Shelby Name Meaning & Origin


Pronunciation: SHEHL-bee (key)

Origin of the name Shelby:

Transferred use of the surname derived from an English place-name meaning “a willow grove, a place where willows grow.”

From A World of Baby Names by Teresa Norman.

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Comments and insights on the name Shelby: | Edit

I am 31 and also a Shelby Paige. As a good southern girl, my parents used a double name and called me Shelby Paige until I was in high school. I'm a spunky red-head now looking for a name for my own little girl.

I'm 22 and when I was born my name was originally Shelby Anne. My mum chose it after watching Steel Magnolias. However my name was later changed to Amy Shelby when I was adopted.

My name is Shelby also, Shelby Jane. I have never been to partial to my name but have no reason to not like it. As a child I didn't get made fun of often but as the Simpsons show became most popular everyone started calling me Shelbyville this I could do without.

I LOVE this name!! My oldest son wants to name the baby Shelby. I just might let him!! My name is Sadie, (I hate it by the way).

I'm 17 years old and my name is Shelby Lee. I know, traditional and southern. But honestly, I feel like girls named Shelby tend to be friendly, cheerful, confident, and outgoing. This is because not only am I most definitely that way, but all other Shelby's I have met have been that way as well. But no matter what I love, and am proud of, my name.

So this is actually my name, I'm 18 currently and spell it Shelby and my middle name is actually Lee too like the other Shelby up there ^ after my Dad's Mom. I absolutely love my name its a perfect in between of popular and not especially because we live on the east coast (much to Daddy's discontent, he's from Texas) so Shelby's are few and far between. I always get compliments on how pretty my name is and couldn't see me as anything else. Never had problems with it and bullies. A little about me is I am cheerleading captain at my school, get A's and B's. I tend to be very shy around those I don't know, outgoing with those I do. I commonly get described as the bubbly blonde one and I hope this helps y'all.

Hi! My name is also Shelby but Shelby Rae instead of Shelby Lee. I'm 16 and I get many compliments because of my name. I was named Shelby after Julia Roberts who played Shelby in Steel Magnolias. Even though she dies in the movie, Julia Roberts does a good job of showing the name as a sweet, friendly, and strong person in the movie. It's also because I have freckles, green eyes, and a sweet smile. One person even came up to me one time and told me every freckle is an angel's kiss. Shelby does come off as friendly person which comes in hand. I can be shy to people I don't know hbut as soon as I get to know someone, they see the real me and I open up to them. I'm also from the South so the name, Shelby, is common. I have two other girls in my class that are named both Shelby Lynn. Like the second Shelby Lee, I tend to get called a bubbly blonde sometimes but I'm also really smart and go to an advanced math, science, and arts school. I love my name! It's the perfect all around name and I suggest it. The name expresses my creativity, intelligence, cuteness, and friendliness!

My sisters name is Shelby Sierra. She is a sweet country girl, and it fits her perfectly. My daddy named her after Carol Shelby, who created the Ford Mustang. Shelby is a sweet name. Whenever I hear the name Shelby, I think of a sweet friendly person. It is a lovely name.

This is my name too! My mom loved the name because of the movie Steel Magnolias. But since I don't live in the South and I have no family there, my mom didn't want my name to sound too Southern so she went with Shelby Paige. I've only seen one other person do Paige with Shelby and I like that. It makes my name even more unique, because you don't hear the name Shelby that often. I also like the name, because along with what others have put. I feel like I am very kind, creative, and unique because of my name.

My name is Shelby Lynn i am 23 i was named after the country singer Shelby lynne

My name is Shelby, middle name Nichole, and I am almost 30 (one month to go!). Growing up I hated my name because I'm from California and at the time there were no other Shelby's. I live in a small town too and just wanted to fit in with my name, as other girls had all the popular names for the time. As I got older I grew to appreciate my name a lot more because it is unique and I don't have the same name as a million other girls. My parents could not agree on a name for the longest time until the day I was born. My mom just blurted out the name Shelby and my dad was like, "YES!" and that's how they picked my name. My mom also loves the movie Steel Magnolias and my dad was very into cars, so it is definitely a good pick for them. I used to consider using my middle name as my first because I always thought my name sounded ugly, even though people always tell me how much they love it. I still don't LOVE my name, but I appreciate it because it is not as common as Ashley or Katie (Katy) or Megan, which were some of the most popular names from my time. When I have kids, I am definitely going to choose something unique. I really like the name Kash for a boy. Haven't settled on a girl's name I like yet, though I have always loved Olivia. I agree with an earlier comment about not trying to complicate your children's names....most of them look stupid and I've had people spell my name wrong (like, how could they? It's the most common spelling!) and it really bothers me when people take the liberty of spelling it just any ol' way. Again, complicated spellings are just dumb and contrived. Worst name ever though is Nevaeh....absolutely awful!

My name is shelby too, and my middle name is Leigh. I'm 17 years old and growing up there wasn't that many people called shelby but now theres loads. I'm from England and i believe that the name Shelby isn't as popular here as it is in the US

I'm Shelby Nicole, and my mom also got the name from the movie Steel Magnolias with Julia Roberts, but the funny thing is that when I was born, my parents couldn't decide on a name because my mom liked Shelby but thought it was "too weird." SO. Finally my dad got sick of his firstborn child not having a name and just told the person there that my name was Shelby Nicole. FAST FORWARD to junior high when there were girls named Shelby everywhere, and not one, but TWO other Shelbys with the same last initial in my grade. And we were all in the same gym class. We all graduated from the same high school. How many parents in the early 1990s named their girls Shelby and had no idea how popular the name actually was? (On a different note, it wasn't until college that I met people who'd never met a girl Shelby before and had only known guys named Shelby)

My name is Shelby Lyn I am 21. I am named after the car and inherited the same middle name as my mom.

I am Shelby Jean - 31 years old. Hated my name growing up because NOONE else had it (I am from Orange County, CA)I was named after a "beautiful girl" my mom knew in college. Now I hear the name all the time! I do like it now because it is unique and I always get compliments on my name; I think it was just difficult as a child where no one had the name or had even heard the name haha..

My name is Shelby-Sinead, 19 years old from England. I used to absolutely hate my name but over the years I've realised it's just a name, my mum loved the name Shelby and my dad wouldn't let go of the singer Sinead O'Connor and that's how they got Shelby-Sinead. Everyone I met or came across loved my name dearly but I never really clicked with it, as I've grown up I've realised I suit my name and I probably wouldn't ever change it.

Personal experiences with the name Shelby: | Edit

It seems like everyone wants to "individualize" thier childs name to make it unique. Why make it so complicated? My daughter's name is spelled traditionally, SHELBY. There are 3 other children with the same name in her grade spellings vary. Shelbie, Shelbee, Chelbe. Please, lets not make this anymore difficult on our children to learn by complicating their own name!

This name is a sweet reminder of a girl I met years ago who was extremely friendly and cheerful.

Nicknames for Shelby: | Edit

Shel pie
Shelly Bean

Meanings and history of the name Shelby: | Edit

Traditionally Shelby is a boy's name. Can you imagine?

Famous real-life people named Shelby: | Edit

Shelby Lynne- country singer

Shelby in song, story & screen: | Edit

Shelby Eatenton Latcherie (lead character in the movie Steel Magnolias)
Shelby Corcoran (Rachel's birth mother on Glee played by Idina Menzel)

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