Brainstorm for twins

Hey guys, remember how I joked about how I hoped my ovaries didn't spit out two eggs to land me with fraternal twins? Well the joke is on us, because they only spit out one...but that one fertilized egg split in two and we are having identical twins (we can tell because they are sharing a placenta on ultrasound). Unfortunately the newer DNA blood test that lets you know the sex at 12 weeks isn‘t recommended for twins so we have to wait until the 20 week ultrasound.  I’m feeling a little less fatalistic about the prospect of naming two more boys because in browsing my Oxford dictionary of first names, I came across a few I liked and hadn‘t really considered and Mr.lorelei sort of liked them (!) and agreed to put them on the list (Anders, Rhys, and it turns out he doesn’t hate Emrys as I assumed he would). 

So awhile back there was this thread where the OP asked for everyone’s top 5 girl names and a lot of us thought it was silly not to give more criteria for style preferences, but it ended up turning into a really cool brainstorming thread.  Because you know, maybe someone on here wouldn’t feel comfortable joining in on a thread about rare Scandinavian names, but has five names he or she loves and one of them might give me an idea that might lead me to plug it into behindthename’s family tree, or something. 

So that being said, what are your five favorite girl names at present, as well as your five favorite boy names? (if you really want to know my style you can click on my user name and see the list but I really just want to know YOUR top 5).


July 31, 2018 10:30 PM

Excluding my kids, and without thinking about this too much, I'll say:

Emmeline, Jessamine, Hazel, Josephine, Lauren

Stephen, Edmund, Asher, Rafael, Jesse


It was fun reading all the lists. 

July 31, 2018 11:38 PM

Oh my goodnes, so many awesome lists I’ve had trouble keeping up and failed at commenting on everyone’s posts! But I’d like to note that Marigold appeared no less than THREE TIMES. That one is totally new to me outside the flower, obviously, but one more reason I absolutely love this forum. And secondly, I’ve been reading these to Mr.lorelei and he had fun trying to guess which posters are in the UK, Australia, or elsewhere.  I’ve grown so accustomed to our wide distribution that I’ve gotten used to seeing names more in fashion outside the states but a lot of them really stood out to him.

August 1, 2018 1:08 PM

Off-topic for names but just going off a comment you made earlier about the prospect being terrifying; whenever I speak to someone pregnant with twins I like to refer them to a blog post to balance all the scary statistics/dire warnings you get told (which obviously are important to know but can make you feel like there's no way your babies won't be early and tiny and sick): if the link doesn't work then just google 'Looky daddy full term twin pregnancy' and it should be the first result. Make sure to read the comments too, and the twins of the woman writing the post are also identical :) 

August 1, 2018 3:29 PM

I’m a really big advocate for making singleton preGNancy the preferred outcome of infertility treatments and not glamorizing multiples, but also sometimes it happens on its own...and that is exciting when you think about the fact that here you have naturally occurring clones. one in every twenty some births is a twin now so the technology is better at coping with the medical challenges than ever. Childbirth of big headed bipeds is always risky and dangerous no matter what - and yet all your ancestors all made it. 

August 1, 2018 9:36 PM

Oh, thanks guys. I guess I should have specified that I find even the prospect of healthy, full term twins terrifying due to my clear memories of how difficult it was just having ONE newborn. Plus affording daycare for one toddler and two infants simultaneously and the unexpected expense of having to buy a large number of items for twins because we either need an additional one or we can’t use the one we still have (ie stroller, car seat that won’t fit three across but would have fit two just fine... etc.). I’m almost halfway through a pretty intense multi year educational/professional program and thus have long hours. So that’s just...extra. 

Aaand it‘s why I almost inherently disbelieve any post on this forum that comes in cheerfully stating they’re having multiples, unless they’re a long time poster we all know. Thank you for the links though, and the perspective, both of you.  If they are girls I will have to be careful not to end up with both names just pulled from Orphan Black, speaking of clones. (I have taken to referring to them as orange and purple, for anyone else who has watched the entire series).


August 2, 2018 1:13 AM

Newborn twins are for sure a LOT of work. The most comforting advice I got for this was from a cousin with twins, who told me it gets noticeably easier every six months. I definitely found that to be true, and by eighteen months they were actually easier in some ways than a singleton. It's not a LOT of comfort, but it was helpful at the three-month-mark to remind myself I was halfway through the hardest bit :).

For expenses, one thing to keep in mind is that people love twins, and are even more likely than usual to offer gifts and assistance in the early months. Of course there will be some things that you need or want to buy yourself (like safety seats that fit your vehicle), but for items where you can be more flexible I suspect if you let it be known that you could really use a second bouncy seat or more baby socks or what-have-you, you'll be amazed at what turns up on your doorstep. Seriously, I could have opened an Etsy shop with all the adorable handmade baby blankets we received, and I had to find polite ways to turn down hand-me-downs from folks when the twins were starting kindergarten. It doesn't help with college tuition or music lessons, but it can ease the initial financial shock some. (Actually, financial aid also puts a cap on total per-year family contributions, so depending on your income it's likely that putting two kids through school simultaneously will be cheaper than doing so consecutively. More positive twin thoughts for you!)

August 2, 2018 10:51 AM

Not a multiple mother, and would definitely be freaked out if I were expecting twins, but if this is your second go at motherhood I'll just say from recent experience that I find the second time about a thousand times easier than the first, despite having to deal with a toddler at the same time. Of course, a lot of it depends on sleep and your own dose of hormone soup, but I think you might be pleasantly surprised at how unflappable you are on small issues.

I also second putting out a call for help for stuff. I have never bought a car seat, and have at least six of them stashed at my in-laws (many hand-me-downs from a mother of twins who was given many at her baby shower). I have also never bought a stroller, high chair or crib, and have multiples of all of them. People often rally round if they know what you need, even more so with twins I would imagine, so it's worth being honest about what that is. And many urban centres probably have facebook groups organized for parents where you can likely buy and sell all the big ticket items second hand.

Good luck!

August 2, 2018 2:37 PM

I'll also jump in and add that I remember very clearly sitting on the floor one night and seeing the crib and two carseats side by side and freaking out that in a few months I'd have two infants, I had so much help with our first baby how was I going to do it this time with so much less help. Then a few months later I remember sitting on my bed with two freshly bathe boys and thinking I couldn't even remember what it  was like to only have one baby to take care of at a time. 

There are things that you can only expirence with multiples and it's awe inspiring to see these beautiful babies that can't do very much yet seem to communicate between themselves.  I found out I was having twins at 7 weeks, and remember reading horror stories on line then my grandmother reminded me that all the twins in the family came years before and thrived and so would mine.  Enjoy the moments they go too fast. My twins are almost 13 

On a side note at 7 weeks it appeared they were modi twins, and as baby A grew faster and larger than B, they were confident in the early assesment. we had an u/s every friday from 20 weeks, alternating from growth one week to bio(blood flow) they still expected identicals in the delivery room.  Baby A was a blond and B had coal black hair, the plancenta had fused so although A grew faster he was never a threat to B. The twins are fraternal.

August 2, 2018 5:27 PM

I will echo what nedibes said in that I find it definitely does get easier (yes some aspects get more difficult but the net effect is easier) as they grow up, it's great once they can reliably amuse each other and there's nothing like getting to see the bond between them. You'll also quickly adjust to dealing with two infants at the same time I promise, you find ways to make it work without even thinking about it.

I will also second (or third or fourth) the suggestion to ask around for the big things you need or check for 'nearly new' sales or in charity shops/on ebay because people are very generous and you can get some really good deals on second hand stuff. 

August 2, 2018 3:58 AM

Did Mr_Lorelai pick where I'm from? :)  I was also struck by how some less popular names appeared quite often, lots of people with good taste!

August 2, 2018 10:57 PM

He guessed UK. I gave him partial credit.

August 3, 2018 4:30 AM

Given the cross-over in UK and Australian styles that is probably a fair guess!  Especially given my love of Scandi names which is less common in Aus :)

August 1, 2018 7:22 PM

Dream names I won’t get to use~

Girls: Adrienne, Bridget, Cora, Elinor, Sylvie 

Boys: Noel, Campion, Miles, Julian, Walden

August 1, 2018 9:52 PM

Are you still taking lists? My favorites change all the time, but at this moment, I would say:

Girls: Everly, Rebecca, Serenity, Claire, Isla

Boys: Jameson, Maverick, Gage, Everett, Christian

August 3, 2018 1:46 AM

I'm delurking for a bit because I really have enjoyed this thread, both for the name lists and for the twin advice.


First my top 5s (fun to think about without worrying about last name, other kids' names, and the big one, DH's opinion!)


Girls: Julia, Caroline, Saskia, Verity, Imogen

Boys: Linus, Ambrose, Fergus, Ciaran/Kieran, Fletcher


I didn't include my own kids name - only one of them would actually make it onto my top five anyway, now that I think about it. Of course I do like the others but they were more compromises with DH.


And on the twin situation, I appreciated the advice already given (my girls are now 2 months corrected, so we are still in the thick of it!) We have definitely had so much help (childcare for the older kids, housework, meals ...) and even though I already had so much girl stuff, people have been all "aww twins!" so I have practically a whole new wardrobe for them, plus a cupboard full of nappies and other baby stuff. And I just wanted to give you best wishes as I know identical twins can be higher-risk (mine are DCDA and I had enough complications with them).

I also wanted to say, if they spend any time at all in NICU or special care (of course you hope they don't, but with twins it's fairly likely) they'll get into a routine and you should get a lot of help and advice from the nurses on how to deal with 2 babies, especially with regards to feeding (at least that was my experience).  I've found it easier having new twins, plus 2 older kids, than having my first baby when we had no idea what we were doing.

August 8, 2018 12:17 AM

Whew, tough questions!  I'm going with top 5 if I had sole naming rights and didn't have to consult a fussy husband.  My own sons will not be included on the list but they are Atticus, Malakai, and Isaias.


1. Elias/Ellis

2. Mathias/Matteos

3. Silas

4. Mortimer

5. Fletcher

Okay but seriously, I didn't really realize until now how much I seem to love names that end in S for boys!


1. Felicity

2. Scarlett

3. Monroe

4. Gianna

5. Louisa

August 14, 2018 4:48 PM

Ok--I'm going to leave out my kid's names because then I get to play around.


Anneliese (4 syllable)