Playboy Bunny
Abigail May Alcott, mother of Louisa May Alcott and model for "Marmee" in the novel Little Women.
Abigail Powers Fillmore, First Lady and wife of Millard Fillmore
Abigail van Buren, writer of Dear Abby column in newspapers
Abigail Williams, accuser in the Salem Witch Trials
Abigail and Brittany Hensel, conjoined twins
Abigail, third wife of King David (2 Samuel 3, The Bible)
Abbie Cobb, American actress

Abigail is a traditional name in the Hawaiian royal House of Kawananakoa. Among others, it has been borne by Princess Abigail Kapiolani, Princess Abigail Wahiikaahuula, High Chiefess Abigail Kuaihelani Maipinepine Kalaikini Campbell Parker, and the current heir to the throne, Princess Abigail Kinoiki Kekaulike III Kawānanakoa.

Abigail in song, story & screen: | Edit

"Abigail" song by Motionless In White
Abigail Wendover is the name of the heroine in "The Black Sheep" by Georgette Heyer
"Little Abigail and the Beautiful Pony," poem by Shel Silverstein
"Abigail," song by the Broken West
Abby Sciuto, character on the TV show NCIS
Abby Lockheart, character on the TV show ER
Abigail "Abby" Morgan, character on the TV series Dawson's Creek
Abby Cadabby, Fairy godmonster on Sesame Street
Abigail Bartlett, character on the TV series "The West Wing"
Abigail "Abby" Hayes, title character in Anne Mazer's "The Amazing Days of Abby Hayes" children's series
Abigail "Abby" Stevenson, character in "The Baby-Sitters Club"
Abigail "Abby" Goyer, character in Jill Williamson's "Replication: The Jason Experiment"
Abigail Williams, character in The Crucible

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