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Comments and insights on the name Megumi: | Edit

MEH-GOO-MEE - pronunciation.

Personal experiences with the name Megumi: | Edit
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Nicknames for Megumi: | Edit

Meggie, Meg, Gummi (Goo-mi or Gummy) Gummy Bear,

Meanings and history of the name Megumi: | Edit

Japanese Name meaning 'Blessing'. However it can have other meanings depending on the Kanji (Japanese Chinese Characters) characters used to write it. It can also be written in other Japanese writing Systems (Katakana/Hiragana). Possible Variations:
恵, "blessing, grace"
恵美, "blessing, favor; beauty"
旋美, "rotate, turn; beauty"
寵美, "love, affection, patronage; beauty"
巡美, "circumference, patrol; beauty"
廻美, "round, game, revolve, go around, circumference; beauty"
斡美, "administer, go around, rule; beauty"

Famous real-life people named Megumi: | Edit

Megumi Fujii (恵 藤井, born 1974), retired Japanese mixed martial artist
Megumi Hayashibara (林原 めぐみ, born 1967), Japanese voice actress, lyricist and singer
Megumi Kagurazaka (神楽坂 恵, born 1982), Japanese actress and model who has appeared in some of Sion Sono's films
Megumi Kawamura (河村めぐみ, born 1983), Japanese former volleyball player and at 6'4" inches, is the tallest fashion model in Japan
Megumi Kurihara (栗原恵, born 1984), Japanese volleyball player who plays for the Okayama Seagulls
Megumi Kudo (工藤めぐみ), Japanese professional wrestler
Megumi Matsumoto (松元 恵, born 1977), Japanese voice actress
Megumi Mizusawa (水沢めぐみ, born 1963), Japanese manga artist
Megumi Murakami (村上 愛, born 1992), J-pop singer, former member of Cute
Megumi Nakajima (中島 愛, born 1989), a Japanese Filipina J-pop singer, and voice actress
Megumi Odaka (小高恵美, born 1972), Japanese voice actress and actress
Megumi Ogata (緒方 恵美, born 1965), Japanese voice actress and singer
Megumi Okina (奥菜 恵, born 1979), Japanese actress and J-pop singer
Megumi Sato (佐藤 恵, born 1966), Japanese high jumper
Megumi Seki (関 めぐみ, born 1985), Japanese actress
Megumi Tachikawa (立川 恵), a Japanese shōjo manga artist
Megumi Takamoto (高本 めぐみ, born 1985), a Japanese voice actress who voices Winry Rockbell in the second series of Fullmetal Alchemist
Megumi Tano (田野 めぐみ, born 1968), Japanese voice actress and actress
Megumi Toyoguchi (豊口 めぐみ, born 1978), Japanese voice actress who voices Winry Rockbell in the first series of Fullmetal Alchemist
Megumi Urawa (浦和 めぐみ, born 1965), Japanese voice actress
Megumi Yokota (横田 めぐみ, 1964-1994 or 2004), one of at least thirteen Japanese citizens kidnapped by North Korea in the late 1970s and early 1980s
Megumi Yasu - Japanese gravure idol, model and actress1
MEGUMI (めぐみ, born 1981), Japanese gravure idol, tarento, actress, and singer

Megumi in song, story & screen: | Edit

Megumi Sakamoto of "Ai no Tame ni Magic School!
Megumi Aino of HappinessCharge PreCure!
Megumi Amano of Urotsukidoji
Megumi Amatsuka of Cheeky Angel
Megumi Ayase of Mahou no Tenshi Creamy Mami
Megumi Eto of Battle Royale
Megumi Hanajima of Fruits Basket
Megumi Kanoya of Ouran High School Host Club
Megumi Minami of Tantei Gakuen Q
Megumi Misaki (aka Blue Dolphin) of Choujuu Sentai Liveman
Megumi Momono of Mahoraba ~Heartful Days~
Megumi Morisato of Oh My Goddess!
Megumi Noda of Nodame Cantabile
Megumi Oumi of Zatch Bell! (Konjiki no Gash!!)
Megumi Reinard of Nadesico
Megumi Sagano of School Rumble
Megumi Sawatari of Megatokyo
Megumi Shiraishi of Code Blue Doctor Heli Kinkyuu Kyumei
Megumi Shitow of RahXephon
Megumi Takani of Rurouni Kenshin (Samurai X)
Megumi Yamamoto of Special A
Megumi Yoshikawa from Princess Princess and The Day of Revolution

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