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Comments and insights on the name Nyree: | Edit

I am called 'Nyree' and I personally really love my name.
I was named after a lady who spells her name the Maori way but pronounces it the Anglicised way.
The upsides - I get many, many, daily comments of how lovely, pretty, beautiful or unusual my name is.
It is always a talking point, especially as people are always saying "What's your name again?'
I like the way I have never known another Nyree, except the one I am named after.
The downsides -
Many people reallllly struggle to pronounce it which realllllllllly annoys me, as it is spelled exactly as it should be pronounced!
I get allsorts of weird mis-pronunciations (Na-ree, Nar-ee, Norry, Newree Nyreen, Nary (said like Mary) and the most common mis-pronunciation - 'Nearee'! So far, I've had 35 years of this annoyance!
Many people have called me 'Naomi', pronouncing it as 'Nyomi' or other names that are totally different like Irene, Mary and even Nadia!!! I find it utterly ridiculous!
I find it even more ridiculous when people say that they give up as my name is just too hard for them to say!
Also, people always wrongly assume it is an Irish name and a lot of baby name sites have it incorrectly listed as an Irish name.
Rant over! (Ha ha!)

Personal experiences with the name Nyree: | Edit

kid in my class Has that name , and everyone calls him the meme lord....

Nicknames for Nyree: | Edit

* Ny
* Ny-Ny
* Little Ree
* Swampy (A jokey nickname due to name's meaning)
* Ny-Py/Ny-Pie (nickname had off some kids when growing up)

My mum used to go mad when my friends shortened my name!

Most often, this name tends not to be shortened.

Meanings and history of the name Nyree: | Edit

Meanings for the name Nyree -
* flaxen
* silver fern
* little flower
* little heart-shaped flower
* little white flower
* little flower of the swamp
* little white flower that grows in a bog
The idea with the last two meanings listed is saying that even somewhere awful, something really pretty can grow.

History of the name Nyree -
Nyree is the Anglicised form of the name Ngaire, which is a Maori, New Zealand name.
The name is originally a unisex name but is very rarely used as a boys name.
The name 'Ngaire' is very popular in New Zealand, but not in other parts of the world.
The name 'Nyree' is very rare all over the world.
'Ngaire' is pronounced differently to 'Nyree'.
Following Maori phonetics, Ngaire is pronounced - Ng (as in sing) and the 're' is pronounced more like 'reh' and the 'r' is rolled.
Nyree is pronounced - Ny (rhyming with sky) and ree (as in the word 'really')
Nyree was also a Hebrew/biblical name and is a variant form of the name Anna.
Some Hawaiians think that the name Nyree originated in Hawaii

Famous real-life people named Nyree: | Edit

Nyree Dawn Porter, New Zealand-born actress who achieved fame in England in the 1950s and 60s.

Nyree in song, story & screen: | Edit

- 'Ngaire' is a song by 'The Mutton Birds', from their 1993 album entitled 'Salty'

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