Caitlin: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Caitlin


Pronunciation: KAYT-lin, kaht-LEEN (key)

Origin of the name Caitlin:

Borrowed from the Irish, Caitlin is a variant of CaitrÍona, the Gaelic form of Catherine (pure, unsullied). Var: Caitlyn, Catelin, Catelyn, Kaitlin, Kaitlyn, Katelin, Katelyn, Katelynn.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Cait, Caitlyn, etc., Kaitlyn, Kaitlynn, Katelyn

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Comments and insights on the name Caitlin: | Edit

This is the traditional Irish spelling of the name, but I've encountered:

Ireland pronounced KOTCH-leen and is the Irish for Kathleen

Personal experiences with the name Caitlin: | Edit

My name is Caitlin and I guess the only thing that sometimes annoys me is constantly running into people who tell me how "unique" my spelling of it is. Sometimes I just say "thank you" and keep moving but occasionally I inform people that Caitlin is the traditional (ie correct) way to spell it and Kaitlyn, Catelyn, Caitlyn, etc. are all variations of the original. Not that I necessarily mind the alternate spelling variations but I think more people should know that Caitlin is the original and correct spelling.

One thing I would advise parents who are thinking the name Caitlin for their daughter to think about is how commonly this name is misspelled. There are over 25 ways to spell the name and when giving your name over the phone (or introducing yourself, whatever) the chance of the other person picking the right spelling is about 10-20%.

Now I know to some this doesn't seem like such a big deal but consider having to send your college diploma back to be reprinted because the university misspelled your first name (which happened to me), friends trying to search for you on social networking sites and having to put in about 10 different spellings just to find you and having to constantly spell your name out for strangers.

My name is Caitlin and I love it! It's a popular name, but nobody ever spells it this way. I always get irritated when people ask me my name and then proceed to spell it with a K or a Y or both. I always have to correct them. I've actually just started giving up. I always have to spell out my full name because nobody ever gets my last name right either. But I don't let that get to me because I love the sense that my name is spelled the "right way" and especially that it's Irish!

My family has a lot of Irish in them. My mother's name was Catherine, and she didn't like it very much, so if I'd had a daughter and wanted to name her after my mother, I would've liked to name her Caitlin (the Irish version of Catherine).

I'm called Caitlin and I have gotten compliments in the past from people saying it's 'pretty' and I quite like it myself, but the main thing is that people can occasionally spell it wrong (variants I've had are: Katelyn, Catlin,Caitlain) -so now I go by the nickname 'Kate' which is much easier to use when meeting new people as they seem to remember it more easily. But overall, I do love my name very much.

Nicknames for Caitlin: | Edit


Meanings and history of the name Caitlin: | Edit

Irish Gaelic form of Kathleen, a variant of Katherine, meaning "pure".

Famous real-life people named Caitlin: | Edit

Caitlin Davies, English-born author
Caitlin Flanagan, American writer and social critic
Caitlin MacNamara, wife of Welsh poet and writer Dylan Thomas
Caitlin Matthews, co-author with John Matthews of the Encyclopedia of Celtic Myth and Legend
Caitlin Moran, British journalist and columnist
Caitlin R. Kiernan, Irish-born dark fantasy and sci-fi author
Caitlin Cahow, American ice hockey player
Caitlin McClatchey, Scottish swimmer
Caitlyn Carruthers, American figure skater
Kaitlin Sandeno, American swimmer
Caitlin O'Riordan, Irish singer

Caitlin in song, story & screen: | Edit

Caitlin, character in the second season of Heroes
Caitlin Atkins, character from Australian television series Neighbours
Caitlin Bree, character from 1994 movie Clerks
Caitlin Cooke, a character from the show 6teen
Caitlin Fairchild, character from the comic Gen¹³
Caitlin Pike, character from U.S. television series JAG
Caitlin Ryan, character from the Degrassi television series
Caitlin Todd, character from U.S. television series NCIS
Caitlyn Goodwin, fictional character from American dub of the Japanese anime series Ojamajo Doremi
Kaitlin Cooper, character from U.S. television series The O.C.
Caitlin Ramirez, a character from The Bold and the Beautiful
Kaitlin Joyce, character from Canadian television series and novel jPod
Catelyn Stark, a character from A Game of Thrones by George R. R. Martin
Caitlin O'Koren was the main character in Sarah Dessen's novel "Dreamland"
"Caitlin's Way", short-lived Nickelodeon TV series

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