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Feb 7th 2012

Are you an Expert subscriber? If so, notice anything different? And if not, now is a great time to join!

BabyNameWizard.com Expert is our set of baby-naming power tools -- personalized search tools that can read your mind, or let you pinpoint the qualities you're looking for in a name. We put a lot of effort into creating the best name site possible, and we appreciate the subscribers who support us.

To show that appreciation, we committed to making the Expert version of the site ad-free. We've been stamping them out one by one (this site has a lot of complicated moving parts). I'm happy to say that Expert subscribers finally have a 100% ad-free experience for smooth searching.

To celebrate, we're throwing a little Expert party. For the next week, use the coupon code NOADSYAY! at checkout to take 25% off any subscription. That includes gift certificates for all the expectant parents and name-loving people in your life. What could be better than the gift of names?


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New: International Baby Name Popularity Lists

Feb 2nd 2012

Ever wonder what the most popular names are in Lithuania, or Israel? At BabyNameWizard.com, we wonder about those things all the time. That's why we keep tabs on baby name statistics from around the world.

Now you can too. Our new international name popularity page shows the latest rankings from 36 different countries and regions.

If you just can't wait to know about Lithuania, the top names are Matas for boys and Emilija for girls. (In other words, Matthew and Emily.) And in Israel...well, I'll let you see for yourself, but it's reminiscent of Oliver and Olivia being #1 in England.

Go check out the international name lists!

Spot the Missing Sibling: Answers

Jan 30th 2012

Last time I offered a baby name puzzle: spotting the "missing sibling" to go with a list of hand-selected style matches. Answers are below...but if you haven't made your guesses yet, take the sibling challenge first!


1. Brooklyn
Brothers: Camden, Kingston, Cooper, Grayson, Trenton, Chase, Bryson, Hudson
Sisters: London, Peyton, Aspen, Berkeley, Gracelyn, Alexa, Sydney, Bristol

A collection of contemporary place names, surnames and similar creations. Note that the B names give you a clue -- I try to offer alliterating options, especially for contemporary-styled names, for the many parents who seek that sound.

2. Lucy
Brothers: Leo, Sam, Oscar, Charlie, Max, Jack, Henry, Oliver
Sisters: Ruby, Ella, Sadie, Gracie, Lena, Stella, Alice, Molly

A collection of cozy picture-book classics.

3. Atticus
Brothers: Gideon, Beckett, Sawyer, Cassius, Soren, Emerson, Tennyson, Phineas
Sisters: Beatrix, Paloma, Oriana, Hermione, Guinevere, Aurora, Briar, Athena

A mix of the literary and classical, with a creative but not "invented" style.

4. Stephen
Brothers: Michael, Anthony, Philip, Thomas, Andrew, Daniel, Mark, Matthew
Sisters: Diana, Theresa, Christine, Rebecca, Cynthia, Andrea, Laura, Deborah

This classic was the #1 toughest challenge, based on reader responses! Note that this is Stephen, not the subtly different Steven. Brothers for Steven are Jeffrey, Kevin, Brian, David, Timothy, Eric, Patrick, Gregory.

5. Trinity
Brothers: Talon, Maverick, Orion, Tristan, Chance, Jett, Maximus, Zion
Sisters: Genesis, Destiny, Serenity, Nevaeh, Journey, Phoenix, Cadence, Harmony

Lots of you picked up on the modern power-meaning name with the slight sci-fi spin.

6. Adrian
Brothers: Julian, Damian, Xavier, Sebastian, Rafael, Dominic, Elias, Gabriel
Sisters: Natalia, Isabella, Giselle, Emilia, Mia, Ava, Valeria, Sofia

Another challenging one. Strong guesses included Felix, Nicolas and Diego.

More of these soon! I'm matching more every day. (In fact, I just had a devil of a time with Alistair. Any clever ideas?)