Emma Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: EH-mə (key)

Origin of the name Emma:

Variant of the Germanic Erma, which originated as a short form of any of the various names containing the element erm(en) or irm(en) (strength).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

Related Names:

Ema, Emme

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Comments and insights on the name Emma: | Edit

Emma and Mame are anagrams of each other; they contain the same letters.

Good but too popular.

I named my daughter Emma in the mid 90s after Emma Peel from the 1960s TV show. It exploded because of the TV show Friends which named that baby Emma 10 years later. Guess I was a trend setter. Hate that it’s so popular now.

There was a girl in my high school named Emma, and I found myself feeling such pity for her. I assumed she must have been named after her great-grandmother. I still can't believe how much this name's popularity exploded, it is phonetically horrible! It sounds like a grunt!

I don't really like this name, and I can't understand why it became so popular. I don't think it's very pretty. To me it sounds like the name of an old lady who lives on a farm!

It reminds me of the word ENEMA!

My name is Emma, but it drives me insane when there are 30something American characters on TV shows or movies, named Emma. I'm 31, and I'm the oldest Emma I know. When I was little, before the resurgence boom, people used to ask me if it was short for something all of the time.

My name is Emma and I love it so much. Emmas in literature are often feisty, rebellious, and outgoing, like Jane Austen's Emma Woodhouse or Emma Bloom the peculiar child. I am named after my great-grandmother. My own mother thinks the name is plain, but I don't at all. I think it sounds rebellious, like I'm someone out of control! My middle name is Angelina after the Bob Dylan song. I hate being called Emily because THAT sounds plain. I am so glad to be named Emma.

Personal experiences with the name Emma: | Edit

I think Emma has a beautiful ring to it. Some people may say it's common, but in all honesty, I've only ever met one girl named Emma, and I didn't even know her that well. Even then, just because something is common doesn't mean it's a bad thing: maybe it's that way for a reason.

I've heard of so many Emma's.

I have a friend named Emma and her sisters name is Sarafoonie

My Name is Emma and I wish it wasn't. I really hate just being one of many, there were 4 Emma's in my primary School grade of 40. I barley respond to my name now, because its probably not me they're calling to. I'm 19 and I'd change my name, but my parents love it so much.

The new Jennifer!

I'm proud to admit that's my name, because it's a very beautiful name.

My sister is named Emma. I love the name, and anyone with that name will surely be unforgettable. Maybe when I have children I'll name one of the girls Emma so they can have a truly beautiful name and also named after my sister.

There's a real cute girl named Emma on Bates Motel.

My name is Emma. I'm blessed to have that name. To me it symbolizes beauty and sophistication. A lot of people at my school don't have that name, so in a way it's unique. It'll always be unique to me anyways.

My 3 year old sisters name is Emma and she is adorable. It is a very sophisticated name and it is a beautiful name whoever thinks it isn't doesn't know what they are missing

I have a good friend named Emma. I call her Lu sometimes.

My name is Emma, and my whole life I have loved it. When my mom was growing up, she loved the name Emma, too. She loved it so much that she decided that she would name her first baby girl Emma. I am that girl, though not a baby any longer. (Thank goodness) I was born in 1999, right when the name Emma became popular again, so that was interesting. I have only met a few other Emmas in my life. It's really cool, though, because most of the really old ladies named Emma are gone, so I'm now classified as one of the older Emmas. My middle name is Kaye, after my aunt and grandmother on my mom's side. I love the name Emma Kaye, it's so smooth on your tongue. Go ahead, try it. :) I have only had a couple nicknames, and the ones that have stuck are Em and M&M. (Like the candy.) I have been called on occasion Emma Watson. My siblings are named Kate Jaena, Lauren Grace and Claire Evelyn.

My name is Emma. This name is SUPER popular, I know 3 other Emmas just in my grade. I've always thought names like Emily were beautiful, and I like the sound of my name, and how it's old-fashioned, and the meaning, etc. The only thing I don't like about it is the popularity. I wish when I introduced myself I said a name that they'd never heard before, and they were taken a back, like, "wow, that's really pretty." So, being a name-lover, over the years I've collected some alternatives of Emma, including: Emily (not much less popular), Emery/Emory, Emme/Emmi/Emmy, Emerson, Emerald, Emmalynn, Emmeline, Emmanuelle or even Emmette, all for girls. Other kind of similar names include Esme, Evelyn, Eleanor and (I know this is random but it has the exact same vibe as Emma), Celia. My advice if you're considering naming your daughter Emma, is: use a less popular alternative, and please don't just do use in new year quotes / new year wishes

I have a younger sister named Emma and I call her Emmiie spelt like that its original, you know since emma is such a popular name. Our uncle also calls her M&M she likes that a lot.


My name is Emma and I LOVE the name and I recommend it. I am glad that I am called Emma because it is a wonderful name. My mum calls me Emmy, and my cousins call me Em, and my sister Heidi calls me M&M because my last name begins with N and if you say Emma N really fast it sounds like M&M. I am glad that I am called Emma because it is a wonderful name

This is my name and although I like it I wish I had a more memorable name there are just so many Emma's that even my teachers forget it's my name and call me Emily instead :( Not only that I constantly think people are calling me in shops when they are actually calling someone else.... I live my name but I wouldn't recommend it as it's way too popular and all the Emma's just become one in the same because of this

My name is Emma, and although I'm attached to it and I won't ever change it, I don't really like it. I'm actually named after one of my mom's closest friends from highschool who was born in the '70's when Emma was uncommon. Because of this, my mom named me Emma thinking it would be a unique name. Apparently many other people had the same thought, because I was born in the late '90's, which was right when Emma made a comeback. I know many, many other Emma's, and I also have the same problem with not responding to my name in public because I assume people aren't talking to me. However, having an extremely common name isn't all bad. I have quite a few friends named Emma, and when I pass them at school it's quite fun to call out "Emma!" and have someone else respond "Emma!" It's like a moment of mutual Emma appreciation, and it's also hilarious.

I am so in love with this name! I can't wait to name my own child Emma even if it is popular, it's a beautiful name!

I have a girl in a class of mine named "Emma Smith," and I feel so bad for her. There's definitely going to be a time in her life where she's going to be called Emma P. Smith or whatever her middle initial is or, even worse, Short Emma Smith or White Emma Smith or something to that effect. It's a shame Emma is so popular, since it is pretty and all, but if you have a common last name like Smith or Jones or Johnson, pretty please don't name your daughter Emma! Even worse if she has a really common middle name like Marie or Lynn.

When I was a child there was a comic strip in the paper called "Moon Mullins". There was a woman in the strip named Emma Plushbottom, but all the characters in the strip called her Emmy. Doing research on the strip years later, I found that Emma Plushbottom was originally Emmy Schmaltz, who ran a boarding house. She married Lord Plushbottom and thereupon because Emmy Plushbottom. Her husband was the only one who called her Emma, all the other characters called her Emmy. Emmy's favorite exclamation was "I'll smack your sassy face!"

A good friend of mine is named Emma, but she doesn’t act like all the typical Emmas.

I love the name Emma! I think it sounds particularly good with the sibling name Nut-nut.

Nicknames for Emma: | Edit


Meanings and history of the name Emma: | Edit

All-containing; universal; complete

Famous real-life people named Emma: | Edit

Emma Blackery, YouTuber
Emma Bolger, Irish Actress
Emma Caulfield, American Actress
Emma Heming-Willis, model and wife of actor Bruce Willis
Emma Lazarus, American Poet
Emma Rigby, English Actress
Emma Roberts, American actress
Emma Stone, American Actress
Emma Thompson, English actress
Emma Bunton, British singer, aka Baby Spice of the Spice Girls
Emma Watson, British Actress (Hermione Granger)

Emma in song, story & screen: | Edit

Emma Swan, character in Once Upon a Time
"For Emma, Forever Ago" by Bon Iver
"Emma", Jane Austen novel, from which the movie Clueless is based on
"Emma Rose," song by Kate Wolf
"Emma," song by Hot Chocolate
"Emma", song by Alkaline Trio
Emma Bovary, title character in Gustave Flaubert's "Madame Bovary"
Emma Peel, main character and mod style icon from TV adventure series "The Avengers" (played by Diana Rigg)
Emma Geller-Green: Ross and Rachel's daughter on the TV show Friends
Emma, a 1996 movie directed by Douglas McGrath
Emma (Emmy) Schmaltz, owner and operator of a boarding house in the Moon Mullins comic, who married Lord Plushbottom and became Emmy Plushbottom
Emma Nelson: character from the TV show 'Degrassi: The Next Generation'
"Big Leg Emma" a song by Frank Zappa
Emma Pillsbury, from the Fox show Glee
Emma Skye, the Ace Attorney Series
Emma, a fictional Tonkinese kitty character in the story Adventure Wonders
Emma Hawthorne, one of the main characters in "The Mother-Daughter Book Club"
Emma Nelson, main character in "The Future of Us" by Jay Asher and Carolyn Mackler
Emma Carstairs, main character in The Dark Artifices series by Cassandra Clare
Emma Duval, main character in the MTV TV Series "Scream"
Emma Frost from the X-Men comics
Emma Bloom, feisty fire-fingered peculiar child

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