Baby Boy Coming...

Me and my husband are expecting a baby boy! We already have two daughters, Ayana Elizabeth and Sabella Jane. We have had thoughts about Sebastian, Harper, Greyson. With out a doubt, the middle name for the baby will be Joseph after my husband's father. Any suggestions are welcome as we are not 100% sure with the three mentioned. 


January 11, 2017 6:28 PM

My favorite of your list is definitely Greyson. :)

Sebastian is great too, but seems a little close to Sabella to me. Could see Sab/Seb as confusing nicknames. 


January 11, 2017 6:41 PM

My favourite on your list for you is Greyson. It has it's own initial which I find important for siblings to have. It make's life easier when labelling items. I do prefer the spelling Grayson though.

Sebastian is a great name too. My favourite name from your list but with a sister called Sabella I think think they are to matchy.

Harper is not my style at all, either for a boy or girl. I wouldn't use it for a boy mainly as there are so many baby girls called Harper. You shouldn't let my opinion put you off the name you like though.

Some suggestions for you... Rocco, Leo, Felix, Karl, Nico, Eli, Dante, Leon, Levi, Finn, Troy, Rio, Eric, Kai, Lee, Lazlo, Xavier, Valentino, Landen, Julian, Tristan, Hayden, Logan, Orion, Marley, Zaiden, Roman, Carson, Jax, Jackson, Sawyer, Ronin, Damian, Ryder, Brodie, Quinn, Paxton, Rowan, Beckett, Talen, Maddox, Kingston, Finnegan, Max, Lincoln, Tyler, Fabian, Parker, Cooper, Reese, Harrison, Carter.

January 12, 2017 7:57 PM

I plugged Sebastian, Harper, and Greyson into the Name MatchMaker tool and these are a few that came back:


Valentine, Xavier, Oliver, Koen, Lyric, Kash, Amare, Landen, Jensen, Bryson


Good luck & congratulations!