Here comes #4!

I'm due with number 4 arriving in June of 2018. We are so excited to be having another baby and most likely our last kiddo. We've decided to let the sex of baby be a surprise, similar to our second child.

We have 3 little girls

Brooklyn Ruby

Anneliese Pearl &

Coralie(sounds like Rosalie) Suzanne.

Brooklyn goes by her full Brooklyn and never Brook. Anneliese is most often Annie (although I love using Anneliese.) And Coralie is almost exclusively called Cora.

So calling them at the park sounds like this, "Brooklyn, Annie, Cora!" 

I'll link my previous posts. It was really fun to go reminsce naming Anneliese and Cora. We had many great suggestions for naming #3 but ended up partially naming her for my husband (Cory) and adding the "lie" to honor the great-grandfather Lee who passed away as most of my husband's siblings have given their first son the middle name of Lee. Since we weren't sure if we would get a boy, we decided to use it with Coralie. However I much prefer Cora.

If anyone recalls, my husband wanted to use the name Charger if we ever had a boy (luckily we haven't yet!) He has moved on from that, thank heavens! He has fallen in love with the name Baker and is dead-set on that. I'm happy with it and willing to use it! It's not necessarily a name but it sounds okay.

Boy: Baker Lee D0dg3 (we are still going to use Lee as a middle.) Husbands favorite!

I prefer Owen Lee or Wilder(like Laura Ingalls Wilder) Lee.

Girl: Lila, Leila, Lydia, Darcy, Dorothy(a little Dottie sounds adorable!) Daphne...All some I've thought I might like.

I'm stumped! We've named three and I feel like there is now so much criteria if we had to name a 4th girl. Do we give her a "d" name to go with our trend of ABC (although the names aren't in alphabetical order?) Our girls have longish names and all with a second syllable starting with "L." Do I continue that trend? Don't even get me started on middle names.

Since we have a Cory and a Cora and an Allison and an Anneliese we thought it might be nice to give Brooklyn a "b" sibling. If it is a boy Baker works for that. If its a girl, I don't have any girl "b' names that I'm loving. But I do like those "d" names above. Although first names starting with a "d" sound a bit harsh, less feminine to me at least. A "d" name gives us the alphabetical theme too.

Help! :)


Naming Annie-

Naming Cora-



December 4, 2017 7:28 AM

Hello Allison, you're girls have wonderful names! Great choices! 

From your list of boy names the only one I like would be Owen Lee. Wilder is on my 2nd place. And Baker, sorry I don't like. If you want to use another "B" name, and since it looks like you love nicknames, these are some choices I like: Benjamin (Ben, Benjy), Braxton (Brax), Bowen (Bo), Braeden (Brae). You may also like Bryn, Blair, Blake, Braxten, Branden, Bradlee. But if you want alphabetical theme, here are some "D" names you may like: David (Dave), Dylan, Dominic, Douglas, Dennis, Dexter, Dalton, Demetrio, Dwayne. 

Girls: From your list of girl names, I definately like: Leila, Daphne and Darcy. 4th place would give to Dorothy, 5th Lila, and the last, I'm not really a fan of Lydia. Sorry. 

But, if you want to continue with alphabetical theme, here are some beautiful "D" girl names besides Daphne and Darcy: Daisy, Diane, Danielle (it also has an "L"), Denise, Delilah (also with an "L"), Diana, Darlene, Daelyn, Dahlia. And if you want another "B" girl, here are some suggestions: Blakely (It has an "L" and it's so girlish name), Brianne or Briana, Bailey, Beatrice, Baelynn, Bellerose. 

I hope I helped you! I would like to hear an update. Good luck! 




Girl choices for this baby: 

December 4, 2017 11:40 AM

Hello to a fellow Allison, and congrats on #4!

I don't think there is any discernable pattern in your kids' names, so I wouldn't really worry about following any "rules." If you like a D name because you love the name, then that is great... But if you just want a D name for the sake of having a D name, I would steer away from that-- you will end up regretting it! 

I really like Lila and Lydia from your list. I think Lydia fits really well with your other names! Other ideas that come to mind for you: Scarlett, Mirabelle, Emmeline, Cordelia, Calista, Hazel, Eleanor.

I don't love Baker as a first name, but it sounds like you are willing to let your husband have that one. It is definitely at least an improvement over Charger :)

Good luck!


December 4, 2017 12:39 PM

Have you asked Brooklyn how she feels about "sharing" an initial with a sibling? For some kids it would be a fun bond, others might see it as taking something that is "hers". It can also make using initials for labelling more difficult, though if you're considering repeating an initial I assume you aren't doing much of that now. (Sharing initials with Mom and Dad isn't the same as sharing with a sibling, since their "real" initials are M and D.) 

Baker really doesn't sound like a name to me, but if it's a family surname I could get behind it. I like it better than Wilder, probably because I'd love it if any of my kids grow up to bake but I don't particularly want them to be all that wild ;-). I really like Owen.

I agree with the other poster who said that there isn't any pattern in your girls' names that anyone else would likely notice. I would not put any pressure on yourselves to come up with anything that creates or continues any theme, other than "names we love", unless the theme makes the naming process easier or more fun or satisfying.

That said, the only theme I ever would have discerned is gem stones, with the first two middle names and then the "coral" part of Coralie. If you wanted a subtle tie-in for a son, something like Jasper would be very fun, and Beryl is one of my favorite gemstone-names, which happens to start with B. Of course there are lots of other gem and mineral names, which you could tuck into the middle spot if you wanted or put up front if you fell in love with any of them. (Actually, Bakerite is a mineral...nothing famous, but it could still be part of the "name story" if you end up with Baker as a first name.)

December 10, 2017 5:08 PM

I asked her what she thought and she liked the idea. 

Now that I've been thinking of possibly adding another B, I'm not so sure I want to! I don't label or initial many things but I was putting up ornaments and each of our girls has a special ornament with their initial. Definitely something to think about.

December 4, 2017 2:22 PM

Thanks for the responses! 

I really like Emmeline/Emmaline. I've liked Bowen too. We have a nephew with three names and Owen is one of those. So I've worried that we couldn't use Owen.

How does Emmeline Opal sound? I don't have a ton of options or ideas for middle names for a girl. 


December 4, 2017 5:03 PM

I like Emmeline it's sweet name for a girl, but don't like Opal for a middle. Maybe Joy, Faith, Noelle, Delilah, Jade, Rose is good option too :)

December 5, 2017 3:45 AM

The pattern to your daughter's names is that they begin A, B, C.... and that does indeed lead us to D!  Have you considered Dahlia?  It seems to fit right into your style and pattern, but I haven't seen it mentioned.  I also love Delilah.

I think having a son named Wilder could potentially set up some grief especially if he's a spirited child.  You will get a lot of comments/guffaws about him being a troublesome toddler, rebellious teen, etc.  Also, Owen is a fantastic name!  Go for it!  Rowan or Ewan are nice alternatives.

Oh DEAR on Charger!  Here's a funny little story for you.  I conceived by daughter via anonymous donor.  At one point she constructed this fantasy that her donor was an Australian man named Charger, who was "black, with sparkles." We are natural red-haired Irish Americans, so I don't quite know where any of these details came from!  Anyway, that's the only time I've ever heard of Charger as a name so I am giggling to myself a lot right now.



December 5, 2017 6:40 AM

Haha, I love this story! And between the name Charger and the "black with sparkles" thing, I feel like your daughter might think her father is an Australian horse!

December 10, 2017 3:30 PM

That is a hilarious story! 

While the pattern to their names would lead to #4 being a D name, I don't like a D first name with our last name Dodge.

Dorothy Dodge, Daphne Dodge, Darcy Dodge. It's just too much D for me. My hubs is in agreeance with that. And I don't like many D boy names either. 


December 11, 2017 10:28 AM

You could just figure that your surname already covers D, and move on to E names...

December 9, 2017 7:28 AM

I like open best

Daphne would be nice,I'd go with a d name,what about delia 

 I wouldn't do another gemstone as a middle as Coralie doesn't,Juliet would be nice



December 10, 2017 3:45 PM

I've pretty much shelved any names that I listed in previous posts.

Boy names I like (although can't use some for various reasons)(not in ranked order):



Owen (nephew named Owen)

Elliot (favorite)

Blaine (favorite)

Levi (favorite) (Can't use with the middle name Lee though)


Judson (favorite) (family name too!)








Matthew (a dear friend of my husband, and while a common name, it has some clear meaning to us even though it doesn't necessarily fit my boy name style)


Girl names:




^These names have a different feel than the ones below I feel.






In my opinon, Morgan, Reagan, and Rowan all match the style of our daughter Brooklyn. I have a very dear friend named Brie whose birthday is the day after my due date and it would be fun to use part of her name.

And for those girl names listed, I don't necessarily have a clear favorite in that group. I do like Sybil a bit more than the others.

December 10, 2017 3:51 PM

And, if #4 is a girl, I wouldn't mind using a gem stone for a middle name. I know it seems like Cora, who doesn't have a gem middle, would be left out. However, she has a middle name that honors both myself and my mom and really that is what is most important to me. I like those middles names to be a name to represent family heritage.

December 10, 2017 6:30 PM

I really like Elliott and Grant best from your boy names, just based on personal style. Cole and Graham are also nice, as well. I like Felicity best from your girl names, but I think Sybil is nice, as well. A few comments:

I would assume Libby is short for something and not a full name in itself... It reads as very nick-namey. Just something to think about. 

Rowan is going to be mistaken for a boy. I know quite a few little Rowans that are boys, but no girls. Statistically, I do see that Rowan was #182 for boys last year, while it was #240 for girls- not a HUGE gap, but I do think it will be growing in popularity for boys. 

To me, Sybil is definitely the outlier of your name list- this is a much more classic, "older" name, while Brielle, Reagan, and Morgan all read as very trendy and cute to me. 

Cael to me just reads as the vegetable Kale, no matter how you spell it.

Colter... All I can think of is Ann Coulter. That ruins it for me, sorry. 


December 10, 2017 7:20 PM

As a kid/youth I loved writing stories and one of my favorite names to use was Libby. I believe it is a nickname form of Elizabeth. I don't necessarily love Elizabeth. 

I agree on that Rowan is used both for boys and girls. For me, it doesn't fit a boy as much as a girl. 

Sybil is for sure a little more unique. I heard the name recently and really liked it. 

Brielle, Morgan, and Reagan are all ok for me but I probably won't use them.

I like Cael but we couldn't use it I forgot to add. With a middle name Lee it becomes Kailey sounding almost. My brother and Sister in law wanted to name their son Brock, but with a middle name of Lee they figured they shouldn't name their son Broccoli. :)

I had to look Ann Coulter up, lol. I still really don't recognize who she is though! Hallmark has a show, "When Calls the Heart," and a main character is Leeland Colter. Also love the name Leeland. 

I'm so glad I have another 6 months to decide!