If you can't fill out the Baby Name Pool entry form...

Jan 22nd 2007

UPDATE: the contest entry form is now compatible with Internet Explorer 7. So come enter your guesses!

Thanks again to the readers who took the time to alert me to the problem.

Choosing the right mane

Jan 18th 2007

The time is long past. There's no going back. My husband and I should just accept it and let it go: it's five years too late to design a new birth announcment for our daughter. Even if we did just realize that her name is an anagram of...


Yeah, I know, you've already obsessed enough about your child's name. You've run a series of internet polls, researched name origins in the original Aramaic and searched phone records to assure that there's no other similarly named child in a 500-mile radius. Now you have to think about anagrams?

Of course not. Unless you're naming your daughter Nevaeh, it doesn't matter a whit what your child's name forms inside-out or backwards. Though of course Nomar Garciaparra was named for his father Ramon. And Nelle Harper Lee for her grandmother Ellen. But seriously, anagrams of the full name don't matter a whit, they're just pure fun. Of course here at the Zany Web Barmaid blog, fun with names is what we're all about. Once you've chosen a name you love, playing with anagrams is a great way to revel in it. (Sure beats boning up on your Aramaic.)

Try the Wordsmith.org anagram server to find the jumbled phrases in your child's name. (Tip: keep the "maximum number of words" setting low.) Expect to wade through a lot of chaff -- the winner we found in our daughter's name was surrounded by plenty of phrases about acne, bacteria and cannibals. If you manage to find the perfect phrase for your family's birth announcement, please do let me know so I can find some closure by CELEBRATING a WEE INFANT vicariously.

p.s. -- don't forget to enter your guesses in the Baby Name Pool!

Baby Name Pool 2006

Jan 11th 2007

It's time for the 2nd Annual Baby Name Pool, your chance to demonstrate your keen ear for name trends by guessing the fastest rising and falling names of the past year.

Choose three names you think were hot in the United States in 2006, three that were not. (Official government name stats won't be released until Spring.) The top composite score wins a year's worth of bragging rights as the country's #1 "namie." All entries must be submitted by March 1, 2007. One entry per person please!

If you're an old hand at the Pool, head right over to BabyNamePool.com.

If you could use a little background and tips for success, last year's contest info is a great place to start:

- the announcement of the 2005 contest
- the 2005 contest winners
- the actual hottest/nottest names of 2005

Then, it's on to the pool!