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Pronunciation: RI-vər (key)

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Comments and insights on the name River: | Edit

I just named my daughter River before I knew Kelley Clarkson did it which made me a little upset, but since knowing of River Phoenix I always felt a strong mysterious aura with it. Also, I was named Angelina after my parents moved to Houston and passed the Angelina River and I felt I had to name her River. And just like most unisex names you can say it sounds more girly or manly (ie. skylar Greyson Lindsay) and any name can be made to sound weird or out of place any word for that matter you repeat so many times it sounds weird lol.

I've always loved the name River. Despite my family and friends constantly arguing that River is a boy's name, I think it's quite feminine. A river's a thing of beauty, strength, and grace. I think it does very well as a girl's name.

River is a lovely name for a child of either gender, one that works well throughout each life stage. It's quietly elegant, playful, natural, and free-spirited.

I think that River is a boy's name. It will forever be associated with River Phoenix. There are many pretty water-themed names that are more feminine and unique like Bay, Marina, Kai, Rain, Delta, Lake, Aqua, Harbor, Oceane, Loire, Zarya, Laguna, Rialta, Zambezi, etc.

River is a very popular name for celebrities to name their sons.

The name River makes me think of a boy/man who loves the outdoors and likes to go fishing.

Personal experiences with the name River: | Edit

A friend named her daughter River. River's little sister is Caedence.

I know a boy River.

We have a little boy River in our family.

We have a boy River in our family, too. Love the nickname Riv.

Nicknames for River: | Edit

- Rea
- Riv

Meanings and history of the name River: | Edit
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Famous real-life people named River: | Edit

(male) River Phoenix, actor and environmentalist
(male) Rivers Cuomo, lead singer, guitarist and songwriter of rock band Weezer.
(male) River Shields, actor
(male) River Viiperi, model
(male) River Pierce of Radio Free Roscoe
(male) River - son of entertainers Blackie Chen and Christine Fan
(male) Rivers - son of Cowboy quarterback Tony Romo
(male) River - son of Jeptha Robertson of Duck Dynasty
(male) River - son of singer Taylor Hanson
(male) River - son of actress Megan Gale
(male) Tristan River - son of actress Natasha Henstridge
(male) River - son of actress Daniela Ruah
(male) River - son of actor Sean Harland Murray
(male) River - son of singer Jackie Jackson
(male) River - son of actress Keri Russell
(male) Nolan River Nicholas - son of actor Thomas Ian Nicholas
(Female)- River Rose- Daughter of singer Kelly Clarkson
(male) River Kelly - son of singer Granger Smith
(male) River Joe - son of Jeff Goldblum and Emilie Livingston
(male) River Jones - son of golfer Dustin Johnson and model Pauline Gretzky
(male) River Rocket - son of chefs Jamie and Jools Oliver
(male) Journey River - son of Brian Austin Green and Megan Fox

River in song, story & screen: | Edit

River Tam, a character in the "Firefly" TV show and "Serenity" movie.
River Song, Doctor Who character.
River Wyles, a character in Ken Gao's "To The Moon"
River Pierce in Radio Free Roscoe
River Baldwin, character on American soap "The Young and the Restless"
River Carpenter in One Life to Live
River doll - Barbie's boyfriend in My Scene

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