Maryjane Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: meh-ree-JAYN (key)

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Comments and insights on the name Maryjane: | Edit

A rare name to come across

Personal experiences with the name Maryjane: | Edit

Its one of the rare beautiful names left! Its not often you come across a Maryjane in real life. If you are lucky to know a Maryjane rest assured you have met one cool cat!

My name is Maryjane and I love it! I don't have a middle name. The only problem I have had with my name is people spelling it wrong by separating it into two names, so I really have to make sure they spell it right when it comes to legal documents. It is really one cool name to have! :)

I was named maryjane after my great grandmother maryjane macintosh and carrg my name with pride i just hope a member of my family keeps tradition and passes my name on to one of there children.

Nicknames for Maryjane: | Edit

Sometimes I call my daughter Jane or M.J.

Iv been called emmie em emjay mjane mary mj and marypain.

Meanings and history of the name Maryjane: | Edit

Combination of the names Mary + Jane. It goes back to old english were the name translates to bitter, gracious, a maryjane is gracious and kind but once trust is betrayed will forever remain bitter at that who caused the loss of trust.

Famous real-life people named Maryjane: | Edit

Mary J Blige (born Mary Jane Blige), American singer
Mary Jane Lamond, Canadian folk musician
Mary Jane Clark, American mystery writer
The Mary Jane Girls, singing group who originated as backup singers for Prince
Mary Jane Patterson, first black woman to graduate from an established college with a four year degree.
Mary Jane was Mae West's real name

Maryjane in song, story & screen: | Edit

Mary Jane Watson, Spiderman's girlfriend, played by Kirsten Dunst in the most recent "Spiderman" movie series.
Mary Jane, a type of shoe
Mary Jane, a brand name of Candy manufactured by NECCO
"Mary Jane" (All Night Long), a song by Mary J. Blige
"Mary Jane", a song performed by Janis Joplin
"Mary Jane", a song on Megadeth's album "So Far, So Good... So What!"
"Mary Jane", a song by Pull Tiger Tail
"Mary Jane", a song on Rick James' album "Come Get It!"
"Mary Jane's Last Dance", a song by Tom Petty and The Heartbreakers
"What's the New Mary Jane", a song written Lennon/McCartney and performed by The Beatles
"Mary Jane", a song by The Miracle Workers
"Mary Jane", a song on Luke Tan's album "The Suicide King"
"Mary Jane", a song on Alanis Morissette's album "Jagged Little Pill"
"Mary Jane", a song on DE/VISION album "Devolution"
"Mary Jane", a song on Ill Scarlett's "Epidemic" and "Clearly in Another Fine Mess"
"Mary Jane", a song on Scarface's album "The Untouchable"
"Mary Jane", a song on The Click Five's album "Modern Minds and Pastimes"
"Mary Jane", a song on the "Happy Birthday" solo album by Pete Townshend of The Who
"Mary Jane", a song on The Spin Doctors' album "Turn It Upside Down"
"Mary Jane", a song on the Technohead album "Headsex"
"Mary Jane", a song on The Vines' album "Highly Evolved"
"The Thoughts of Mary Jane", a song on Nick Drake's album "Five Leaves Left"
"Mary Jane", a 2009 song by Tori Amos from her album "Abnormally Attracted to Sin"
Mary Jane, a Marvel comics series
"Mary Jane", a poem by Patti Smith from her 1972 book Seventh Heaven
"Maryjane", a song by Shwayze

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