Have a long list of girls name and i need it narrowed down...what do you think of them?

1. Lucy Evangeline

2. Ivy Evangelina

3. Ainsley Caterina

4. Phoebe Eleanor

5. Thea Eloise

6. Charis Aniston

7. Amity Jane

8. Acacia Adelaide

9. Ardith Lorelei

10. Eisley Lorelei

11. Arden Calliope

12. Calliope Arden

13. Antonia Calliope

144. Calista Imogen

15. Karina Gwen

16. Penelope Scarlett

17. Charissa Penelope

18. Vivien Alessa

19. Portia Iris


By hyz
November 30, 2012 3:25 PM

Hmm, that is a long one!  here are my quick thoughts (with stars in front of my favorites):

*1. Lucy Evangeline -- lovely name that is classic with a contemporary feel. 

*2. Ivy Evangelina -- I may be biased because I have an Ivy, but I think this is beautiful.

3. Ainsley Caterina -- Ainsley seems almost dated to me these days, and then there's the problem that so many people don't know how to pronounce it.  So, I like this one, but not one of my favorites.

*4. Phoebe Eleanor -- Lovely, classic.  Phoebe isn't always my favorite name, but somehow the pairing with Eleanor makes it feel so sweet and right.

*5. Thea Eloise -- love both Thea and Eloise, and the name feels both spunky and refined, somehow.

6. Charis Aniston -- like Charis, don't care for Aniston.  With another MN, this might be one of my top picks.  Charis Evangeline?  Charis Adelaide?

7. Amity Jane -- cool, and I like Amity, but Amity Jane sounds so strongly like Calamity Jane that I wouldn't pick this pair.  Again, with another MN, this might be a top choice for me.  Amity Imogen?  Amity Eloise?

8. Acacia Adelaide -- I want to like this a lot, but I just don't really like that -sha sound in Acacia, I'm afraid.

*9. Ardith Lorelei -- Interesting and attractive, a nice pair.

10. Eisley Lorelei -- not sure about Eisley as a FN.  It sounds a bit made up, and also reminds me of the Isaly's restaurant chain (home of the Klondike bar and chip-chopped ham), although that's a more regional (and now mostly historical) association.

11. Arden Calliope -- Arden is another name I really want to love, but I find the Ard- part a bit awkward to say.

12. Calliope Arden -- fine, but Calliope is a bit too adventurous for me personally as a FN

13. Antonia Calliope -- fine, but Antonia is just not one of my favorites

14. Calista Imogen -- see #12.  However, I do love Imogen, and would vote for it in the first spot.  Imogen Calista?  Imogen Calliope?

15. Karina Gwen -- Karina is too much like Katrina for me, and therefore feels a bit dated.

16. Penelope Scarlett -- very nice, but not my top since Penelope isn't one of my personal favorites

17. Charissa Penelope -- Charissa feels a bit dated to me

18. Vivien Alessa -- Fine, although I prefer the Vivian spelling, and Alessa is only ok for me.

19. Portia Iris -- See #14.  Portia's a bit too much for me, but I'd love to see Iris in the first spot.  Iris Penelope?  Iris Eleanor?  Iris Evangeline?

November 30, 2012 3:33 PM

What an interesting mix! I'll just tell you those I'd eliminate, but I'm basing this just on my preference. I'm sure others will come up with some better reasoning.

I would eliminate Ardith. I don't like the lispy quality of the ith names, and it just feels middle aged to me.

I'm not sure how to pronouce Charis and Charissa. I'm sure that's silly. There is something about the look of them that doesn't strike me as classic and classy in the same vein as your other names.

Acacia is just not a name I love the sound of, and it's quite a prickly plant, isn't it?

Eisley is cute, but seems like a bit of an outlier. It has a trendier/younger quality than the others.

I'm also not a particular fan of Portia (love Iris), Calliope (love Arden), Vivien, Amity, or Antonia, but again, that's just me.

I absolutely love Lucy, Ivy, Thea, Phoebe, Penelope, Arden with a different mn, and Ainsley with a different mn.

If it matters, I sense that Lucy, Ivy, and Penelope are all on the verge of being big (if they aren't already).

Given that it's such a large list, I'd pull each out of a hat and eliminate any that you don't immediately love as much as the others and seeing if you can't get it down to five or so.

You might also try hollering them each out the back door!

November 30, 2012 3:56 PM

That is a heck of a list! I have comments on all of them, with my favorites in bold.

1. Lucy Evangeline - nice, pleasant name, but kind of meh.

2. Ivy Evangelina - again, nice but a bit bland

3. Ainsley Caterina - Ainsley sounds like vapid socialite.  I really don't care for this one.

4. Phoebe Eleanor - love it!  It's a good balance - Phoebe is sort of ethereal, while Eleanor is solid. Great choices individually, great combination.

5. Thea Eloise - Thea feels like of incomplete to me?  Like it should be short for something longer?

6. Charis Aniston - Charis is okay, but Aniston sounds like you named her after Jennifer Aniston, which seems undignified.

7. Amity Jane - I like the meaning, and it's kind of spunky and fun.  You meant to invoke Calamity Jane, right?

8. Acacia Adelaide - I like Acacia.  It is a tough, spiky plant, but I like that balance with the soft sounds of Acacia.  It would take the right girl/woman to wear this, but it has definite potential.

9. Ardith Lorelei - Not a fan of Ardith.  It just sounds like it's trying too hard to be hipster.

10. Eisley Lorelei - Eisley is in the same category as Ainsley for me.  I don't like it.

11. Arden Calliope - I don't love Arden.  It doesn't sound feminine, and it also somehow feels pretentious or excessively preppy.

12. Calliope Arden - Calliope is cool, but again, not an Arden fan.

13. Antonia Calliope - Like Phoebe Eleanor, this has great balance between the first and middle names.  And I love all the nickname potential with Antonia - Ann, Annie, Toni, Nia.

144. Calista Imogen - This is really great!  It's classical but accessible at the same time.  I'd probably spell it Callista, but I think both variants are equally valid.

15. Karina Gwen - Karina's fine, but I'd use the full Gwendolyn for a middle name.

16. Penelope Scarlett - I like this a lot.  I agree that Penelope seems to be getting more popular, which is my only hesitation.  But it's a great name.

17. Charissa Penelope - It's nice, but it's a bit too over the top for me.

18. Vivien Alessa - I think I'd like Vivian better, but this is a fine name.

19. Portia Iris - This is a really great name.  A Portia sounds like she'd be both beautiful and smart - not many girls' names suggest both in equal measure.

November 30, 2012 6:24 PM

You have some great names here! Here are the ones I would eliminate:

Ainsley Caterina- feels too young/trendy, and I just don't like the "ain" sound.  It makes me think of "ain't"

Charis Aniston- not sure if this is supposed to be a CH sound or K sound, so you might get a lot of confusion.

Amity Jane- Sounds more like a cartoon character. Also makes me think of Amityville Horror

Ardith Lorelei- Ardith just doesn't sound pretty to me. It's difficult to say.

Eisley Lorelei- feels young/trendy/made-up and I'm not sure how to pronounce it

Arden Calliope- Arden feels more masculine, I'm just not a fan of the AR sound

Charissa Penelope- again, I don't know if it should be a CH or K sound. If K, I would spell it without the H.  It sounds date-stamped 80's to me


I love many of the others!  You have a great list!


November 30, 2012 7:01 PM

I can see where Charissa may sound dated along with names like melissa and alyssa. I liked Clarissa but wanted something with a cute nick name like charis. It is pronounced *paris* with a k instead of p :)


Hubby and I decided to get rid of Charissa and Ardith as possibilities.

November 30, 2012 8:23 PM

You were kidding, that is a long list.  Here are my thoughts on the names, I've underlined my favorites.

 ***Edited because my underlines don't show up!  I've added asterisks to my favorites.

**1. Lucy Evangeline   Lovely.  I like the balance between the shortness/simplicity of Lucy combined with the length/exotic quality of Evangeline.

2. Ivy Evangelina   It's OK, but a little too much V for my taste.

3. Ainsley Caterina    I've never been a big fan of Ainsley, it sounds too much like anal to me.  I do like Caterina though.

**4. Phoebe Eleanor    Like Lucy Evangeline I think this name has a nice balance.  Phoebe is a bit whimsical to me, which pairs nicely with the seriousness of Eleanor.

5. Thea Eloise    I like this, but it's not a favorite from your list.  I don't care for the flow between the ending a of Thea & the E of Eloise.

6. Charis Aniston    I like Charis, but Aniston is too strongly associated with the actress and it seems very trendy/likely to be dated.  I'd prefer something like Charis Anne much better.  BTW, I'm assuming Charis is said like the Welsh name Carys.  I do slightly prefer the Carys spelling.

7. Amity Jane   I like the sound of this one, but Amity is still too Amityville Horror for me.  I realize people younger than me might not have this problem though.  Instead of Amity, I'll suggest Verity.

8. Acacia Adelaide    I really like Adelaide and Acacia is OK, but I'm not crazy about them together.  Acacia also seems to be a different style than your other names.

9. Ardith Lorelei     Like Lorelai, but Ardith sounds very harsh to me.  I think something like Edith Lorelei or perhaps Adelaide Lorelei has a better flow.

10. Eisley Lorelei    Again, I'm not crazy about Eisley (I just think Isley Brothers).  I'll suggest Isla Lorelei instead.

11. Arden Calliope    Despite it's similarity to Ardith, I find that I like Arden a little better.  I guess the ending softens the "are" sound, where the Th ending of Ardith makes the "are" sound harsher.  I can see the balance between whimsical/soft (Calliope) and more serious Arden, but I don't like this one as much as the others.

12. Calliope Arden   I like better than Arden Calliope.  

13. Antonia Calliope   I am not a fan of Antonia for some reason I can't really articulate.

144. Calista Imogen    This one is pretty nice.  I do find a bit of trouble with the flow of the ending a into the I of Imogen.

15. Karina Gwen    I'll rate this one as also pretty nice.  Not my favorite from your list, but nothing stands out as something I partiularly dislike or consider potentially problematic.  Since you have Gwen listed here, I'll also suggest Calliope Gwen as a nice pairing.

**16. Penelope Scarlett    The fact that I rank this as a favorite is really saying something, as I am not generally a big fan of Penelope.  But the pairing of it with Scarlett is just a little unexpected in a good way.

17. Charissa Penelope    Not a fan of this one.  Charis Penelope is a little better.

18. Vivien Alessa   Love Vivian.   Alessa isn't a favorite of mine, but it's also not a name I dislike, so I'm kind of neutral on this one.

19. Portia Iris   The ending A into the I of Iris isn't ideal.  I have mixed feelings about Portia and can never decide if I like it or not.  I love Iris though.  I'll suggest the pairing of Vivien Iris.  Iris would also be nice as a first name.  Iris Penelope or Iris Gwen or Iris Lorelei perhaps?