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Origin of the name Virginia:

Derived from the Latin Verginius (springlike, flourishing), an old Roman family name which has its root in the Latin ver (spring).

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Comments and insights on the name Virginie: | Edit

Ginnie, Ginny, Gini, Virgie, Virg, Ginia are all names associated with the American, "Virginia", and people I have met use these 'nicknames'.

Personal experiences with the name Virginie: | Edit

Many people feel Virginia, (my real name) is a name from the South (Georgia/Alabama). It is NOT, it is a Latin name, but in America, it is an 'old' name, which means you have been named this name if it is in your family.
My grandmother was Virginie Emma, though she told us she was Emma Virginie.
My mother said I was named after her best friend "Ginny"
I was called 'Ginger" due to my hair color, not my birth name, but a lot of Virginia's in America are "Ginger"
My mother in law goes by Virginia but her name is Lois Virginia
My sister in law goes by Virginia and her name is Virginia Irene
My sister in laws' mothers' name was Virginia
My distant cousin many places removed is also a Virginia, and goes by "Ginger"

How crazy is this? and three of us "Virginia's" had the same last name at one time, now just two of us do...must be careful to always be clear on the middle initial, eh!

My nick name is spelled "Gini" because a.) I choose it and I like it, and b.) it is a direct derivative
of VirGINIa or VirGINIe. It was spelled Ginny, then Ginnie and I was called "Ginia" by a neighbor family.

Ginnie, Ginny, Gini, Virgie, Virg, Ginia are all names associated with the American, "Virginia", and people I have met use these 'nicknames'.

If I could do it without feeling self conscious, I'd change the spelling and pronounciation of my name to the French "Virginie" because I LOVE the sound of it, and it would honor not only the Virgin but my grandmother as well. Why my mother of French/Italian descent did NOT named me after my grandmother, I'll never understand. (Little did she know that her mother and I would be so close) grandmother was the most inventive, creative woman I have ever known! My middle name comes from my mother, and I gave my daughter the same middle name (though my mother would have liked it to be Leigh and so would my daughter! And who'd know they'd be so close! LOL!).

The real truth about my name is that my mother, a devout Roman Catholic during that time, prayed a nine day Novena to The Blessed Virgin Mary asking for her first child to be a 'girl' and in return my parents would name the girl, "Virginia Marie" in honor of Our Blessed Mother, The Virgin Mary. Mom, with our French/Italian heritage, wouldn't Virginie Maria have been more fitting? LOL!

I am an artist and art teacher, the oldest in my family, the youngest girl of all the cousins. I come from a long line of artists/musicians/craft artisans/inventors and redheads!

Thank you for providing a forum to share this silliness!

Nicknames for Virginie: | Edit

Vivi, Ginny.

Meanings and history of the name Virginie: | Edit

French form of Virginia.
Pronounced: veer-zhee-NEE

Famous real-life people named Virginie: | Edit

Virginie Amélie Avegno Gautreau (1859-1915), Parisian socialite
Virginie Atger (21st century), French equestrian jockey
Virginie Claes (born 1982), Belgian model
Virginie Cueff (born 1988), French professional racing cyclist
Virginie Déjazet (1798-1875), French actress
Virginie Despentes (born 1969), French novelist and filmmaker
Virginie Efira (born 1977), Belgian actress
Virginie Gervais (born 1979), French model
Virginie Hériot (1890-1932), French sailor
Virginie Lagoutte (born 1979), French professional golfer
Virginie Ledieu (born 1960), French voice actress
Virginie Ledoyen (born 1976), French actress
Virginie Loveling (1836-1923), Flemish author
Virginie Pouchain (born 1980), French singer
Virginie Razzano (born 1983), French tennis player
Virginie Thévenet (born 1955), French actress

Virginie in song, story & screen: | Edit

Virginie is a protagonist in the novel Paul et Virginie, by Jacques-Henri Bernardin de Saint-Pierre.
Virginie is a French language Canadian television series which debuted in 1996 and airs on SRC.

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