Joy Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: JOY (key)

Origin of the name Joy:

Taken from joy (delight, great pleasure, joy), which is derived from the Middle English and Old French joie (joy).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Joy: | Edit

This name seems to have slipped in popularity in recent years. But my sister (who is named Joy) says she encounters more Joys of Asian ancestry than otherwise.

LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE THIS NAME! ONE OF MY VERY FAVORITES! So simple and beautiful, with a happy, peaceful meaning.

I like this as a middle name because it's lovely, but too vulnerable to mockery. I may give it as such to a daughter if I have another.

Personal experiences with the name Joy: | Edit

As a kid and teen I was annoyed by the adage, "well it's a joy to meet you" and the yearly onslaught of decorations, like ornaments, that I'd receive as Christmas gifts. At 31, I still get a little put off when people assume it is short for Joyce and I choose to clarify, "nope, just Joy". I think it's sort of nuts to expect anyone named Joy must always be joyful, that's something anyone can be or not be, unrelated to their name. However what's more accurate to say is that lots of people seem to think they have the right to presume your personality because your name is Joy. I love my name, I was a preemie and I was named after the nurse in the NICU that took great care of me.

Almost every Joy I've ever met has been anything but joyful. They tend to be spiteful and embittered. And they really don't like it if you point out how ironic it is that their name is Joy.

Yes! That's exactly my experiences!

You are unlucky. I live in UK, born 1975. Have rarely met other Joys. But most people I meet comment on the fact they think it's a great name. I've never had any negative coments about the name. It's unusual but clearly positive. No need to ever spell out! As people in general love the word many items can be bought with name on it, particularly around Xmas! I do enjoy life and laugh a lot and am always told I suit my name, live up to my name etc. Even as a baby I was a bundle if Joy!

Amazing, I only know one Joy. She is a miserable lady. Very sad to me to see. Spiteful and angry.

Wow! I'm sorry to hear that. My name is Joy and I have been known as "joyful" most of my life. People nicknamed me "Joyful" and "Joyous" at the many different schools I attended. It probably helped that people would start singing "Joy to the World" (both versions) when they met me. Most people say that I'm appropriately named. I always had a hard time identifying with other girls though. My name wasn't like all the other girl names....Stacy, Jennifer, etc. I rarely encountered another Joy growing up...and I changed schools every year or two. When I did meet another Joy, it was usually short for Joyce. I wish I could meet those who've had a bad Joy experience...I think I could make a better impression. :)

For me personally, my middle name is Joy and i love it. Many people, like what the person said before me, associate me as Joyful! i love my middle name it makes me happy when i see it somewhere or when i write it! i've also been told i have a knack for making people laugh or smile lol.

My name is Joy, no one thinks it fits me. I started showing signs of Bipolar disorder when I was a toddler. Joy is not a fitting name for someone with mood disorders. Name your kid Joy, just be warned, it could be a Jinx.

I like my name. I think it's cute. I didn't love it as an emotional teenager though- for the same reasons previously mentioned. I'm okay with people saying, "Your parents must have named you Joy because you're so happy." Not okay with, "For someone named Joy, you're really not very happy right now." It makes me want to kick them in the shins. I have noticed there are a lot of miserable, mean Joys which is odd.

Nicknames for Joy: | Edit

(Teasing names from elementary school): Joyboy, joytoy, joyride, joystick.
Nice nicknames: Joyous

Joy Bell
Jolly Bear

Meanings and history of the name Joy: | Edit

Taken from the word "joy", meaning delight or great happiness, which derives from Old French "joie". This is a virtue name like Hope, Faith, Charity and Patience.

Famous real-life people named Joy: | Edit

Joy Adamson (born Friederike Victoria Gessner), wildlife rehabilitator and author, most famous for her bestseller "Born Free".
Joy Behar, American comedian and panelist on the television talk show "The View".
Joy Davidman, American writer, wife of C.S. Lewis.
Joy Fielding, Canadian novelist
Joy Kogawa, Japanese-Canadian novelist
Joy Bryant, actress and model
Joy-Anna Duggar, Jim Bob and Michelle Duggar's ninth child. They have nineteen children.
Joy McKean, Australian country music singer-songwriter.

Joy in song, story & screen: | Edit

The GREAT Rock Band, "3 Dog Night" sang the monster hit - "Joy to the World"!!!!!!

Author C. JoyBell C.— poet, novelist, philosopher, very beautiful and elegant woman!

The name of one of Charlotte's three babies that stays with Wilbur in E.B. White's Charlotte's Web. The other two are Nellie and Aranea.

Joy Turner, character in the TV series, "My Name is Earl".

"Joy to the World" Christmas carol

Joy from young adult fiction novel "joy."

Joy Mercer from the TV show, "House of Anubis"

Joy Keenan Dr. Temperance Brenan's real name on "Bones"

Joy from young adult fiction novel, "joy."

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