Girl names that can be used for all stages in life

Hello everyone I am having trouble deciding on the names that I want to use for my future children (twin girls) and I hope you guys can help me.

My names list I thinks does not have a style as I have been obsessed with names for most of my life. I have decided therefore I need some help in deciding what names from my list are suitable for a child.

Names I like are...
Elysee (Elise)
Elenore (Eleanor)

Any new name suggestions are most welcome.


August 25, 2013 7:24 PM

I really don't see a problem with any of these names. Some are more to my style than others, but I don't have a particular problem with any of them. Care to share any hints on your last name? Starts with, # of syllables, something it rhymes with? It would help use narrow names down based on flow.

In the absence of any other information, I'll just give you some thoughts that occured to me.

Athene-seems a bit more exotic than most of your other names.  From your list, I'd probably pair with Elowen as I think they would share about the same level of familiar but exotic for most people.

If you are concerned about popularity, you might want to stay away from Isabel/le, Charlotte, Elenore and the other "starts with El" names.  

Elysee I think will be problematic.  It looks like it should be El-ih-see.  Elyse would probably get you the correct pronunciation more often, though it could still cause issues since the Y in similar names has the "i" sound--is in Alyssa. Elise is lovely though, any particular reason you don't want to use this spelling?

Katelyn & Renee are a bit dated, but they are both lovely and would probably never have to use their last initials in class.  

Rose also jumps out at me.  It's so common as a middle name, but I would like to see it get more use as a first. From your list, I'm not sure what I would pair with though.  Maybe Katherine?

August 25, 2013 7:29 PM

Since I don't really mind about sharing my surname it is Abbots.

August 25, 2013 8:32 PM

First of all, most names, even if grown up sounding, can work for a child if you find the right nickname.  I think yours can all work.

My favorites on your list are Rose and Elysee.  I much prefer the more common spelling of Elise, and I think your daughter will thank you if you use it.  My husband is an Erik spelled with a 'k,' which isn't unusual and we get things misspelled all the time because the more common spelling is with a "C."  It is very annoying to have to deal with and correct things.  Even family and people we know spell it different than it is.

Rose has become very common as a middle name, but I don't think it is used very often for a first.  My daughter's middle name is Rose.  My grandmother's name is Rose and my sister is Rosemary (after both grandmothers) so Rose was a natural choice for us.  I wonder if it has become popular because a lot of people have grandmother's named Rose.

Charlotte and Katherine would be pretty together too.  

August 25, 2013 9:33 PM

I like Eleanor and Charlotte. These names will age well. These names are also easy to remember and spell.