Hello from an old face and name help....

I literally haven't posted in here in years, after being a long time poster and commenter. I'm not sure who is still around from when I was a regular poster, but hello to all of you out there. I got very busy with 2 young kids and stopped posting for awhile but my love of names hasn't diminished.

For anyone who remembers me I live in Australia and have 2 kids - Astrid Elodie and Soren Augustus.  Despite having a very long list of unused names I thought we were never going to get to use many of my other names. I'm now very unexpectedly pregnant with baby number 3 and probably should think about names again.  I'll come back with a list for people to help with but for now hello and any suggestions throw them my way!  


June 13, 2018 9:08 AM

I'm in Australia too and have 3 kids

Beatrice, Bronte, Clarissa, Cordelia, Eloise, Emma, Esme, Hazel, Josephine Juliet Louisa Matilda Ramona Rosalind Miranda Eleanor Bianca Estella Vanessa Bridget Catherine Coraline Eliza Estella Felicity Gwendolyn Harriet Heidi Holly Laura Liesel Linnea Lottie Natasha Phoebe Pippi Primrose Tabitha Lucy Lydia Trixie Ursula Cressida Elmira Lucinda Nerissa Vivienne Ingrid, Imogen, Camille, Celeste, Thea, Freya, Greta, Lana  Portia Genevieve Evelina

Theo, Odin,  Oscar  Jarvis  Barrett Bennett Bryon Darcy Dorian Henrik Huxley Landon Rhett Wilbur Oliver  Orlando Caspian Gareth

I'd probably go with another literature name to match the others


June 14, 2018 2:49 AM

Hi Suzanne, nice to meet another Aussie! What are your kids names?

You have a pretty good idea on my style as there are lots of faves on your suggestions.  Girls I'm partial to most of them - on my shortlist are: Cordelia, Juliet, Mathilde (rather than Matilda), Cressida, Theodora (nn Thea).  

I like but wouldn't use the following (either due to friends/family of same name or too popular) - Bronte, Eloise, Louisa, Rosalind, Felicity, Harriet, Hazel, Linnea, Tabitha, Ursula, Vivienne, Freya, Greta, Genevieve.

Boys, the following are on the shortlist - Odin and Caspian and Rhett possibly.  On the like but can't use due to popularity or already been used are: Theodore, Oscar, Barrett (family name so it wouldn't work), Oliver, Gareth.

We tend to like legitimate names that are uncommon but spelt 'correctly'.  International or literary flavour is preferred.  I won't use a name that is popular in Australia or has been used in our circle.

Thanks for your great list, good to see some suggestions that are on the right track.

June 14, 2018 3:56 AM

glad to hear you like my suggestions,  its hard when friends and family have used names - my mum is from a large family and we went through IVF so by the time it was our time,  lots of cousins, and my sister, sIL had used many names

mine are Todd, Grant and Amy - from Qld

June 20, 2018 8:15 PM

cool,  you must be freezing at the moment


other names Jensen, Eric, Derek, Olin, Anton, Kai, Emil, Henrik, Matthias, Roald, Tobias, Casper, Jesper, Clemens, Magnus, Martin, Otto, Roland, Torsten

Ingrid, Kirsten, Kristin, Petrina, Viveka, Britta, Freya, Kerstin, Clara, Christa, Diana, Emilia, Erika, Esther, Heidi, Ida, Julia, Karina, Kathrine, Laura, Lina, Lisa, Louise, Magdalena, Marina, Mia, Nina, Natalie, Thea, Ursula, Veronika, Vivianne, Elina, Evelina, Helena, Irina, Janina, Jenna, Carolina, Marika, Matilda, Petra, Edith, Dorothea, Eleanor, Eva, Linnae, Linnea, Nora, Vera, Yvonne, Beatrice, Beatrix, Camilla, Elsa, Felicia, Greta, Inga, Irene, Johanna, Josephine, Jessica, Monika, Natalia, Tatiana, Tyra,Victoria, Virginia, Viveka

June 13, 2018 9:10 AM

You're back! You're back! You're back!!!!!!!!

June 13, 2018 7:47 PM

Oh yay, you are still here too!  Yep, finally back, meant to come back ages ago but have been busy travelling and with my photography and keeping small kids alive :)

June 13, 2018 10:37 AM

Hurray!!! Chimu! You're BACK! And I'd be excited about that all by itself, but you're expecting another surely to be well-named baby! Congratulations!!! More gratuitous exclamation points are needed to convey my excitement!

Many of the old guard are still around, although Miriam is currently on hiatus tackling a medical issue. I think I ended up adding a fourth and final caboose child in the time since you dropped off after the birth of Soren, who is if I recall roughly the age of my daughter?  (You didn't miss anything in the way of exciting name discussion there: posts were super perfunctory and consisted entirely about the relative merits of a -fred vs a -frid ending.)

Th0masina is currently having a big sulk about how there are no more opportunities for her to have a younger sister but that is not happening, so I am excited to live vicariously thorough someone else’s  adding more babies and finding names for them.

If you are expecting a boy I am strongly in favor of Balendin because when a stranger on the internet remembers a name you didn't use years later, that's a point in its favor I think! 

And, if you ever wanted to take up email contact with some of the old timers you can send a message to bnwmod@gmail.com and it gets forwarded to the moderators. I'm probably not alone in feeling that I would love to swap photos of children and become less stranger-y. :) 


June 13, 2018 7:52 PM

My goodness you have a great memory!  Soren is around the same age I think - a bit over 4.5 years?  I pretty much dropped off posting in early 2014, although read from time to time.  I haven't logged on in years though.  Astrid is about to turn 7, so there is a reasonable age gap now but I still love lots of the same names.

Oh I really am excited to hear you had another baby, what is the final set of names?  I've always loved Thomasina and if Thomas wasn't so damn popular in these parts (and with friends it would be on my list).

Indeed Balendin made our final shortlist for Soren, excellent memory. I think it's definitely in contention again if I'm havnig a boy, I'm struggling a bit with boys names tbh. 

That is awesome that you can swap email now, I will get onto that because I would love to catch up with long-lost friends from the internet.  

I will do a more detailed post with options when I get a tick.

June 14, 2018 2:12 PM

My penultimate and your penultimate are the same age... and Astrid isn't much older than Rup3rt, who turns 7 in the fall. We ended up with a J01y0n M4x, a Rup3rt J4m3s, a Th0m4s!na Ad3l3, and a W1lfr3d G30rg3. The older two are currently in a no-nickname phase, my daughter is sometimes Tams!n, and S!na to her little brother, and the youngest is fairly regularly called W0lf (Kalmia's idea, has worked great in freshening up a more fusty name). We definitely know the occasional Thomas but it's not super common in my area; it's funny how names are pockety like that.

I think your name lists were super, so it's totally reasonable that you still love lots of the same names! 

We would have had a heck of a time naming a second daughter but I think we could cheerfully name another handful of sons at least, so I am excited to discuss boy names for you! 

I think Odin would be really fun as a middle name for a boy, especially if you go with a less super-Scandi first name, to tie it together: I would want to avoid it in the call name spot because I'd get tied up with Soren.

Otherwise, my eldest is still mad that we didn't give him Thor as a middle name. On the girl side, I think Thora is a really fun combination of buttoned-up and mythology power name. More detailed responses to your detailed post with options.


June 16, 2018 2:07 AM

Oh a wonderful set of names there!  I love the Wolf nickname too.  Odin as a middle name is a good idea.  I definitely am not keen on it as a first with Soren due to both the connection with origin and the obvious sound similarities.

By EVie
June 13, 2018 12:20 PM

Hooray, welcome back! You were not forgotten here. And congrats on #3! I remember really enjoying your lists, so looking forward to discussing them again. I am also currently expecting another (#2 for me, another boy due in October), but am unlikely to have much drama to the name decision, so haven't posted about it yet. My five-year-old thinks his brother's name is going to be Bolt, and also expects that they will share a middle name (both highly unlikely). 

June 13, 2018 7:55 PM

Another long time friend! I thought I might have been long forgotten.  Congratulations to you too!  5 year olds love to have opinions.  Astrid wasn't quite 2.5 when Soren was born so didn't get much of a say (well any really), I think both might express an opinion this time around!  Excited to hear about your naming journey too.

June 13, 2018 1:27 PM

Hello and welcome back! I just recently came back myself, alas, not with a potential name to ponder.

I look forward to the process!

June 13, 2018 7:55 PM

Hi Sharlyns, I remember you well!  Amazed to see so many familiar faces :)  

June 13, 2018 3:21 PM

Welcome back, and congratulations! Are you thinking you'll use another Scandinavian name?

June 13, 2018 7:59 PM

Thank you! We weren't deliberately going Scandinavian with the first 2, although we realised that they both were and kind of liked the connection.  In the past few years we've been to Sweden (twice), Denmark, Finaland and then Iceland during the early stages of this pregnancy so there is definitely a Scandinavian connection there. I am in the 2 is a coincidence 3 is a pattern camp so if the name is right then I'm happy to go down that route but it doesn't have to be a Sandinavian name. Another option is to use something Scandinavian for a middle name.  If you have contenders throw them my way......

June 14, 2018 3:52 AM

OK so I'm back with some more info and some lists.  As many of you old-timers would remember I always end up with a really long 'short-list' and don't decide on a name until well after the baby has arrived. Astrid took 3 days to name and Soren 2 weeks.  We like to get to know them a bit first!  We are happy with both the names, so no namers regret.  Of course there are just so many names I love and we couldn't use them all, but I have gone off a few over the years so have had to dust off the name lists to see what still works, but I would like some new inspiration too.

Criteria are that it has to be a legitimate name, spelt correctly (although we are partial to European spellings), uncommon, not too trendy and not used by anyone in our friend/family circle. I'm OK with a little wider use but no one we see regularly or is on more than 1 or 2 kids at most we know through school, sport etc. Bonus points for International flair, history or literary references. We tend to prefer to avoid obvious religious names but I am not hard and fast on this. Surname is 1 syllable, starts with W and ends in 'th'. We are in Australia so popularity here (which more closely follows UK popularity than US).  We have spent a lot of time in Europe in the last 5 years for travel and have been to France, Scotland, Iceland and Belgium during this pregnancy so a connection there might be nice.

Girls: - still love or have added: Ariadne, Cordelia, Clementine, Delphine, Eirlys, Juniper, Saskia, Xanthe, Zinnia, Isolde, Acacia, Boronia, Elke, Theodora, Agnes, Sibella, Sabine, Cressida, Willhelmina.  Love but would probably only use for middle - Juliet, Mathilde, Ottilie, Zosia, Amity, Juliet.  

I feel like I have lots of good options for girls - I think front runners would be Cordelia, Clementine, Xanthe, Zinnia and possibly Ariadne as I've loved these for years but I really don't know. All were on the final short-list for Astrid but Astrid won out and I still like them just as much.

Boys - I find this so much harder. Soren took so long to name as we just couldn't narrow it down and didn't entirely agree. It totally suits him though.  On the very final shortlist last time we had: Caspian/Casper, Balendin, Ambrose, August (although decided to use Augustus for his middle name, he was almost Caspian or August). I still like the remaining names but have gone back to the long list and discarded a lot I've gone off and added a few more.  A few of these were less preferred by my husband but weren't entirely ruled out so might make a comeback:  Bayard, Octavian, Loic, Clement, Emeric, Lucien, Piers, Remy (we know 2 but they aren't in our direct circle and not at school so I won't eliminate it yet), Everett, Odin (I think this is probably a no-go regards to meaning due to having already used Soren and the ending is similar), Cormac, Otto, Enzo, Amos, Florian (too rhymey with Soren?).  I also like Emil and Arlo but know one of each that we do see occasionally so are less preferred on that basis but I could be convinced.

Happy to hear thoughts, and any additional names that you think I might like. Definitely, absolutely the last baby so I want a good ending to the sibset.  

Many thanks!

June 14, 2018 2:23 PM

I'd remove August from consideration if you have used Augustus for a middle name. I agree that Odin is a no-go in the first name spot but it could be a fun tribute in the middle name spot. 

My kindergartener has a Caspian in his class! It's a very wearable name and I found it really charming to encounter. Casper, too, has some of the fun crisp mouth feel of Astrid. I would have reservations about the similarity of the CASP- vs AST- because I get easily mixed up with sounds as I holler names in rapid succession, but you might not have those issues.

We also have a Cormac, which I would also characterize as having that snappy mouth-feel. 

Can I interest you in Theodosia? Would you consider Emrys? 

Everett is a name that seems a little more commonplace than other names on your list. I like it fine, but it's a downmarket suburb of the area I live in, and as such I have a hard time seeing the appeal in the abstract, even though I know a really great kid with the name, too. 

June 16, 2018 2:19 AM

Yes August is definitely out now we've used Augustus. If we'd used a different middle I'd still have it in the running but there are too many other excellent name options to do an almost direct repeat!

That is interesting about knowing a real life Caspian! I was lobbying hard for that to be Soren's first name but hubby wasn't convinced. While he is most definitely a Soren I have wondered how wearable Caspian (probably nn Casper) would be in real life.  One of the big concerns I had pre-Soren's arrival was the sound cross-over with Astrid and Casper. Astrid, Soren and Caspian could be a mouth-full but it also kind of ties together.

Oh a real-life young Cormac! I've only come across adults.  I've always hated the meaning but in reality I've thought about meanings little once the kids are named.

I do quite like Theodosia and Emrys.

That is funny about Everett.  I know 3 Emmett's (which I do quite like) but no Everett's.  It's not my favourite but even after all these years I've never crossed it off.

I feel like I'm probably having a boy. I have thus far resisted finding out. I had genetic testing done so my doctor 100% knows the sex and I'll probably give in and find out at some stage. This is my last chance to name a human so was indulging my ability to think about names for both sexes for a little longer! We did find out with the other two so I no doubt will at some point cut my work in half and find out the sex but am reisisting the temptation for now.

June 19, 2018 5:21 PM

Caspian wears really well. I agree that with Soren it sort of ties together, and it's literary in a way that your children's names also strike me as the first associations I have are writers (Lindgren, Kierkegaard).

I think meanings are pretty meaningless, frankly. I used a name meaning twin on a child who I worked hard to avoid having be a twin. What the name means to me is much more about associations than about the etymology. 

June 20, 2018 4:55 AM

I'm glad I'm not the only one who doesn't pay much attention to meanings. I'd actually forgot until I looked at it the other day! I haven't ever ruled out Cormac because while the meaning isn't great it isn't a dealbreaker to me.

Caspian is definitely still on the list, it also has the advantage of a different initial. I like lots of 'A' names and with a daughter and husband both starting with A, another is a down-side.

June 16, 2018 9:35 AM

I may have still only been a lurker at the time, but I remember you! Welcome back! I think I remember some of your favorites influenced my own list. My husband wouldn’t go for Soren, but that also turned us on to Stellan, my little one now being Stellan Th0rvald (Th0rvald, now there’d be a deep dive into a full Scandinavian set for you with Soren and Astrid...lol) Anyway, I empathize about boy names. We are expecting again and have no idea what we will use if it’s another boy . 

June 20, 2018 4:58 AM

@the_lorelai I'm pretty sure I remember you talking about liking Soren and Stellan. Stel1an Th0rvald is wonderful!  I do like Thorvald :) 

What is on your list for boys? I think we have similar taste!  My boy list is pretty long but I just find girl names so much easier.  I should just give in and find out to potentially cut my work in half!

June 23, 2018 2:11 PM

Oof, the list for boys is a work in progress for sure. I could name like 10 girls in a heartbeat but the possibility of a second boy has me nearly stumped. Mr. the_lorelei and I haven't really compared notes yet, but a sample of mine includes Mads, Luka, Ilya, Matthias, Rory, Kai, and Benedict. Trying to avoid another "two syllable ending in N" name. There are some names I'd like in a non-American accent, like Graham or Ciaran, but we roll with the hand we're dealt :)

ETA: yeah, I don't know how you guys who don't find out the sex ahead of time do it. We had total idea block last time until we knew we were having a boy.  I think I couldn't conceptualize actually using the names in reality until knowing they weren't just hypothetical. 

Another ETA: two more strapping Scandinavian boys names you might like: Hans and Viggo,  which we cannot use because they are the names we gave our cats. Also happen to be the names of my great-grandfather and his brother, Hans Th0rvald and Stefan Vigg0.

June 27, 2018 1:23 AM

I absolutely find girls easier, despite having plenty of good boy options!  I like your list, I know 2 young Luka/Luca's and a young Ilya, although neither are common.  Matthias and Benedict are favourites, although I wouldnt' use them as where I live they would absolutely get nn down to Matt and Ben.

I do like both Hans and Viggo, I hadn't considered either before.

This is actually the first time I haven't found out.  I had genetic testing done awhile back so it's sitting on a file in my doctors office so I'll no doubt give in and ask at some point. I figured with 1 girl and 1 boy a surprise might be nice. I think the chances of me holding out another 20 weeks is slim though!

June 19, 2018 4:22 PM

I don't post as much anymore, but I'm still lurking around.  Welcome back and congrats on baby #3!

June 20, 2018 4:59 AM

Hi NotAGues, another I remember well! Glad to see you are still around :)

June 19, 2018 9:44 PM

Since you have Clement and Clementine on your list, I will offer my grandson's name: Clemeth. The only name list I have ever found it on was a list of Finnish baby names! (Until I entered it on BNW).  He was named after his great-grandfather who was from Ireland.  He mostly goes by Clem, but I still call him Clemeth.  

Clemeth Odin.

Astrid, Soren, and Clemeth.

I found BNW and began posting because I am a writer.  I don't post often, but I do remember your search for a boy's name and thinking, "How perfect!" when you chose Soren!

June 20, 2018 5:03 AM

Donna Lee, I really like Clemeth, given I like Clementine and Clement, not a surprise!  The only issue is that our surname is 1 syllable ending in 'th' so I think it would be a bit lispy. Otherwise a Finnish name is perfect :)

June 20, 2018 5:33 PM

I originally posted this on another thread but decided to move it here. 

I don't know if you were around when I announced the birth of my daughter, but I have now had almost 4.5 years of experience with the name Cordelia. I can tell that (1) it's incredibly well-received, (2) a surprising number of people are unfamiliar with it, (3) it's misheard as Cornelia more often that I would have expected, (4) where I live, it's almost universally said with the -ee-uh ending. I suggest doing a little local recon to see how people around you tend to say names ending in -lia (there must be some Amelias and Julias lying around). As long as it's pronounced properly by local people, it doesn't bother me so much if someone on vacation, for example, says it with the -yuh ending because I take it along with the rest of the local accent/dialect.

June 27, 2018 1:28 AM

I think I might have stopped posting just before you had your daughter. Cordelia has been on my list since well before I was pregnant with Astrid and was one of my top picks until she was born and she was most definitely not a Cordelia.  Even all these years later I still love it and haven't come across any others (unlike some other names I've cooled on).

I'm surprised so many people mishear it as Cornelia, I would have though Cordelia would be more well-known.  Then again Astrid gets misheard as Ashley and Soren as Zoran quite often, neither I would have predicted!

Here Amelia and Julia are mostly -lia ending rather than -yuh although Amelia can be a mix.

What did you end up using as a middle name?

By Eko
July 11, 2018 10:51 AM

A few more scandi names:






Selma (This would make your girl names themed famous Swedish authors. Selma Lagerlöf also has beautiful middle names that could make nice options, Ottilia and Lovisa.)



July 12, 2018 5:26 AM

Thanks for the suggestions, Eskil is one I haven't come across before!  I actually really like Magnus, but my husband has vetoed it twice now so I think I'm unlikely to ever get that one up!  Anders I quite like but my brother is an Andrew so I kind of feel like it would be a bit too close, otherwise I definitely like it.