Jenna Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JEH-nə (key)

Origin of the name Jenna:

A pet form of Jennifer, a Cornish derivation of Guinevere, which is from the Welsh Gwenhwyfar (fair lady), a compound name composed from the elements gwen, gwyn (white, fair, blessed) and hwyfar (smooth, soft).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Jenna: | Edit

My name is Jenna and I was born in 1975. I had lived all over the world due to my dad's job and never met another person growing up with my name. My name was often mispronounced and I was called Gina, Jana, and the worst was Jenny because we had a dog for 12 years with that name and people would mix us up.

I remember once in a high school coed gym class the strict male coach looked at my name on the clipboard and called me Gina, when I corrected him he stated that obviously my parents didn't spell my name right because Jenna wasn't pronounced how I stated. The other kids laughed and he called me Gina the rest of the year. Pricilla Presley's character on Dallas throughout the 80s was named Jenna and it still didn't help people pronounce my name correctly.

I didn't meet another Jenna until I was an adult, both coworkers at different jobs, and both were shortened nicknames of their real name Jennifer. Now I'm a nurse and one of the names I have been called, especially by elderly patients, is Jenner. Apparently with some hard of hearing patients they mishear my name as Jenner and they immediately start talking about Bruce/Caitlyn Jenner. Ugh! Throughout my adult life I've met some "real" Jenna's, though they are generally much younger than me, seems the name became more popular in the 90s for babies.

Personal experiences with the name Jenna: | Edit

My name is Jenna and I was born in 1996. Growing up in a small-ish town I didn't know a ton of Jennas, but there were two other Jennas in my grade in highschool and I've met at least ten new Jennas since beginning university in the fall. If you're looking for a truly unique name, you probably shouldn't choose Jenna.

Nobody ever had any problems pronouncing my name, however, I did suffer the same woes as other commenters.

1. A lot of people accidentally spell my name Gina or Genna, especially my Italian relatives, not a big deal really, but something to consider.
2. It is hard to find a cute nickname for Jenna, as the only option is Jen, and people always assumed that Jenna was just a nickname for Jennifer anyway.
3. My last name is Lee, so along with answering to Genitals, Genocide, etc., I also had to deal with Generally, and General Lee (In history class especially). A lot of words begin with "Jenna" in sound, and it is probably my biggest pet peeve about my name.
4. The meaning is sort of weird. In some books and websites it says it is white and soft or something like that, but on others it means little bird, not really inspiring meanings.
Overall, I don't mind the name Jenna. I just sort of wish my parents had gotten a little more creative.

My name is Jenna and I love my's not so common that everyone knows like 5 Jennas but it is common enough for people to be able to pronounce it correctly. I never have gotten called any mean names from the name Jenna. A lot of people compliment on my name....My middle name is Michele which I think flows very nicely...if you need some ideas(: I do get asked if my name is short for Jennifer but not too often. Very rarely is my name misspelled. I would completely recommend naming your daughter Jenna.

I like my name, not very common growing up, but people could still pronounce it. However, if you are thinking of naming your daughter Jenna, just be aware of the things she will have to endure.
#1 People we ALWAYS ask if her name is short for anything. ALWAYS. And trust me, it gets annoying.
#2 In school and life, people will say many words that in the beginning sound like the name Jenna. For example, if someone is talking about the bible and say Genesis, your daughter will turn her head as if someone called her name. This is because the name Jenna is pronounced in the word genesis. and this happens with A LOT of words.
#3 In school, people will call her weird nicknames as a joke, but they are NOT funny. For example, genocide, genitals, generous, and genesis. Even though those words are spelled with a "G" and Jenna is spelled with a "J", they will STILL call her it.
#4 People will always shorten the name, without the girl's permission, and call her "Jen."
#5 People will commonly misspell Jenna as "Gina," even though it's not pronounced with a g.
#6 People ask me why I don't just go by Jennifer...well, because my name is NOT Jennifer.

My name is Jenna... re: the last post, I was never called Gina,genocide, genitals, generous, OR genesis - So the "they will STILL call her it" comment.. isn't necessarily true.
When I was young and played on a softball team, my team mates would call me 'generator' to cheer me on.. but it was funny, and not in a teasing way.
I do get asked sometimes if my name is short for Jennifer, but not very often.
I get complimented on my name quite a bit - I really like it. It's a nice name for a girl, and it looks nice in handwriting too :)

I go by Jenna as a nickname for Janelle. I think it's a wonderful name, both strong and beautiful! Occasionally people will shorten it to Jen, which always makes me laugh (a nickname for my nickname), but I have never had trouble with teasing.

I'm a Jenna and I was born in 2000. My 2 best friends were both Gemma's, so people always confused us. We even looked a bit alike. I've always disliked my name because I think it sounds kind of masculine and old-fashioned. But apart from the way it sounds, I kind of like it because I've never met anyone else with the same name and nobody has told me that they know another Jenna. It's unique. But I'm ALWAYS getting asked if it's short for something, like Jennifer or Jenny. But the good thing about my name is that it goes with practically any middle name. My aunt's gotten into the habit of giving me a new middle name every time I see her and it always matched my first name perfectly, no matter how dumb it is.

My name is Jenna and I'm constantly being asked if it's short for Jennifer or Janelle. I've been nicknamed Jenners, Jen, Jen-Jen, J and Jenna Benner, but never Jenny, which I'm glad about. Jenny is too common and I don't like it.

My name is Jenna but I have never had anyone make any mean names out of my name. I am sometimes called jenn or jenn-jenn. I like my name because it is not to commen. I know one other person named Jenna which is good. Jenna is a really nice name to name a little girl. Also my middle name is Skye. I think Jenna and Skye go good together.

Nicknames for Jenna: | Edit

Jen, Jennie, Jenny, Jay-Jay, Jenners, Jay

Meanings and history of the name Jenna: | Edit

Jenna means 'Small Bird' It is elegant and graceful.

Famous real-life people named Jenna: | Edit

Jenna McDougall- Tonight Alive
She's awesome
Jenna Elfman, American actress
Jenna Fischer, American actress
Jenna Ushkowitz, American actress
Jenna Dewan-Tatum, American actress
Jenna Bush, daughter of US President George Bush
Jenna Mourey/Marbles, Majestical internet superstar
Jenna Randall, Olympic Synchronised Swimmer
Jenna Valenzuela - Dancer & Youtuber
Jenna Ortega - American Actress
Jenna Ezarik, YouTuber
Jenna Joseph- Wife of the lead singer of twenty øne piløts, Tyler Joseph

Jenna in song, story & screen: | Edit

Jenna Avid, Baywatch Hawaii character
Jenna, a character in the video game series Golden Sun
Jenna, an animated character in the Balto film series
Jenna Stannis, a character in the British science fiction television series Blake's 7
Jenna, the leading character of the Magyk novel series by Angie Sage
Jenna Maroney, 30 Rock character
Jenna Wade, Dallas character
Jenna Rink, 13 going on 30 protagonist
Jenna Morgan, a character in the PBS animated television series Arthur
Jenna Marshall is enemy of Alison in Pretty Little Liars
Jenna Sommers, Elena and Jeremy's aunt on The Vampire Diaries

Jenna Hamilton, main character in Awkward
Jenna Middleton, a character on Canadian television show Degrassi

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