Due in May - Sibling Names for Lewis and Eleanor

I posted a while back about a hypothetical sibling for Lewis and Eleanor (I can't find the original post though? It must've been more than a year ago). Now after a rather long wait, two actual siblings - twins! - are on their way, due in May, and having had several months to mull over possible names, DH and I have now got a "short"list.

We haven't found out the genders, although being twins it's a bit of a challenge as I am having scans every hospital visit, and get asked each time if I want to find out - but I really do want a surprise (especially a double surprise!) like I did with my first two. So we are after two boys names and two girls names. I had been keeping an every-growing list of names which I gave to DH to choose from, and this is what he has chosen:





Now my concern is choosing names that sound good with Lewis and Eleanor as older siblings, and which also sound good as a "twin set". I don't want to be just referring to "the twins" all the time because the two names are too difficult to say together. So, for example, on our girl list we have a couple of 4-syllable names, and although individually I like them, I don't know if they would work together because there'd be a lot of name to get through! We don't use nns for the first two, because it just didn't feel right, and I don't know if we would do nns for the twins either.

I think stylistically a lot of these names are all over the place, which is where I'm struggling to make a choice (DH likes them all and doesn't worry about them "going together"). Looking them up in the BNW book, many of them are in the Timeless category - which makes me lean more towards them than the ones which are more tied to a particular time period.


So I'd appreciate your feedback on the names as siblings to Lewis and Eleanor, and also as names for twins. Obviously some wouldn't work together (Adrian and Adriana ...) If you were me, and had to name either boy/boy, girl/girl or boy/girl twins from the names on our list, which names do you think work well together? And which don't? There are a couple of issues which I have considered (some which I think I had mentioned on my earlier post) and I am curious to see if they are clearly problematic to any of you.

Btw - I am pretty sure all the names sound good with our ln, and we have a long list of mn possibilities (family names) so we'll decide on the first names first and then choose the mns. Thank you for reading all of this, and thanks in advance for your help!


March 8, 2018 5:34 AM

You guys are either way better at reading ultrasounds than I am, or image quality is way better in the US. I pretty much need the head pointed out to me, it's so unclear. I guess I could spring for one of those 4D ones, but I find them kind of creepy.

March 8, 2018 10:14 AM

Oh, those *are* creepy! Plus, it's much harder to find the absence of something than its presence on an ultrasound, if you know what I mean. 

March 8, 2018 2:08 PM

Image quality varies HUGELY on machine. The contrast between my reproductive endocrinologist (not covered by insurance) and the OBs/Midwives office (covered by insurance) was hilarious, like suddenly the baby took a journey backwards in time and suddenly became a blob again, though really it was several decades of technology difference. We did get referred to another office with good image quality for a nuchal translucency scan at the end of the first trimester, and for the anatomy scans midway through we got referred out to other locations where the machines were generally okay too, but the RE's machines and also the specialist cardiac ultrasound assessment were in a league of their own.

Also if you are an infertility patient, you get trained with loads of experience looking at non-baby internal organs first, and that has to be good for something!

March 8, 2018 8:17 PM

You'd think after the number of scans that I've had (up to weekly scans at the moment) that I could tell the different bits apart, but no. I know when they're looking at the heads, because they are clearly head shaped, but that's it! Earlier on it was easier because I could see the whole baby on the screen (and really early on, two babies on the one screen!) but now I have no idea. And the sonographers are good and ask me every time if I know the genders, and when I say no they just say they won't look.


And, yes, part of the reason I like having a surprise is because I want to know what names DH and I would choose for either a boy or girl (or in this case - two boys or two girls!) I like being able to say to my kids with certainty, this is what you would've been named had you turned out to be the opposite gender.

March 8, 2018 8:50 PM

That's sweet. I actually feel kinda bad that my daughter doesn't have her alternate reality boy name like I did. But I'll bet that it's going to be much less of a thing among her friends than it was among mine considering how many people find out the sex today. On the other hand, my husband and I were getting nowhere quickly with boy names, so it did take off a lot of stress.

March 14, 2018 12:38 AM

Possibly-amusing factoid to take to your next scan: they didn't know we were twins until our mom had been in labor for 12 hours, and even then, they didn't do an ultrasound, they just did an x-ray. I'm not sure the hospital where we were born *had* an ultrasound machine. (This was in the early 1970's in southern California.)

Another fun fact: Mom always said Dad wanted one boy and got two girls instead, but when we asked them what that one boy would have been named, neither of them had the faintest idea. They couldn't even list the possibilities they might have had in mind.

(I swear I clicked "reply" on jacaranda's post, not Karyn's...)

March 8, 2018 9:24 AM

We've done it both ways. With my twins, there were so many unknowns that we decided to eliminate what variables we could. We had an amazing U/S tech, who actually was able to accurately identify sex based on blood flow rather than "parts" at 9 weeks for our daughter and 12 for our son. We had SO MANY scans that go-around—every single day in the last weeks—that I'm not sure we could have kept it secret, if only because interns aren't always great at guarding their tongues.

My next pregnancy was much less fraught, and we figured we already had one of each, so we managed to not find out until the birth, helped by a lot of strategic not-looking when the tech told us. That was great fun.

With our last, the older kids really wanted to know, so we were leaning towards finding out. Then when we got to the scan the tech did an unannounced pass across his lower body and it was all over. When she asked "do you want to know the sex?" we were both thinking "don't we already?"

By EVie
March 8, 2018 3:42 PM

Emily, if you had seen my son's 20-week ultrasound, you would have known what you were looking at! I called it before the ultrasound tech said anything, it was that obvious. We couldn't have kept it a surprise if we'd wanted to. Like, shot from beneath the butt, big round boy parts front and center. 

We actually also had a different ultrasound tech and a doctor independently and correctly identify "boy" at the 13 week NT scan, too. I seem to remember they can tell based on the angle of the "nub" that eventually develops into genitals, but that time I couldn't begin to tell what they were seeing. I don't think all doctors/ultrasound machinery can pick that up, though -- my sister had no idea it was possible when she was pregnant with her son a couple years ago, and she's a med student.

I was glad to find out in advance. It gave me time to mentally prepare for what I was getting, and also cut down on half of the necessary name discussions, which tend to be more frustrating than fun with my husband.

March 15, 2018 4:48 AM

The ultrasound techs can actually tell WAY earlier than the 20-week checkup, it's just that there is room for error and so in USA etc they simply WON'T say anything because of the potential fallout of crazy-pregnant-parent-wrath.  One of the nice things about being pregnant in Southeast Asia is that they are more relaxed and will tell you exactly what they see and think.  So I got right from the beginning "65% it's a girl..."  "85% it's a girl...."  "yes, definitely a girl."

Fun fact!  In first trimester both boys and girls have a... protruding organ which ultimately turns into respective parts, but girls' are parallel to body and boys' are perpendicular.


March 15, 2018 10:41 AM

In my 12 week ultrasound I looked for parallel vs perpendicular and it was quite distinctly parallel. I didn't let myself believe that it was a girl until the tech confirmed it at 20 weeks, but it turns out that I read it properly. (Or that I got lucky with help from Dr. Google.)

March 8, 2018 2:23 PM

I think Vincent and Carmen are best. Also, I think Carmen is actually better suited for a boy, but I love the name either way. If you went with Carmen for a boy, I think Julia would sound nice for a girl twin. Idk, just a suggestion!! Good luck!!

June 11, 2018 7:29 PM

Hi everyone, I just wanted to come back with an update, because I so appreciated all your help! Our two tiny twins arrived way back in April, born at 31 weeks due to pPROM. They surprised us by being two girls - I was convinced we were having a boy and a girl!


We went with my favourite name - Johanna, and DH's favourite - Catalina. We've received so many positive comments on their names, and I have no regrets. Johanna gets mispronouced/misspelled as Joanna A LOT, but as I like both versions it doesn't worry me too much.


If they had been boys, we had agreed on Edmund and Kieran. At the last minute DH said he really, really liked Linus better than Kieran. So I guess it's good they turned out to be girls, or we would've ended up with Lewis and Linus :)


Our girls are now home with us after a long 9 weeks in NICU/Special Care. They are still very little, and will have some challenges ahead due to being premmie, but they are perfect to us and we couldn't be happier.


June 11, 2018 11:23 PM

Congratulations! And well done! 

((hugs)) on the NICU and preemies. My oldest had a 22 day stay. (You'd never know looking at him now though!)

June 12, 2018 7:02 AM

Congratulations! Those are both beautiful names and I think it's lovely that you each got your favourite. So glad to hear that your girls are home with you now, I agree the time will fly by and you won't be able to believe they were ever this small! Thanks for coming to update us. :-)

June 12, 2018 7:11 AM

Johanna and Catalina - so lovely,  congratulations,  glad you are home now too

June 12, 2018 10:01 AM

I too greatly appreciate the update as well as the excellent name choices, and send my best wishes to your family as you recover from the long NICU stint. I hope you can overcome most of those consequences of prematurity in the long term ... and on the short term settle in at home as family of six!

June 12, 2018 12:51 PM

Congratulations! The names have a great story, and do a very good job of being complementary without being at all matchy.