3rd Baby Name Help


I need suggestions for third baby girl name. I already have a boy Connor Jacob H.., and a girl Madelyn Rose. We are having alot of difficulty coming up with a third name that is not the name of somebody we know already. We like Sophia, Alexandra, Mia, but unsure if those go with sibling names. Also having trouble thinking of a middle name. (Also both of our names start with A.

Any suggestions are appreciated!



September 3, 2014 10:19 AM

From your list, I think Sophia would work perfectly. Connor, Madelyn, & Sophia.

I would avoid Alexandra if you are both A's.

I don't think middle names are a huge deal - just pick something you like.

Would you want another flower middle? Sophia Iris?

September 3, 2014 12:37 PM

Hi congrats on your new bundle. 

To start off with I would not use another C or M name as I don't like repeating initials on siblings (multiples being an exception). For me that would rule out Mia. You could however use another name for her formal name and use Mia as a nickname. To me this would be the best option if you are settled on Mia as the first name. Some names that Mia can be a nickname for is Amelia, Amelie, Emily, Emilia.

Sophia is a very pretty name and one of my favourites. It means wisdom. Other spellings include Sofia and alternative name is Sophie, Sophy or Sofie.

Alexandra is repeating the A initial on both yours and your partners names. I would avoid another A name myself. Otherwise Alexandra is a nice name though I don't love it. It also stikes me more old fashioned than Connor and Madelyn especially since Madelyn has the trendy lyn or on the end of her name instead of the more classic Madeleine. Some other names similar to Alexandra that you may like are Alexis, Alexa, Alexia, Alexana, Alexi, Alexie, Alexina, Alexandrina, Alexandrine. 

Other names you may like are... Bryony, Iris, Isobel, Jasmine, Lauren, Lily, Olivia, Rosannah. 

For middle names is there someone you would like to honour? 

September 3, 2014 3:13 PM

From your list, I really like Sophia and Alexandra.  I think they both fit really well with Connor & Madelyn.

I also like Mia, but am not crazy about it with the sibling names.  It seems a bit too short next to the longer Madelyn. I also prefer not to repeat initials within sibling groups.  Of course, both of these issues are a matter of preference and may not be an issue for you.  

I'll suggest Charlotte, Abigail, Isabella, Gabrielle/Gabriella, Victoria & Juliette.

I wouldn't worry too much about middle names until you've narrowed down your top 1 or 2 first names.  Perhaps you could find inspiration by mixing & matching the names already on your list?  Alexandra Sophie, Mia Alexandra, Sophia Alexis?  Or maybe you'd like another botantical or color name to coordinate with Rose?  Ivy, Lilly, Ruby, Jasmine, Scarlett, Violet? 

September 4, 2014 6:32 AM

I like the suggestion of Amelia (Mia). Does Madelyn go by Maddy/Maddie or always Madelyn? Sophia is a lovely name and goes well with the other sibling names. Did anything particular inspire the middle names Jacob and Rose? Unless you have a family or other name you particularly want for a middle I would choose the first name first. Do you like Ava? It has a similar feel to Mia. Also Elsa, Emma, Jessica, Lauren.

September 4, 2014 10:15 PM

Brenna, Audrey or Aubrey (I wouldn't personally have an issue with repeating parents' initials as much as siblings'), Hannah, Fiona, Eva or Ava (as someone else suggested), Annalise, Norah, Natalie, Hailey...

I'm suggesting names that are a little less popular than Sophia, just because it's the number one name in the country (yes I know this doesn't mean that everyone will have this name, the numbers aren't as dire as one would expect, etc.) although Ava is up there  too. I think of your 3 I'd prefer Alexandra, or Alexia/Alexa, to maybe give it the twist that your "y" in Madelyn has... But not everyone is bothered by the popularity issue, and if you're not, then I'd go with Sophia, or I also really love Sophie... Yeah, I think I prefer Sophie with Connor and Madelyn...