Kylie: Meaning, Popularity, Origin of Baby Name Kylie


Pronunciation: KIY-lee (key)

Origin of the name Kylie:

Transferred use of the Irish surname, which is a variant of O’Kiely. The name is from the Gaelic O’Cadhla (descendant of Cadhla), which is from cadhla (graceful, beautiful).

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Kylie: | Edit

My name is Kyelei (I couldn't find it spelled like this on any page) and i love my name. Everyone calls me Kye, Kye-Kye, Kiwi, or Kyeleibug. I am funny, athletic (I play basketball, softball, and marching band) and I am musically talented. I can play the guitar, drums, piano, trumpet, and sing!

I have a best friend named Kylie, she is so funny and athletic. She plays soccer, softball, lacrosse, and swimming, and excels in all of them. She is really down-to-Earth and probably the most loving person you'll ever meet.

My daughters name is Kylie. When she was born 6 years ago I had never met another Kylie. Now they're everywhere =) But I love her name. We call her Ky or Kyky for short.

My sister's name is Kylie and she is very Athletic and Popular. We usually call her Ky, Ky-Ky, Crylie (when she was a baby she used to cry alot so now whenever she cries we call her Crylie), we also used to call her Boobaloo so often when she was a baby (nicknamed Boob) she thought it was her name and wouldnt answer to anything else, Kylie Bubbles or Just Bubbles!

My name is Kylie, and I have run into a couple of other Kylie's, but only one was spelled like mine. When I was younger, I believed my name was unique...Until I met 5 more Kylie's. Then I always wanted my name spelled different, like Kaili or Kailei. But, even then, I had about a thousand nicknames from my friends and family. I even went by my middle name, Amber, or my extra given ending to my name: Bou (Boo). It was hard one year when I had a girl with the name Anmber in my class, since I had responded to that my whole life. My teacher would call for Amber, and I'd look up, responding.

My name is also Kylie, and my middle name is Rae. I absolutely love my name. I think it is a very unique name. For the meaning I have always referred to boomerang (from Australia). It sounds strange at first, but to me it means that even in hard times you always make it back (you throw a boomerang and it always comes back), and it makes me love my name even more.

My name is also Kylie and I have to disagree with people who argue the name doesn't age well and is too "trendy." Kylie is a well-established name with Aboriginal roots meaning "boomerang" which I think fits my personality incredibly well. My family calls me "Ky" or "Ky-Ky" and I love it. I hadn't met another Kylie until my junior year of high school when I had classes with two other Kylie's and now they're all over the place. This year alone, there are two "Kiley's" and one "Kyleigh" on my floor at school and I have to say that I definitely like the Kylie spelling the best!

Personal experiences with the name Kylie: | Edit

It is actually an Australian Aboriginal word meaning 'boomerang'. It was a very, very popular baby name in Australia in the seventies and there are a lot of Australian Kylies currently in their thirties and forties.

Nicknames for Kylie: | Edit

Kaike/Kyke (Pronounced: Ky Key)

Meanings and history of the name Kylie: | Edit

Graceful; Beautiful
It also derived from a Noongar (an Australian aboriginal word) meaning Boomerang
In Hawaiian it means Beautiful Spirit
Its Gaelic meaning is Handsome or Beautiful

Famous real-life people named Kylie: | Edit

Kylie Jenner, Kim Kardashian's younger half-sister.
Kylie Tennant (1912–1988), Australian novelist, playwright, writer, critic, biographer, and historian
Kylie Travis (born 1970), Australian actress
Kylie Tyndall (born 1992), US actresS
Kylie Minogue (born 1968), Australian singer and actress
Kylie Morris, Australian newsreader in the UK
Kylie Bax (born 1975), New Zealand fashion model
Kylie Ireland (born 1970), US actress
Kylie Kwong (born 1969), Australian television chef, author, television presenter and restaurateur
Kylie Leuluai (born 1978), New Zealand rugby league footballer
Kylie Gillies Australian T.V Presenter on The Morning Show With Kylie and Larry.
Kylie Clevenger, on Cheer Perfection a TLC reality cheerealding show

Kylie in song, story & screen: | Edit

Kylie Mole, Fictional comedy character on Australian skit comedy show Fast forward in the 1980's

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