Jenny Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JEH-nee (key)

Origin of the name Jenny:

Originally a pet form of Jennifer (fair lady), Jenny is now bestowed as an independent given name.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Jenny: | Edit

Jenny is a short, sweet, classic, simple, beautiful name for a baby girl. Pronounced Jen-ee.

Personal experiences with the name Jenny: | Edit

A really great friend of mine's name is Jenny. And that isn't short for Jennifer or anything. Her name is actually Jenny. I actually happen to love her name, too, I think it's sweet-sounding and beautiful. Her and her sisters all have really short, brief, sweet, beautiful names, and I love them all. Jenny truly is a gorgeous name, seriously. It's uncommon and unusual, too! reason why?? Because most Jennys are actually "Jennifer"s or something like that. Jenny itself as a name is really rare in The United States of America! And it is beauty. <3 =)
The name Jenny was most popular in 2014. It started being very popular in summer 2014, (summer holidays) . It was holiday top's best know name at that time, the most people coming into the holiday top water park had that name.

My mom's name is Jenny. Just Jenny. She is one of the best cooks ever(other than her dad) and she is beautiful. She is kind and loyal and true and funny and smart. I love the name Jenny. I might name one of my kids Jenny for a middle name.

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Meanings and history of the name Jenny: | Edit

Meanings of the name "Jenny".

White wave.

White wave.

Fair and yielding.

God has been gracious; fair and yielding.
Fact: A feminine form of John.

Famous real-life people named Jenny: | Edit

Jenny Agutter (born 1952), English actress
Jennifer Aniston (born 1969), American actress
Jenny Berggren, (born 1972), Swedish singer
Jennie Bimson (born 1976), English field hockey player
Jennie Bond (born 1950), royal correspondent for the BBC
Jennie Breeden, main character and creator of The Devil's Panties
Jenny Craig (born 1932), American weight loss guru, founder of Jenny Craig, Inc.
Jenni Falconer (born 1976), Scottish television presenter
Jenny Frost (born 1978), British singer and television presenter
Jenny Gal (born 1969), Dutch-Italian judoka
Jennifer Garner (born 1972), American actress
Jennie Garth (born 1972), American actress
Jenni Trent Hughes, American relationships expert
Jenny Karezi, Greek film and stage actress
Jenny Lewis, (born 1976), American singer, lead singer of indie rock band Rilo Kiley
Jenny Lind, world-famous Swedish opera singer of the 19th century
Jennifer Lopez (born 1969), American singer and actress
Jenny McCarthy (born 1972), American model and comedian
Jenni Meno, American skater
Jenni Murray (born 1950), British broadcaster
Jenny Pavley (born 1976), American beach volleyball player
Jennifer Serrano, Spanish singer better known as Jenny
Jenny Shepherd (born 1972), New Zealand field hockey player
Jenny von Westphalen, (1814-1881) wife of Karl Marx
Jenny Whittle (born 1973), Australian basketball player
Jenny Wolf (born 1979), German ice speed skater

Jenny in song, story & screen: | Edit

"Jenny Jenkins," American folk song
"Jenny," by the Click Five
"Jenny," song by Paolo Nutini
"Jenny" a song by the Mountain Goats
"Jenny Take A Ride" a song by Mitch Ryder & the Detroit Wheels
"867-5309 (Jenny)", song by Tommy Tutone
"Photo Jenny", song by UK band Belle and Sebastian
"Jenny Was a Friend of Mine", song by the Killers
"Jenny You're Barely Alive", song by Rilo Kiley
"Jenny", song by Chicago from the album Chicago VI
"Jenny Jenny", song by Little Richard from the album Here's Little Richard
"Jenny from the Block", 2002 song by Jennifer Lopez
"Jenny take a ride", song by The Detroit Wheels from the album Take a Ride
"Pirate Jenny", song from The Threepenny Opera by Bertolt Brecht and Kurt Weill
Jenny, 2003 EP by Stellastarr*
Jenny, sitcom featuring Jenny McCarthy
Jenny, 1970 TV movie starring Alan Alda and Marlo Thomas
Jenny XJ9, fictional humanoid character from the show, My Life as a Teenage Robot
Jenny, a character from the Doctor Who episode, The Doctor's Daughter

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