Andi for a girl??

Is Andi okay for a girl name? I love it. Which I know at the end of the day it’s whatever we like but my DH isn’t crazy about the name. He keeps suggesting a name that can have Andi as a nickname but there aren’t any that I care for. I would rather just name her Andi. Is it too boyish?? We have A more girly middle name so it’s not complete masculine. Just need some feed back. Thanks!


January 20, 2019 10:39 PM

My preference would be for a more formal name with Andi as a nickname.  However, that has more to do with a general preference for more formal names and not because Andi is too boyish (I would also not care for Andy as a given name for a boy).  I just prefer the options of having a more formal name vs. a given name that is a diminutive.

As for the boyish issue, I think Andi-with-an-I is fairly commonly accepted as a girl name.  I don't imagine there would be confusion-if that is what your husband is concerned about.  I think if your husband just doesn't care for Andi as a given name (for whatever reason) having a more formal/feminine given name with Andi as the nickname seems like a reasonable compromise.  

What names has your husband suggested?  If you don't like any of them, maybe we can help you find other options.

January 20, 2019 10:58 PM

Thank you for your reply! His picks are Harper and Kendall and then on the list is Mallory, Della and Hannah (family name fall back). I’m Not crazy about Harper because it is heavily used in our area. And Kendall isn’t bad but just not my favorite either. The others are just ones we like but don’t seem to be “the” name. I keep telling him I feel like there is a name we just haven’t thought of but we can’t seem to find what that is. I didn’t think picking a name would be so hard! 

January 22, 2019 2:30 PM

Oh, those names are rather surprising to me as none of them seem intuitive if Andi is the nickname.  I think a better compromise would be to find a full name he likes, that intuitively offers Andi as a nickname.

Other commenters have suggested things like Andrea, Andromeda, etc-this is more what I was expecting to be on your husband's list.

Mallory makes me think of Miranda, and I think Andi would be great as a nickname for Miranda.

Amanda could work, though it might be an uphill battle trying to avoid Mandy. Alexandra?  Sandra?  Harper and Kendall lean a bit unisex/surnamey for me, along those lines, perhaps Landry?

January 20, 2019 11:11 PM

Have you tried the Baby Name Finder on this site?  You can search for girls' names containing the sequence "and".  There are dozens of options (more and less legitimate) you may not have considered.


How about Andie instead of Andi?  Nicknames ending in i are badly dated and look incomplete.  Toni, Staci, Rikki, Shari, Cori, Maddi - they're all awful, if you ask me.


Andi is very unfashionable right now.  I suspect that your daughter would much prefer that it be short for something - even if it's something made up like Zandria - to give her another option.


Regardless, your husband doesn't like it.  If he's willing to use your favorite name so long as it's a nickname for something else, that's a compromise you should take!  Agree to Cassandra or Andromeda or whatever on the birth certificate and call her Andi.

January 21, 2019 2:53 AM

I would also prefer for Andi to be used as a nn, as it gives her more options. Andrea is the obvious long form, but there's plenty of others.

If you can convinve your husband on just Andi, I do think Andie would probably work better - Andie McDowall makes it 100% feminine. It also works as a full name on the model of Indie (which is quite popular where I am).

January 21, 2019 4:02 AM

First, some data to back up assertions being made upthread.

First, Andi-just-Andi is actually in fair use (more so than a lot of other choices, including Andie). Secondly, it's a very feminine-tilting spelling... and that Kardashians are naming their baby Stormi suggests to me that -i endings aren't quite dead on arrival yet. 

Andi: F,319 and M,20

Andie: F,166 

Andy:F,32 and M,875







You might also consider:

Anderson: F,84 and M,1190

Andromeda: F, 50 (this is my favorite option - hefty and formidable, and so weighty that a truncation is almost invited)
It's also worth noting that there's a range of internal -and- names to consider. I generally think those are less intuitive, like Candice is more likely to be shortened to Candi than Andi... but it's worth thinking about if any of those strike a "feels like it could be our child" note for you and your partner. Some surnames like Chandler, Landon, Landry, placenames like Holland, but also trusty classics like Yolanda, and some exotic traditionals like Leandra or Lysandra or Pandora. I also just now discovered the vintage longstanding-use of Candelaria, which is quite striking.   


January 21, 2019 5:15 AM

sorry I dont like Andi as a name for a girl - here are some other names you could use Andi as a nn for  Amanda, Alessandra, Alexandra, Andrea, Miranda, Cassandra, Alexandria, Sandra, Brianda, Andra, Ayanda, Ayandra, Calandra, Andrianna, Andriette, Candy, Candice, Chandal, Diandra, Jalandra, Leandra, Evandra, Chandra, Candace, Jolandra, Jolanda, Jalanda, Lysandra, Elizandra, Elizanda, Lysanda, Evanda, Calanda, Ayandra, Rolanda, Yolanda, Shandra, Xandra, Shalandra, Shalanda, Xandri, Violanda, Melisande, Melisandre, Andriana, Malandra, Andrina, Alandria, Alanda, Alexandrine, Alexandrita, Allisandre, Alamandine, Amadalyn, 'Amandie, Amarande, Andris, Andrietta, Andrieka, Andina, Brandea, Brianda, Calandria, Iolanda, Jacaranda, Kalanda, Kalandria, Kandra, Kiandra, Kiranda, Liandra, Mandy, Orlanda, Quandra, Quianda, Rashanda, Rolande, Samanda, Sandira, Sandria, Sandreana, Sandrine, Sandrella, Shanandoa, Shandra, Shawanda, Soland, Solande, Tandie, Tawanda, Terranda, Thandie, Towanda, Vandie, Vanda, Verandia, Wanderley, Wandzia, Wysandria, Xandie, Yalanda, Yavanda, Zandra, Zandi. Zanda, Yavandra, Vandra,

from your other names I like Hannah

what about Heidi, Holly, Heather, Lyndal, Kinzi, Kenzie, Kenna, Makenzie, Makayla, Kendra, Melanie, Melody,  Madeline, Matilda, Molly, Makinley,  Delia, Delma, Chelsea, Chantal, Adele, Adeline, Tahirah, Shiloh, Esther, Aria, Brynn, Briohne, Ellery, Eleri, Emlyn, Tamlyn, Tasmyn, Tamsyn, Astrid, Beatrix, Beatrice, Brielle, Ingrid, Greta, Liesel, Carys, Kirrilly, Leticia, Felicity, Nerida, Nerissa, Neroli, Kerilyn, Rosalie, Sabrina, Valerie, Vanessa, Zara, Zahlia, Kahlia, Talia, Malia, Mahalia, April, Ariel, Avril, Aria, Bridget, Freya, Ariadne, Larissa, Laura, Lisa, Kristen, Leah, Erin, Priscilla, Tori, Marissa




January 21, 2019 10:38 AM

Andy (in whatever spelling) is in the same category as Sam and Chris: totally unisex nicknames. People's gender expectations will depend entirely on their previous exposure or acquaintance, which of course nobody can predict. So it's not "too boyish" at all.

However, it is 100% a nickname.

I am reminded of an elementary and high school classmate who was a Kate-just-Kate; even back then, when all of our thoughts about names and naming were half-formed, she frequently complained that her parents hadn't bothered to give her a proper full name. I think she felt belittled from the get-go by her nickname-name.

Now, granted, that sort of reaction is another thing that nobody can predict: some people love their nickname-names, because they concentrate on the endearment aspect of nicknaming. But you have to consider both possible reactions when bestowing a nickname-as-full.

My strong preference is for a proper, full name on the birth certificate, regardless of the planned call name. The full name can be something unexpected, heftier or frillier than your normal tastes, but it still should be something that you actually like, at least in the abstract, because after all, the whole point of bestowing it is to give your child options.

The suggestion above of Andromeda is inspired. It offers other nicknames (Meda, Romy), is so hefty that Andy as a call name comes totally naturally, and yet it is a great feminine name that I would totally enjoy using in full.

January 21, 2019 3:31 PM

As an exclusively Kate, I would feel naked without being a Katherine formally and legally.  



I agree with many of the other posters - I prefer a full name legally, with nicknames for everyday.  My choice for Andi are Andrea, Andromeda, or Cassandra.

January 22, 2019 5:40 AM

I think it will be really interesting to see how the current generation of British children (many of whom have nickname names) go on to name their children. Will there be a backlash against the nickname on the birth certificate? Or will full formal names come to seem even more unusuably stuffy?

January 21, 2019 10:46 AM

I don't care for Andi as a given name because of the same reasons other people have mentioned above. If I read the name Andi, I would 100% go in with the assumption that it was a female name and would be surprised to see a boy or man attached to the name. However, if I only heard the name, I would default to Andy, and would assume male.

I would also think that it would get incredibly tiresome having to answer the question "What's Andi short for?" with "Nothing. That's my full name." And people will ask because that's what people do, since it's an easy get-to-know-you question. Lots of people are just fine with that situation, but I don't think that I would be, so I wouldn't want that for my kid.

January 21, 2019 12:07 PM

I agree that Andi works best as a nickname, if only to give her more options when she gets older, but I don't think it's unheard of as a stand-alone name. Andy for a boy has definitely been used on its own; Andy Griffith's name was just Andy.

I think the biggest association people will have with Andi for a girl right now, at least with kids or their parents, is a Disney channel show called Andi Mack. Not a bad association imo, as the show's cute, wholesome, and not as dumb as a lot of the other recent shows for that age. I don't think they ever specify if Andi is a nickname or not, so there's that. 

January 21, 2019 6:43 PM

I love Andi and Andie for nicknames on women. Less keen for full names. 

Andrina is a beautiful name. 

The mom in the comic strip Fox Trot is Andi. And the main character in Maybe This Time Jennifer Crusie is Andie, short for Andromeda.

January 21, 2019 11:35 PM

I personally think it feels incomplete, but then we do nicknames big time.  We have a couple in our circle with a little girl named Andie Cole.  And at first I was kind of like ?  But it's sort of grown on me.  I think you could get Andi from Kendall.  It may be a slight stretch but it's not like you owe anyone an explanation.

As for the femininity, I agree with HNG---it's going to completely depend on the individual person's experience with Andy/Andi/Andie, and that can't be predicted.  But I also don't know how much that really matters?  You mark F on forms, etc.  People will figure it out.

January 22, 2019 5:23 PM

I also thought that you could get Andi from Kendall - it contains 'and', just in a different order. It is definitely a stretch, but if it gives you a name you love and a name your husband loves, then it might work. I also like the suggestion of Miranda.

January 23, 2019 3:06 PM

Since kids grow into individuals, it seems worth a reminder that any long name should be on you like as is. If you are meh on a name but your daughter loves being Andrea or Calandra she will win over the long term. 

Also consider other nicknames.You never know. Holland who was Andi as a kid may be Holly later, too.