Madeline Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: MA-də-lin, MA-də-liyn (key)

Origin of the name Madeline:

French cognate of Magdalene (of Magdala, a town on the coast of the Sea of Galilee). Var: Madeline, Madelyn. Pet: Maddi, Maddie, Maddy.

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Madeline: | Edit

Gender: F
Origin of Madeline: English variation of MAGDALEN
Meaning of Madeline: "high tower"

Madeline's Popularity in 2009: #64

The lovely, soft Madeline is an old-fashioned favorite that returned in the 1990s, combining a classic pedigree with a cute nickname option: Maddie. Kids love the reference to the Bemelmens series of Madeline children's books.

Nicknames & Variations for Madeline:
Mada, Madalaina, Madaleine, Madaliene, Madalyn, Madalyne, Maddi, Maddie, Maddy, Madel, Madelayne, Madelena, Madelene, Madelon, Madelyn, Madilyn, Madlen, Madline, Madlyn, Madoline, Madolyn, Magdalen, Magdalene, Magdaline, Magdalini, Maidel, Maighdlin, Malina, Marlean, Marlen, Marlyne, Marlene

Madeline's International Variations:
Malena, Malin (Dutch) Madelaine, Madella, Madelle (French) Maddalena, Madalene (Italian) Mahda, Madelina (Russian) Madina, Madia, Madena (Spanish), (German) Marlene

Personal experiences with the name Madeline: | Edit

My one year old daughter is named Madeline Elizabeth and I love her name so much. It sounds so girly and sweet but also strong and independent as well. Where I live I have not heard many other babies being named Madeline so I like that it is uncommon and I also like how it's traditional. It's a name that has stood through the times. In my mind I could see a baby with this name as much as an elderly lady and the name still holds its beauty. The only thing I don't like is that people can't seem to get the pronunciation correct. I named her Mad-e-lIne so the line part shouldn't be pronounced lyn. Madelyn is also pretty, but it's not her name.

My 10 year old is named Madeline, and after lots of debating about names we picked a name we thought was classic but not too common - not realizing she was born the year the "Madeline" movie came out! LOTS of babies were named Madeline that year!!

Our 9 year old daughter is Madeline. We also thought that her name would be unique and original...not realizing until she was in school that there were so many Madelines. Most of the others, though, have different name spellings; glad my daughter has the traditional spelling. We chose this name because we wanted a name for our daughter that could be either fun and flirty...or strong and dependable. I could see Madeline wearing a flouncy skirt and a lacy blouse singing karaoke; and I could see Madeline as a straight laced CEO of a company. Best scenario yet: our Madeline who takes charge and rises to the top, but is still able to let her hair down at the end of the day. Incidentally: our sons call her "Mads" as a nickname. Second "incidental..." I wanted to list her siblings' names, and the function won't work. Our four kids' names: Baylen Clayton, age 10; Madeline Rose, age 9; Bennett Alfred James, age 6; Baxter Lewis, newborn

^^in response to the comment above. Madeline is not the traditional spelling.

My sister's name is Madeline Sara. She is 17 years old, and I think her name fits her perfectly! Beautiful name, and also goes well with almost any name.

Hi my name is Madeline Sarah aswell, thats kind of a coincidence. I was named after my mums best friend, because she was brave and funny and not afraid to be herself, thats the one thing I like about my name.

My name is Madeline Elizabeth, and I love my name. I usually go by Maddie, but I don't like that Maddie is so popular. No offense, but I personally hate the name Maddy, because it just doesn't go with Madeline. It seems so mean to me. There are no y's in Madeline. The 'ie' in Maddie just seem to smile at me, and give me sunny, happy vibes. Maddy just doesn't work. The y is... ek. Same with the name 'Madilyn'. I just don't think the y is good for this name--sorry. I guess I like traditional names, and I'm glad my parents did, too.

^I disagree. Maddy is a cute spelling and Maddie has 'die' in it.

Hi, and I am so surprised but my name is Madeline Elizabeth too. And I love my name, I go by Maddie but my friend said that she like Madeline better!

My daughter is Madeline Michelle and we would call her Maddie or by her full name. Our 2 year old son, Benjamin, tried to say Madeline Michelle and it came out Madichelle. It was adorable. Now we usually call her Madichelle as well!

Nicknames for Madeline: | Edit

Made (pronounce in Spanish)

Meanings and history of the name Madeline: | Edit

English form of a title meaning "of Magdala", Magdala being a village on the Sea of Galilee whose name meant "tower" in Hebrew.

Famous real-life people named Madeline: | Edit

Madeline Carroll - American actress
Madeline Rose Zima - American actress
Madeline roax- american author
Madeline Kahn - American actress (1942-1999)
Madeline L'Engle - American author of the Newberry Award Winning book "A Wrinkle in Time" and other works

Madeline in song, story & screen: | Edit

Madeline story books by Ludwig Bemelman. So sweet! For more info go to
"Madeline", song by Hanson
Madeline the movie
Madeline, a character in La Femme Nikita

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