Aurora Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: oh-ROH-rə (key)

Origin of the name Aurora:

Derived from the Latin aurora (dawn). The name was borne by the Roman mythological goddess of dawn and by the princess in the popular fairy tale Sleeping Beauty.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Aurore, Rory

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Comments and insights on the name Aurora: | Edit

I knew a beautiful artistic woman named Aurora. Her name made her even more lovely. Unfortunately, I had a hard time saying her name. This name and Rory make me think of 30 Rock and the 'Rural Juror...'
Personally I think the name is beautiful, but the pronunciation is too awkward.

I think that a Canadian named Aurora would have a much easier time with the spelling. We add U's into quite a few words and the majority of our population is quite familiar with the word in the context of "Aurora Borealis."

Personal experiences with the name Aurora: | Edit

My niece's name is Aurora. She is kind, funny, talented, smart, and so very beautiful. Her middle name is Bella, so her name means "beautiful dawn" and I think it suits her. Her nickname is just "Rora"
She doesn't usually have problems with the name, most people can pronounce and spell it. She likes the Sleeping Beauty comments, but prefers the Aurora Borealis ones. I hope one day to get to witness it with her.
To me, the name is almost as beautiful as she is.

I love my name Aurora (: I get so many comments on how beautiful it is.

Recently I heard a young woman state this at a local store, "We changed her name to Aurora"

When I was growing up in the Philippines, I hated my name because it sounded so old and I couldn't have a cute nickname. I ended up with "Pinky" or "Au-au". I remember giving my mother quite a hard time for naming me, Aurora. Also, Aurora is quite a common name in the Philippines. It's the first name of the wife of President Manuel Quezon - so there's a town, province, major boulevard etc named after her. When I was in college, my foreign friends would ask if "Pinky" was my real name and when I replied, "No, it is actually Aurora", they recommended that I start using my real name. So when I left for the United States after graduation, I recalled their comments and began the new chapter in my life simply as "Aurora".
As an adult woman, I love my name - I've grown into it I get compliments about my name at least once a week! However, I find few people can actually spell it properly - the "U" is often left out.

I have also found the it is hard for people to spell my name correctly.

I chose to name my first daughter Aurora when I was in the 5th grade. Main reason because of it's uniqueness, there aren't many with the name (in my opinion) in the USA. When I first heard the name Rory I thought it was so ugly and it sounded like roar to me. now it's my daughters nickname and I LOVE it. I have definitely eaten my words!

I think the name Aurora is absolutely beautiful and chose it for my daughter for that reason and because it has historically not been as popular in the US. The only source of irritation with the name for me is that I would prefer that it's recognized as the Goddess of the Dawn, but more often I get, "Oh, that's Sleeping Beauty!" I'd prefer my daughter stay as far from the Disney princesses as possible and like the mythology reference much better than the Disney one. We call our daughter Rory and it suits her perfectly!

We chose to name our second daughter Aurora. It is a beautiful name and suits her to a t. I often would get the sleeping beauty comment but honestly must have been living under a rock as I had no idea this was her name till our Aurora came along. She gets called Rory or Ror most of the time. It is defiantly becoming more popular in Australia and people always comment to me what a pretty name it is.

Nicknames for Aurora: | Edit

Aura, Aury/Aurie, Ro, Rory/Rori, Rora, Au-au, Roar-Roar, Ratz, Arrie, Rors/Rorsie

Meanings and history of the name Aurora: | Edit

Roman goddess of the dawn. The Greek goddess equivalent is Eos.

"Aurora borealis" means northern lights, "aurora australis" the same phenomenon in the southern hemisphere. To "see the aurora" refers to seeing this typically winter-time display of breathtaking beauty in the night sky. The beauty of the aurora borealis has contributed to the popularity of this name in the state of Alaska, where the aurora can frequently be seen.

Famous real-life people named Aurora: | Edit

Aurora Cunha, Portuguese long-distance runner
Aurora Karamzin, Finnish philanthropist
Aurora Robles, Mexican model
Aurora "Rory" Block, American musician
Elder daughter of Robyn Brown, from TLC's Sister Wives
Aurora Perrineau, American actress and daughter of actor Harold Perrineau
Aurora Aksnes, known mononymously as Aurora, Norwegian singer-songwriter

Aurora in song, story & screen: | Edit

Aurora De Martel is a main character in the CW's show " The Originals."
Princess Aurora was the real name of Disney's Sleeping Beauty (she went incognita as "Briar Rose").
Aurora is a song by Italian singer Eros Ramazzotti.
Aurora Greenway, lead character in Terms of Endearment, played by Shirley MacLaine.
Cities in Colorado and Illinois - the latter of which was the prominent setting for the SNL movie Wayne's World.
Aurora is a song from The Foo Fighter's There Is Nothing Left to Lose album.
Aurora Zogoiby is a character in Salman Rushdie's novel, The Moor's Last Sigh.
Aurora Aceveda, a fictional character in the television series The Shield
Aurora is the female lead in the 1993 Tony winner for Best Musical, Kiss of the Spider Woman. The show includes the song Her Name is Aurora.
Aurora Teagarden is the main character in Charlaine Harris's book series, The Aurora Teagarden Mysteries
Aurora is a Bjork's song in the Vespertine Album .

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