Emily Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: EH-mə-lee (key)

Origin of the name Emily:

English cognate of the Latin Aemilia, which is from Aemilius, an old Roman family name probably derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel, rival).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Emily: | Edit

I like the name itself, but I know some rude Emilys (4 to be exact) so that just completely puts me off the name.

It sounds like bells ringing

Emily and Miley are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

I have always pictured a runny nose when I hear the name Emily. I couldn't understand why anyone would name their child this; like how could someone find this name appealing?

My name is Emily. I have never tired of it. Growing up I never met another Emily until I was 17. The only nick name I will answer to, is Em. Hate all others. It really is too bad it became so popular in the 90's; it has been over used. I like good, uncommon, names.

Well, I would rather have a popular name than a weird name that everybody laughs at.

I have an awful name and I am probably the only one in the world with this name! I got ridiculed so much at school that I insisted everybody call me (a nickname). If I have a daughter I will name her the most popular name of her generation, so she won't be teased and tormented.

My name is Emily, but it's a pretty common name and I'm always referred to as "the other Emily" which is pretty annoying

In one of the V. C. Andrews series (the Dawn series) there was an evil character named Emily Booth, who locked unwed pregnant girls in the attic and made them have their babies without any help from a doctor. Emily Booth was the older sister of Lillian (Booth) Cutler, who started out as a nice person but became the evil grandmother.

Personal experiences with the name Emily: | Edit

I live in Donegal (Northern Ireland) and I know so many Emilys at school, but majority of them are sweet caring girls.

My name is Emily. Parents, do your kid a favor don't name your girl Emily. There are so many of us. I have stopped turning around when people say Emily because most of the time it's for some other girl nearby. It's a great name but way over used.

I agree.

Just like Jennifer!
My name is Emily. I love the name. My name was actually chosen by my mother when it wasn't popular at all (she was about 6 or 7 and in the early 70s) and it's a real shame that it's so popular now. The year I was born it was #1 in my state - at least. There are 4 girls in my grade alone with my name.

My best friend's name is Emily. She was born at the height of its popularity in our country (Australia), yet she has only had to use her surname initial once in her whole life, which is kind of unusual. She's a very pretty, friendly and smart girl, so I have nothing but positive thoughts on the name!

My name is Emily, though I am considering changing it because of the popularity (there's a girl who lives a block away from me with the exact same name as me, last name and all). I will however be keeping it in my stage name.

My mother is named Emily Ann. It has a good sound to it.

I am named after my Nonno Emilio. He thought it was a stupid name to call a child until everyone told him I was named after him. Changed his tune pretty quickly after that. My middle name is Katherine, I love my name and I go by Em or Emi as nicknames. I have only ever known 2 other Emilys in my life, and one of them is a really close friend, so I suppose the name isn't all that common in my age group. I've never had a problem with my name, though I do get quite a few excited English teachers because my last name is the same as William Faulkner, who wrote "A Rose for Emily".

I know a girl named Emily, Shes the most disgusting human being on this Earth, and the name doesn't help.

My name is Emily, the only thing I like about my name is that my dad chose it, honestly would rather a different name, but you get what you're given and I mean I don't hate the name, I just dislike everyone with it.

My name is Emily. While it is sometimes annoying to have such a common name, overall I do like it because I never have to worry about people mispronouncing it or misspelling it. I would rather have a common name than a super unique one, because many of my friends have unique names, and always have to correct people. When my parents were choosing my name, they considered giving me a unique spelling (like Emilie or Emilee) but then decided against it. In retrospect, my parents and I are both glad they chose the normal spelling. I think Emily is a solid choice for your baby's name, especially since it's becoming less popular.

Nicknames for Emily: | Edit

Em, Emmy, Emmie or Emi, Emmuls, Embers, Emmers, Emmy Lou, Ezzy, Emsie, Emgem, Emily-Bemily, Ly, Lee, Mil, Milly, Millie, Mia, Emmalina, Emma Emily-Belly,Emmerdy, Emmy Em,Emlee

Meanings and history of the name Emily: | Edit

Industrious; hardworking (German).

Emulating; rival (Latin).

Babynamesworld.com: From the Latin Aemilia, a derivative of Aemilius, an old Roman family name believed to be derived from aemulus (trying to equal or excel, emulating, rival).

Another explanation concerning the meaning of the name could point in the direction of Amalia and its Greek origin of aimulos (friendly, tender).

Emily has been the number one name for girls in the US for the last ten years, and has also ranked high in the UK, landing in the 4th spot in 2007. It is also popular in Australia and New Zealand.

Named after a cow.

Comes from Aemilius, the character in Roman mythology who tried to prevent the birth of the twins Romulus and Remus and later left them to die before they were found by Lupa.

Famous real-life people named Emily: | Edit

Emily Deschanel, American actress
Emily Dickinson, past American poet
Emily Procter, American actress
Emily Blunt, English actress
Emily Pfalzer, professional hockey player (Buffalo Beauts)
Emily Osment, American actress
Emily DiDonato, American supermodel
Emily "Emma" Stone, American actress
Emily Chase, daughter of actor Chevy Chase
Emily is Camp, Canadian actress
Emily Watson, English character actress
Emily Browning, Australian actress
Emily Mortimer, English actress
Emily Bronte, past English novelist and poet, author of "Wuthering Heights," sister of Charlotte and Anne Bronte
Emily Post, past American author on etiquette
Emily Pankhurst, past English suffragette leader
Emily Nobhouse, past English welfare campaigner
Emily Hughes, American figure skater champion
Emily Carr, Canadian artist
Emily Barton, American novelist
Emily Kame, Aboriginal Australian artist.
Emily Watters, American novelist
Emily VanCamp, a Canadian actress that stars in the popular drama TV show "Revenge"
Emily Kinney, mostly known for her role as Beth Green in The Walking Dead, also a singer.
Emily Smyth, commonly known for the phrase 'At least you're not Emily Smyth' and 'Bad luck again Emily' (b. 2000)
Emily Grace Stanley (b. 2011), daughter of American musician, singer, songwriter, and painter Paul Stanley

Emily in song, story & screen: | Edit

Emily, from Tim Burton's "Corpse Bride"
"Emily," song by Lady Antebellum
Emily Prentiss, character on Criminal Minds, played by Paget Brewster
Emily, Minnesota (city)
Emily Elizabeth in Clifford, The Big Red Dog
"The Americanization of Emily," 1964 film starring Julie Andrews
"See Emily Play," song by Pink Floyd
"For Emily, Whenever I May Find Her," song by Simon & Garfunkel
"A Rose for Emily" famous short story by William Faulkner
"A Rose for Emily" song by The Zombies
"Emily," song by Bowling For Soup
"Emily," From First to Last
"Emily of Deep Valley," book by Maud Hart Lovelace
"Emily of New Moon" (and others) books by L.M. Montgomery
"Look Through My Window" book by Jean Little
Miss Emily, character on "The Waltons"
Emily Bowen Quartermaine, a character on the soap opera ''General Hospital''
Emily Webb in "Our Town"
Emily Rose "The Exorcism of Emily Rose"
Emily in "Thomas the Tank Engine"
Emily Eyefinger, a book about a girl with an eye on her finger
Emily the Strange, cartoon character and merchandising mascot
Emily Kmetko from the TV show "Make It or Break It"
Emily (1976 film)
Emily Fields from the TV show/book series "Pretty Little Liars"
Emily Hartley from "The Bob Newhart Show"
Emily Thorne from the popular TV drama "Revenge"
Emily Young from Stephanie Meyer's "Twilight" series. She is the alpha Sam Uley's imprint and fiance as well as a mother figure to the Quileute Wolves.
Emily Andrade, who plays Edna Mode, Head of the Gadgets, Gear, and Suits Department for the MLA in the movie "Where is Like Lemons"
"Emily" song by Mika

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