Help with a Girls Name due in April!

So I had posted a few weeks ago needing help finding a girl name.  We do not know the gender of the baby.   I am very picky and had a lot of criteria, I had pretty much settled on Ava but still having second thoughts.  I am ok with it being a very popular name right now, and I am also "starting to" be ok with it ending in "ah" as my daugther's name is Ella.  This is also one of the only names on our list that my husband and I both like.  I don't know why I can't just settle on something, or have to constantly pick it apart.  

I feel comfortable enough on this website though, so much knowledge of names and what people would like or recommend.  So I guess I will throw it out there again, and as much as I don't want to ask for suggestions for more names, I feel like I am still not completley settled on Ava and I don't want any name regrets.  so here is what I am looking for...

-A 1 or 2 syllable name (siblings are Ella and Ben)

-As you see with Ava I tend to lean towards traditional/popular but does not necessarily have to be in the top 10. 

-Easy to spell/you know what it is when you look at it, and not a hundred different spellings

-Trying to stay away from a name the letter L or multiple L's (we have many nieces with "L" names)

-A name that will age well with the child

Other names that are currently on our list, that haven't been ruled out yet but I just am not sure that I really "love" are Hope, Greta, Sophie, Paige, Faith.  

Thank you again in advance, I have been kind of blown away at the knowledge and support on this website.  Definitley much more so than other sites out there.  I appreciate the help and advice!  


February 23, 2017 12:58 AM

This is kind of a wide-open post!  But I'm gonna zero in on Ava which is your tentative pick but have some cold feet about, including that it's too popular.  What about Eve or Eva instead?  A bit less popular, but certainly familar.  Also opens up to the cute nickname Evie.  As would something longer, like Evelyn.

Okay, I'm gonna put out a vote for one of my absolute favorite, under-used names: Avalon, the fairy realm from the King Arthur legends.  I think it's absolutely gorgeous, gets you out of the "Ava is too common" think you're having, but you could still use Ava as a nickname.

Savannah can also get you to Ava-as-nickname.

February 23, 2017 2:30 AM

While her recommendations are 3 syllables, I'll point out that a 1-syllable Ben and 2-syllable Ella does not restrict you to one or two and you are free to have a 1, a 2, and a 3 syllable child.

I wouldn't choose Evelyn or Eva which does seem a tad matchy with Ella. Ben, Ella, and Savannah is perfectly reasonable if you like the name, however.

February 23, 2017 5:44 AM

Nora, Sara, Abby, Anna, Jessa, Ivy, Charlotte, Grace, Leah, Rosie, Tessa, Cora, Clara, Maya, Claire, Hannah, Sadie, Katie, Julie, Zoe, Brooke, Megan, Joy, Jenna

February 23, 2017 11:41 AM

My daughter's best friend in kindergarten is Ava, who has a baby sister called Ellie (full name Ella). Middle child is Jake (Jacob). The baby is only five months old, so they naturally mostly use the nickname, but it's not because of the shared ending with big sister. (It's because the baby is the sort where you're surprised nobody has eaten her right up due to cuteness overload. :-)

February 23, 2017 3:49 PM

Ava is lovely & I think it goes well with Ella. The shared "A" end is the only sound in common, so it doesn't strike me as too similar the way something like Eva might.

Looking at the other names on your list, Paige also really stands out to me.  Not an L sound in sight & I think it works great with Ella & Ben (and meets your other criteria).

I'll also suggest Ada, Avis, Ivy, Amy, Cora, Anne/Anna, Gemma, Ruby, Maeve, Ruth & Jane.

February 24, 2017 10:18 PM

I suggest April, and Avril, possible nn Avvy or Ava.

Out of your others I personally like Paige. I will also suggest Phoebe and Piper (Charmed!)

February 27, 2017 7:37 PM

What about:








February 28, 2017 12:00 AM

What IS it about Gretchen? You're not the first person to whom that has happened. 

February 28, 2017 10:43 AM

I thought that maybe since 'str3tch' also triggered it, maybe it could be the "3tch" letter combo. Turns out the letters e, t, c, and h combined trigger it.

February 28, 2017 11:12 AM

I don't think the H is included, because people have needed to spell out et cetera, since etc. triggered it, too! What a WEIRD trigger!

February 28, 2017 7:51 AM

My personal favourites from the ones you suggested are Ava and Sophie. I also loved Ivy from the names suggested, it s such a wonderful name, and I would add Eve and Zoe!

March 1, 2017 11:29 AM

I'm sorry to hear you're struggling so much with this! If it helps I think Ava is perfect for the little sister of Ben and Ella. Although you don't love them, all the other names you listed would be great too. My favourites are Greta and Sophie. I love that Greta shares the short 'e' sound with Ben and Ella, but I know some people like to avoid this kind of thing, in which case you might want to zero in on other vowel sounds - it seems you like a long 'a' (Ava, Paige, Faith) or a long 'o' (Hope, Sophie).
Long 'a': Daisy, Jane, Kate, Sadie, Faye, Maeve, Amy, Hazel, Freya, April
Long 'o': Rose, Chloe, Josie,nZoe, Margot
Other suggestions: Claire, Eve, June, Tara, Jenny, Kitty, Sylvie, Frida, Tess, Alice, Ivy, Charlotte, Annie, Nina, Flora, Ruby, Georgia, Phoebe, Cara, Abby, Mia, Pearl, Remy, Hannah, Joy, Heidi