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Apr 14th 2009

If you haven't entered the Baby Name Pool yet, there's still time! Just come up with three names you think rose in popularity in 2008, and three you think fell. Then bask in the glory if you beat out all of your fellow name enthusiasts.

In fact, this year I'll even let you beat out a Baby Name Wizard. Later this week I'll offer my own ballot, giving you a chance at a full year of smug superiority when you top my score. But to take advantage of this fabulous offer, you have to enter by the end of day on Wednesday, April 15!

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Recession-era baby naming, Part 2

Apr 10th 2009

Last time I talked about (dubious) claims that the recession is turning baby names back toward the traditional, in a parental "flight to quality." Today, I look at the historical precedent: naming during the Great Depression.

My points of comparison were baby names in 1928 before the crash vs. 1932 at the depth of the crisis. A quick eyeballing shows that the traditional classics fell along with the stock market. John, James, William, George, Mary, Katherine, Elizabeth and Margaret all dropped in popularity as the Depression took hold. Now let's zoom in closer.

Applying the standard Baby Name Wizard Hotness Formula, the fastest falling boy's name, by a mile, was...Herbert. That's a clear reaction to the economy, but not in a stylistic way. Parents of the '30s simply decided that Herbert Hoover wasn't a president they'd care to remember. (Let's keep an eye on George in the years ahead.) As a group, the 10 fastest-falling boys' names fell into two categories: namesakes of public figures, and traditional classic names.

1. Herbert
2. Alfred
3. William
4. Harry
5. Joseph
6. Hoover
7. Edward
8. Lindy
9. George
10. Arthur

And the fastest rising boys of the Depression? They were the boyish ones. Check it out:

1. Jackie
2. Jimmy
3. Barry
4. Jerry
5. Franklin
6. Larry
7. Bobby
8. Ronnie
9. Gary
10. Ronald

That's a whole lotta nicknames, with a late smattering of movie stars (Gary Cooper, Ronald Colman). Even as James was falling, Jimmy was soaring. This could suggest a twist on the "flight to quality" idea: a "flight to comfort." Perhaps in a scary world, we just want to curl up under a cozy blanket with our dear little babies. It makes some sense.

Except those are just the boys' names.

Over on the girls' list, the hottest rising names list brimmed with glamourous sophistication. Top-10 gainers included Marlene (as in Dietrich), Carole (Lombard), Joan (Crawford), and Barbara (Stanwyck) -- a veritable honor roll of strong, stylish modern women. Sandra and Sondra both made the list too, their continental panache a contrast to fast-falling names like Helen and Ruth.

If you want a theory of naming for tough times, then, you'll have to account for cuddly, down-home boys and glamorous, urbane girls. I'll take a stab. To me, the key thing to remember is that names aren't simply reflections of our current reality; they're reflections of our dreams.

Amid the job losses and bread lines of the Great Depression, one industry soared: the movies. And sure enough, reports are already piling up that this recession era is following suit with huge box office tallies, especially for comedies, adventures, and rip-roaring spectacles.

Maybe, then, everybody predicting serious, conservative baby naming today has it exactly backwards. In grim times, we don't want solemnity. We want fun and glamour and excitement, and glimpses of a world far removed from layoffs and foreclosures. We certainly want to envision that kind of sunny future for our children. So bring on the creative, carefree names! Why not? They're free.

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Apr 10th 2009

We'll get back to our scheduled discussion of recession naming in a moment, but first, a few notes...

- The revised 2nd Edition of The Baby Name Wizard has a due date: July 7, in a bookstore near you! (Confusingly, Amazon and already have the 2nd edition cover image up -- it has an extra pink circle -- and don't seem to distinguish between the two editions. I'll see what I can do about that.)

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