Nicole Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: ni-KOHL (key)

Origin of the name Nicole:

A feminine form of Nicolas, which is from the Greek Nikolaos, a compound name composed of the elements nikē (victory) and laos (the people): hence, "victory of the people."

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Nicole: | Edit

Despite how common it is, this has to be one of my favorite names. I was always jealous of a girl in my class who had this name back in the 3rd grade. I thought it was too pretty for such a mean girl... lol I prefer the spelling "Nichole" though.

I don't like the spelling "Nichole" - it has the word "hole" in it.

My name is Nicole. I go by Nici. I hated my name growing up. I like it now. I don't know any other Nicole who spells Nici the same as mine. If you do know or you yourself spell it Nici, please share below.

Personal experiences with the name Nicole: | Edit

My Name is Nicole, although I mostly go by Nicci. When I was a kid I hated my name, because there were so many Nicole and my sister had such a cool unique name (Lynnee). As an adult I love my name and it seems elegant and pretty to me now.

My name is Nicole. I like my first name better than my middle name, Patricia. I know many people that also have this name. There is a girl I know with the same name but spells it very different. She spells it nycollé. It's pronounced the same way though. I think Nicole is very pretty and girly. I also think it is great as a middle name. Sometimes people will stereotype me because I am a cheerleader and try to dress nice, because Nicole does sound like a very girly or popular type name. And also I feel as if the name Nikki, Nicki... doesn't have the same feminine or girly touch to it.

(1) I have a good friend with this name but she spells it Nichole. I wish it was my name. (2)I know a Nicole she is very emotional and girly.

In my experience Nicole is commonly used as a middle name, perhaps because the stress on the second syllable makes it flow well with most first names.

My name is Nicole, which I have never minded. I think it's the best of the 80s craze names. The only thing that annoys me is when people spell it with an 'H,' how I was never the only 'Nicole' in my classes growing up, and trying to rid people of using the nickname 'Nikki' once outgrowing it. Overall, though it's not very unique, I have always liked my name.
Someone I know is named Nicole, she is very annoying and thinks she is so much better than everyone else. Sometimes she can be nice but mostly she is pretty obnoxious.

My middle name is Nicole, and as far as middle names goes its a pretty good one. Funny story, two of the neighbor girls who I went to high school with also have the middle name of Nicole. One day while getting a ride home from one of our parents, we got into a fender bender. when the police came and took down our full names, Brooke Nicole (me), Jessica Nicole and Amber Nicole, they thouht we were playinga joke on them.

A girl in my class is called Nicole. She's Danish and is pretty quiet, but she's obnoxious, snotty and acts too good to even breathe the same air as you. She's really popular, but I think that's only because she's pretty, because she's not the smartest in the class by far (I'm the smartest! :D) And she only allows her best friend (another popular girl) to call her "Nikki" Nobody else is allowed to call her that.

My daughter's middle name is Nicole. She once chastised me for choosing such a "pedestrian" middle name, but I informed her that her middle name was actually inspired by one of my favorite high-school buddies. She was very athletic, smart, fun, and cute. She went by "Nikki" but she was the actual inspiration for my daughter's middle name. And yes, it does flow well with her first name, Rachel. Nicole was a very popular first name back in the late 80s-early 90s as well, but was not so popular when I was growing up. I think it's a pretty name.

My dad wanted to name me Nicole so he could call me Nikki, but my mom didn't like it. It did end up as my middle name, though. My mom wanted my name to be spelled uniquely so she added an extra "l" to it. Kacey Nicolle

My middle name is Nicole. my school spells it with an h in it but i've always spelled it without it. i don't really like my first name much but i love the name Nicole and i love that its my middle name. i prefer to go by Nicole rather than my first name. i answer to both but i prefer Nicole and i wanna start going by it full time when i'm older. i also like being called Nikki. i think Nicole is more popular as a middle name and is one of the best girls names for a middle name. my mom picked out my name when she was in high school. its a pretty popular name,middle and first but sounds better as a middle name. one of my cousins is named Nicole too but its also her middle name like with me. she goes by her middle name. its also a really girly name which is good for me cuz i'm a girly girl

Nicole is the name of one of my closest friends. She's italian and born in 2000. I really love her name :)

My name is Nicole and I love it! My mum and brother call me Cole as a nickname. I don’t like how people pronounce it though. I prefer Nee-cole not NiH-cole

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Meanings and history of the name Nicole: | Edit

This is my name..common, but not too common like Jennifer

Of Greek origin, it means "victorious people".

Famous real-life people named Nicole: | Edit

Nicole Kidman, actress
Nicole Brown Simpson, murder victim
Nicole Richie, "famous for being famous"
Nicole Parker, actress
Nicholle Tom, actress
Nicole Scherzinger, singer
Nicole 'Snooki' Polizzi, reality television personality
Hurricane Nicole was a 2016 Category 4 Hurricane that affected Bermuda as a Category 3 hurricane. "Nicole" was also used for lesser hurricanes/tropical storms in 1998, 2004, and 2010.
Nicole Beverly Chien (b. 2006), daughter of Filipina singer and actress Lea Salonga

Nicole in song, story & screen: | Edit

"Nicole", song by Point Blank
Nicole named doll, Groovy Girls
Nicole Diver, main character the novel Tender is the Night.
Nicole Bristow, Zoey's roommate in seasons 1 and 2 of Zoey 101.
Nicole St Croix from the X-Men comics
Nicole Walker, character from Days of Our Lives

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