Baby Season?? Part 6


So, I am having triplets, all girls. I already have four children, three boys and one girl (I am going to have 7 CHILDREN). The boys names are Harlowe Nolan, Lennox Noah and Tennison Noel. My daughters name is Shayellah Hope. I don't have a husband as there all born through IVF. I really want to stay with S names for the girls. My names are

Shania Faith

Serena Charity

Sophia Grace

Serenity Joy

Stacy Rose

Sasha Jasmine

Shaliene Lily

However, I am open to a number of names, as long as they stay with the 'vibe' of the siblings names. I also like Peneleope Grace and Pepper Marie.

Thankyou! And if you have questions about the names or siblings names, feel free to ask!


July 3, 2015 5:07 AM

Oops, I meant one girl, not two!

July 3, 2015 11:47 AM

Please don't do repeated initials for the triplets. It'll get too confusing. Plus, it's a logistical assett if you can label stuff with just one letter per infant, which really only works if they have different initials.

As I suggested for one of your sisters, perhaps putting your ideas into the blender a bit could help:

Charity Rose, Jasmine Grace, Serena Lily (one-syllable middles, and everyone has one virtue name and one flower-name)

Penelope Serena, Alexandra Grace (nicknamed Sasha), Sophia Charity (virtue middles, classic feminine firsts; could also do Anastasia, nicknamed Stacy, instead of Alexandra.)

July 3, 2015 11:53 AM

Shania, Shailene, and Serena are my favorites. I feel like Sophia and Stacy would be way out of place with your other children's names, they are just too common and basic next to your unique group.

By Fly
July 3, 2015 12:33 PM

Shaliene (or is it Shailene?) is too close to Shayellah for me.

As HNG said, having differentiated initials would be a big plus. I notice that your boys have similar middle names, but distinctive first names. Perhaps this is a trend you could repeat with the girls, so they have distinctive first names but similar middle names/initials?

Like some of the others you've posted about, there is an opportunity for a virtue-middle names set between all of your girls.  If you want your triplets to have something in common that Shayellah doesn't have, then the flower names are pretty too.

(I have to be honest and say I'm not a fan of virtue names, personally... Just to clarify because I think I've given that same advice on virtue-middles as a tie in about four times in as many days... But it's something a lot of people like, especially with multiple births.)

July 3, 2015 1:04 PM

So if you've read my comments on the other threads, I'm sure you expect that I'll urge against all S names for triplets.  I also notice your boys all have their own initials, which makes me want to give the girls their own initials too.  Why should your daughters be named as a set, when the boys got to be named as individuals?

If you must do all S names,  I will strongly suggest against using Shania & Shaliene as I think they are both too similiar to your daughter's name.  I will also suggest against Serena & Serenity together.  Too similiar in sound & they are really just variations on the same word, with the same meaning.

From your list, I would probably go with Sasha, Stacy & Serenity as they have the least sounds in common.

I like both Penelope & Pepper, but will vote against using them together.  I've seen Pepper suggestions more than once as a possible nickname for Penelope.  I just can't get on board with naming one child something that could be used as a diminutive of a siblings name.

If you like Pepper though, I wonder if you'd like a botancial or herb theme?  Pepper, Ginger & Juniper.  Pepper, Ginger & Sage.  Again, theme names for multiples isn't my thing, but at least the kids all get their own initials & the names are less likely to get mangled when said together.

July 3, 2015 1:04 PM

Another vote for making your theme "coordinated middle names by gender" and not "first name initials matching". Four girls with S names, three of which are triplets, sounds terribly confusing. I'd pick your favorites of Faith, Chairty, Grace and Joy for the middle names, or possibly other H mdidle names, and then pursue first names that are not starting with S.

Penelope (this spelling) is a great start!

July 3, 2015 2:42 PM

I'm one of the few people who don't inherently dislike the same letters for sibling names. However, since your boys each have their own letter, doing matching letters for all the girls just doesn't seem to fit. 

You seem to really like virtue names, so I'm all for that being a unifying theme for middle names. (Your boys have the "no" sound for their middle names, so you've got a precedent.)

I also LOVE the idea of the flower + virtue combinations. BEAUTIFUL! If that doesn't suit you, here are some more ideas:

Penelope Grace is fantastic. Let's start there.

Cecilia Joy

Christabel Faith

Davina Faith

Dorothea Joy

Marjorie Faith

Theodora Joy


July 4, 2015 12:12 AM

Another vote AGAINST all S names for your triplets, unless you simply like S names.  Then you're going with your favorite names, not forcing the names to fit a pattern.  I have a thing for M names myself.

If you do go with three S names, make them very very different.  Like Shannon, Solveig, and Sierra.

In terms of tying triplets' names together, I think better done with a middle name, or maybe an ethnicity.  Like if you're of Welsh ancestry, three Welsh names like Rhiannon, Bryony, and Gwendolyn.  Definite theme, but not matchy-matchy.

By rooo
July 4, 2015 2:11 PM

I noticed that all of your boys have N- middle names. Rather than having all of your girls' names start with S, why don't you have their middles start with H? Or all virtue middles?

Hadley, Hannah, Hailey, Hallie, Helen, Harper, Harriett, Harmony, Heidi, Hermione, Hillary, Honor... lots of great options

If you like Shania, what about Delia or Miranda? Instead of Serena, what about Marina, Rowena or Nina? Rather than Sophia or Sasha, what about Isabella, Olivia, Ava, Amelia, Alicia, Cassandra or Bianca? 

Your style for your older kids is a bit more of the moment. Other names I think of to go with those are: Aleah, Juniper, Gracen, Riley, Juliet, Everly, Mabel, Indigo, Bellamy, Vivienne, Thea, Piper


I like Penelope Grace, Cassandra Faith and Rowena Joy

or Delia Harper, Nina Hadley and Ava Hermione

Juniper Joy, Everly Faith and Piper Grace

By rooo
July 4, 2015 2:19 PM

I have a question for you. I noticed some of the same names on multiple lists. With all of these babies being born around the same time, how are you and your sisters/friends going to decide who gets to use which names? Or are you all okay with some of these cousins and friends having the same first names? Or same middles?

July 5, 2015 12:40 AM

I was wondering the same thing, as the OP mentioned at least three of the families live within 12 blocks of each other. How many Anastasias and Paxes can one preschool handle? ;-) No, but really, maybe have a pregnancy-celebrating, name brainstorming party with all these folks, so they see the repetition, or maybe find a way to slip into your separate name conversations.

Pax and Anastasia really feel like the kinds of names that 1) were never in today's parents classes, so they sound exotic and original, but 2) are either on a true naming upswing, as Anastasia has been for the past 50 years, when it entered the U.S. Top 1000 and steadily climbed to 2014's #240, or have widespread notice around thanks to celebrity naming, as Pax does, so that 3) they are more popular than the parents realize, and 4) are the kind of distinctive names that end up being popular in certain cultural niches, so that some towns have none, and others have three in the same grade.

Note for the N. Americans like myself trying to help our Aussies out: Some names are way more popular there, so what sounds like a parent with eclectic taste is actually someone who like a Top 50 name and might not be looking to go far afield for a sibling's name. Best Example: Imogen. Not even on today's U.S. Top 1000, but Top 50 in AU.

Love that they offer suggestions if you're ditching a beoved name because it's so popular.